Sunday, September 5, 2010

I Need A Weather'person's Dictionary!!

I guess I just don't understand the terms a weatherman...excuse me...weatherperson uses.

For days, and that includes this morning, the weather girl said just a slim chance of a passing shower. OK. Can live with that. Unfortunately, I don't know what that means. I was under the impression that it meant maybe...only maybe, there would be a little shower that would pass in a few minutes and it would be sunny again. Not so. It was cloudy at noon when we left home to go to the mall, and at 4:30 a downpour and not a shower. It was cloudy as far as you could see in every direction. It had been raining while we were in the mall, big puddles everywhere, and continued for another hour and a half. Now it is still totally cloudy. Does someone have a definition I don't know about. Ugh!! Not pretty out at all!!

I was going to come home and clean the kitchen but now with the gray old day I have lost my enthusiasm. I know it doesn't take much, but that was enough. So think I will start to scrap and Jim wants me to show him how to organize my ACDSee and I sure am not going to turn down that request.

I am waiting for the last coat of oil to soak in on my new cutting board.  BTW...What do you use to season your cutting boards? I have always used vegetable oil. Well, thanks to the Internet, I found out that is not good to use. You should use mineral oil. It does not go rancid. BUT use only the kind that is ingestible. There are two kinds. One you can ingest and one you can not. It seems that if you use olive oil or vegetable oil or an oil like that, that it can go rancid and spoil on your board. I didn't know that. So I got the mineral oil and it is working great. Giving it a really nice finish. I got my board at the dollar store at the flea market and it looks pretty darn good for cheap! BTW you find the mineral oil in the health and beauty area in the laxatives section. Yep. That is what you take it for. Also as a body lotion. Jim had never heard of it as a laxative. And I rubbed it in my hands and it makes them very soft. Maybe we have been spending to much on hand cream. Get a bottle of mineral oil. Only $1.32 at Walmart!!

I finished another Gloria page. I am having so much fun doing these. This is her grand daughter who was being so sweet and cleaned the bathroom for her!!! Pretty nice...right?? I like the way the sketch turned out. Hope you enjoy it! (BTW the shadow on her teeth is where the light picked up strangely on her braces! Don't know why but it did. It looks like a tooth missing, but it's not. She has beautiful teeth!!!!)

Click for larger view
So I am calling it a night for now. Hope you enjoy tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Absolutely No "Scents"!!!

Edited to Add: I am going to start a prayer list on my blog. But until I get it up and going I am adding them in my blogs.

Please pray for my friend Gloria's brother-in-law., Bill Miller. and his wife, Nancy. Bill is having multiple health problems and needs two surgeries, neither of which can be done before other health problems are corrected. He is uncomfortable and in pain. He and his wife both would appreciate prayer as they face this difficult time.

We have had rain. We have had rain. We have had RAIN!!!!!! A whole week of it!! Things are so green....AND soggy!! It has been just wonderful for the vegetation. Poor Jim was taking a picture of our plumeria bloom and as he was snapping it, he says, "I"M SINKING!!!"  LOL His back foot was slowly sinking into the front yard!! But, really, everything is so pretty and green and the flowers are blooming in abundance!

One big problem, though. Let's see if I can say this delicately. If you have or have had a dog, you will get it! It seems that there has been soooo much rain, that when you take the dog out to go potty....she just can't seem to find the "right place" to go. You know, usually, they sniff around until they find that perfect place where they or a dear friend has been before. But now....thank you rain....there are no scents!! Now to us humans, that makes "no sense" to us. We...positively....hate to go in a bathroom that has ours or anybody else's "scents"!! But to the animal world, I guess that triggers the needed response! Maybe that is what keeps them from using the inside of our houses so I guess that is a good thing! But now that the rain has subsided somewhat, we are getting the great "scents" all over everywhere. Golly, with no scents around, it was taking forever to take the dog out. You sometimes just had to tell her...GO! Believe it or not, she always performed!! LOL

Been a nice week so far! Not nearly enough hours to do everything I would like, but still having a great time. Ready to scrap some more. Organize some more. Play computer games some more!!! Starting a new Joyce Meyer book, too. Ah. Life is good!

So I wanted to just drop a small thought on you today and post my latest Gloria page. Now that my computer is least most of the way...I do really want to scrap more. I have really missed it!

Here is my latest contribution to the Ohio 2010 book!! It is of her mom who is 95 years old!!! Isn't that something? And of course Gloria, her three girls and great grandma's nine great grand children!! Whew!! That family has grown! Hope you enjoy.

Click for larger view.

Have a great day and do at least one thing that is fun!!

Came back to add this picture Jim took of the plumeria. These are the flowers that they make leis from. They are so fragrant. Each color has a different smell. They are just beautiful I will post a picture of what the tree looks like after they loose their leaves. Hideous looking sticks is all that is left. But the floweres make up for that!