Sunday, January 31, 2010

Calm Days

It is Sunday morning. Have no idea what we will be doing for the day. Not much, I suspect. For some reason both of my hips have decided to go on the fritz affecting my left knee. I happens once and again but this time it hit big time. A bit better today so I am hoping on the mend. Inactivity makes it worse so I sure don't want to sit in a wheelchair all day running around. We will see.

I have to get my page done for All About Me album. New page starts tomorrow, along with two online classes. Need to hop to it. I had no pic to use and the weather has been too dreary to get a decent one. So I have decided to use some web cam pics and make them do for the first page. This is harder than I thought when I first thought about it. I have found it uneasy to talk about the way of where I am now.

I have not posted a lot of my LO's lately that I have been doing. So I decided I will add a LO or two a week to catch up, that is, when I don't have a current one to post. At least it will brighten up the blog!!!

Everyone have a great Sunday. It is dreary as can be here and supposed to be cold...a great day to scrap don't you think?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Two Day Running Streak!!

OK. Are you ready? Hear this. This is my second post in two days!!! I am on a real streak here!!!

I have had a good day but it has been a LONG one. I didn't get much done either. You know, just one of those "I wish I was home" days. But it is now after 5, we are closed, Jim will be here very soon and we will be on our way to Starbucks. Yeah!!!!

We went to dinner with our friend from Starbucks last night. It was his birthday!! We had a blast!!! He is so much fun. I just love to pick on him. It is great because he is way older than me. I am only 63 and he just turned 66!!! So I love to raz him about being so close to 70!!!!

Then while we were there...someone said "Well, Hi!. What are you all doing here?" It was a young man, still in college, that we know from Starbucks. So he joined us. He knew, also, it was our friend's birthday, as they are close buddies and talk politics, since they are both political science majors!! Yuk. So we really had a great night.

I have been playing with a tutorial from Cassie Jones today to turn a photo into a sketch. Not hard. I will post a couple, if you promise not to laugh!!! LOL They are sort of funny because they are of me.

Going to finish this up and then close this place down. Hope to write tomorrow; it is matter of remembering more than anything.

Have a great night.

Isn't this a hoot? Maybe I will like them better of someone else. Maybe Nancy or Terry. They are next!!! Get ready you two. This is fun to do and I need practice!!!! LOL

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hi everyone. I am at work but after seeing Ben had stopped by I felt terribly guilty that I had been neglecting my blog! Thanks, Ben for getting me going on this.

I have a heavy load at work today so I just wanted to stop by and get my blog rolling again. I do enjoy it, but I really do forget to blog. Guess maybe I should put it on my calendar!! LOL

I have been scrapping a bunch lately. I just finished two LO's and am trying to get my Me Now page done for Designer Digitals All About Me Album I want to do. That is hopefully on the agenda tonight but we are to go out with a friend for his birthday so I am not too sure about that. But I should at least be able to start. I do have the journaling written. Only need to get the LO done. I need a current pic, too.

I am also starting two online classes February 1st. One on scrapping digi pages and one on my Bamboo pen tablet. So I am going to HAVE to get organized.

I have to get going. It feels good to blog. I will try to do better. No, I will do better. Later taters.