Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spoiled Again!

It is just too bad that I am getting even more spoiled than I was!! Yeah. I was spoiled. Jim does such a good job of it!

This week I got my car washed and waxed. Well, it is OUR car but Jim doesn't care about a car. All he likes is that gets him from point A to point B. His dad was so particular about his not even talking in the car so he could hear the motor, that Jim wants nothing to do with them. But me...I was taught to take perfect care of a car. But we always enjoyed it. So when he hand...and waxes the car it is a real labor of love for me!! And I truly appreciate it. It looks...or rather looked so great. You is pouring down rain. So much for that. But I even enjoy seeing the water bubble up on the car. Crazy me!! It's the simple things in life for me. Jim always says I am a cheap keep!! LOL

But that is not really what I wanted to tell you about. The car..that was great but this is equal to it. I have been saying for about a week that I was so hungry for brownies. I LOVE brownies. Well, today I open the door and I smell brownies. I didn't say anything because...I ALWAYS smell chocolate chip cookies and brownies cooking. Call me crazy but I heard that when you smell those things that someone you loved always cooked for you, that they are especially close then. So I figure my Aunt Middy is hanging around!! 

So we are both standing in the kitchen and he says, "Do you smell something?" And I said, "Yeah. I smell brownies. I didn't say anything because I always smell them." HE just smiled and pulled out a pan of fresh, homemade brownies...still slightly warm.

Oh. My. Golly!! Is that about the sweetest!!! As my mouth was still hanging open, he cut me a nice piece of brownie and we stood in the kitchen and scarfed that baby!!! Ummm. Gotta tell you. It was sooo good. I said now I know how it felt when I would bake and you would come in and smell and have a taste of something just out of the oven. Heavenly!!! (Gotta love this retirement!)

Oh. And to make me just a little crazy, we look out at the car night before last and there on the hood sat  one of the baby ducks that lives in the park. I about went into cardiac arrest. MY CAR!!! We got it down off without a scratch.Then last night...the same thing. Only this time it was on the top of the car. Does anyone have a good recipe for duck. If it even puts one little scratch on that car I will act like Herod and put a decree out to perish all the baby...actually not baby, but under a year, ducks!! Humbug!!

Well, time is moving on and I need to see if I need to set up for supper. Hope you all had a great day. Back again later with other can't live without knowing stories!! Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Great Weekend

Just hoping to write a short one before settling down for the night. It has been a very quiet and wonderful weekend.

We started Saturday by going to Nancy's for Braisen's seventh birthday. We had such a great time. We haven't got to see them in what seems like a very long time. Braisen has gotten so big and has lost two teeth!! The birthday boy was so cute! He is so shy!!! But so adorable you could just squeeze the stuffing out of him. Here is a pic of him after blowing out his candles and one relighted! Kids. Nothing surprises them anymore! We said, "Oh look! You forgot one!!" He just looks at it and blows it out again!!! LOL LOL

That is his very own cake that he decorated himself. Pretty good for his first try!!

Then today we just kicked back and I did nothing...well, scrapped a bit and watched movies. Jim computed and did some tree trimming! He still has a bit to do on one tree but he is getting all the dead wood out after the bad winter we had.

I finally finished the LO of my dad. It took me a long time and I am not sure I am totally done yet. This may be one I go back and tweak but for now it is called done.

I had a wonderful dad and he has been particularly on my mind with Father's Day and his birthday the 17th of this month. So I thought I would do a LO about him.

You can read the journaling if you click on the picture. I don't need to rewrite it so you can see it!

So because I was really lazy today, I am really tired. Have you ever noticed that. If you lag around all day it makes you more tired than if you had worked all day!!! It's the pay back for being lazy I think!! LOL

So that is about it for this post. Hope you all had a great weekend, too. I see my blogger friends Serene, Lisa and Melissa have been creating and Terry, too, even while she was on vacation.

Till later...keep creating!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One For Our Side!!

I am so thrilled. You know, I never knew someone retiring would make so many changes in a family!! LOL There are just so many little things that change...and they are all good. I just wasn't aware of them!!

But Jim said something the other day that was really nice! Since I have been sick with my muscle weakness he has done the lion share of all the household jobs. Cleaning AND cooking. but now that he has retired he does virtually all of it and is loving it. He has become a house husband!! LOL But what got me was that he said that he never realized how much women do around the house that goes unnoticed. He said never did he imagine!! You know, ladies, cleaning silverware trays, keeping fingerprints off of things, cleaning the carpet around the baseboards, cleaning the computer keyboards of gunk!! You know all of them. He said there are so many things that were always done that he never really realized someone had to have "done" them. Men just don't think that way. He said he thinks every man should be a house husband for a month!! LOL there is one more on our side!! We are appreciated!!!

Oh. Gotta tell you this. Funny. He had just swept the living room floor. And Zoe, our black dog , is shedding right now. He came back from picking me up for lunch and stopped in the living room, looked at the dog and said to her, "I just swept this floor...and look at it already!!!" There were blobs of black hair already on it!! LOL I said. Gets to you. Doesn't it?  LOL He just shook his head in disbelief!!! LOL Less than an hour and hair on the floor already!!!
I started on a new LayOut but haven't got it done. It is one of my dad and I want it to be exactly what I want. Have gathered all the pics but stumped how to get the journaling on. I am done with all the work I have so I think after lunch I will take another look at it.

Get to go celebrate Braisen's, our grandson's seventh birthday this weekend. Can't wait. I haven't seen them in so long. Hope to get some cute pictures to post. Haven't had any new pics for a long time.

Other than that, nothing really going on around here. HOT! It is hot!! Just can't please us. When it was cold, we complained. When it is hot, we complain. I guess if we wanted nice we would move to the Carolina's. Starting to get some rain, though, and that is nice. Just so we don't get the terrible storms. I see there is a storm below Florida already and it might move into the Gulf. Not good. Will have to keep an eye on it. Then on top of that, what will it do to the oil spill?  Don't even want to talk about that. I am still too upset about it!!

OK. That is about it for this post. Going to go check blogs and see what is happening in the warehouse here. I am sure I can find someone to irritate. That's OK. They expect  it! That's how I keep them away from my office!!! LOL You know...sort of like if you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen.

Later my peeps.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!!

to all the fathers out there. Hope you had a very special day today. You mean a lot to so many of us and we sure do appreciate all you do for your children. God bless each of you.

It has been a quiet weekend for us. So nice. It is so great to see Jim so relaxed. I am loving him retired. And he LOVES it. He never thought he would want to retire, he had planned on working until he could no longer work, but after almost being forced to retire because of pay where he was working, he is so surprised. He absolutely loves it. He said everyone should retire just as soon as they are able. Your entire body relaxes and sorta of says Ah!!! LOL That later was my interpretation of what he had said to me!! LOL

However, some of us still have to rise and shine tomorrow and head into work. But that is OK. I love my job...most of the time. I just wish we were busier so the day didn't drag so much. I usually can scrap but didn't do that last week. Lost my mojo somewhere. But it is back. On Memory Makers forum when one of the girls there told her husband she had lost her mojo...he said well just go in your scrap room and find it!! So that sounded good to me, so I just looked around the house till I found mine. It worked really well!!

Went out today looking at colors of mobile homes. We need to paint and can't decide on the color. I guess I am going to use tone on tone and probably a sage green and a darker green with white trim. That is what we liked the best. Nothing dark, just light and fresh looking. Then went to the store to get stuff for burgers and corn on the cob for supper. Boy, where we came from in Ohio corn was 69 cents a dozen. Here it is 10 for two bucks. Not sure God would approve of that price but it is what it is. But we only use a couple ears so that isn't bad. 

Well, I just finished a LO so I am going to post it then I need to post it online since it is a challenge LO at Designer Digitals. One thing about this one. Nancy and I have a problem with it.

Jim and I were cracking up when I said, oh I have just the title for this. Taming of the Crew. It is supposed to be a pun on Taming of the Shrew!!! When I sent the LO over to Nancy, as I always run them by her first, she emailed me and said...I would switch the word crew and work. I am going what??? Then there is no play on the title of the Taming of the Shrew.

So I wrote her and told her that and she said, what is the Taming of the Shrew? I couldn't believe she...or her DH didn't know The Taming of the Shrew. Talk about a generation gap!! So now, she said post it, and see. I'll bet you no one knows what your are doing. Bet they never heard of it either. So here it is. Are Jim and I the only ones who know about The Taming of the Shrew...or have Nancy and Torrey just forgotten? Here it is.

Monday, June 14, 2010

A New Work Week

Here we are! Monday, June 14th. I am learning to say the day and date a lot. It seems a lot of people, namely Jim, have trouble remembering what day and date it is since the afore named has no reason to know it since he is RETIRED!!!! :( :) That's a happy face because I am thrilled about his retirement and a sad one because I am not retired!!! LOL Oh well, no rest for the weary sometimes!!

We had an absolutely great weekend. Saturday we only potsed around the house. Did a little of this a little of that. I scrapped a lot!! Then about four o'clock I felt like I was getting a cold. Well, at our house, we found that when you say I feel like I am getting a cold, if you go right then, not later because it will not work, and take an Alka Seltzer Cold Plus you can keep from getting the cold you felt like you were going to get. Don't know why it works, it just does. Even the guys at work here swear by it, too. So I went to get some and I only had one marked NIGHT. The last dumb pack we got had Night and Day ones. Didn't even know they came that way.

So we decided since we would be home, I would take it. Wouldn't be driving or anything. Let me tell you. That is just about the last I remember. I do remember frying some steak to make Salisbury steak, getting it in the oven and I even remember eating it. But that is about it. I do remember waking up Sunday morning. It knocked me to sleep but good. I now know not to take it at work, that's for sure!! LOL Oh...I did not catch the cold, though. So it worked again!!!

We went to Busch Gardens Sunday. We have the annual pass that you pay just a little a month...under $18 for the two of us together...and you can go anytime. It is really nice. Cheap entertainment, that's for sure. Did you know...of course you don't...that parking there is $12.00?? So that in itself is just about what we pay a month to get both of us in. Pretty good, huh? So we ran over there about 5:30 and walked the park. We can do it in about 2 hours because we know it so well. Came home and even missed the thunderstorm!! It was a really nice weekend. Can't believe how much the baby gorilla has grown. We have been keeping tabs on him since he was born. He is so cute. Love to see him play with mama!

Sunny here today and already 82. It has been so freaking hot!! And already there is a disturbance over by the Cape Verde Islands which may become our first tropical storm. Need not bother for us. It can stay away. We are in hurricane season from June first to November first. Boo hoo! Hate it!

Now I need to get to work. Except there isn't anything to do. I could type three work orders but my typewriter is broken. It seems the guy that was here Saturday knocked it over when he went to sweep...vacuum to the south...and now it won't work. Sounds really I see dollar bills floating by when I turn it on!!

Here is the LO I did over the weekend. It is Brian S. (get used to that...that is what we call him because he always signs his name Brian S...even on OUR cards....and that way when I talk about my boss Ryan...Jim can hear which one I am saying. You know...the hearing goes at our age...EVERYTHING goes at out age!!) It is when he was touring the Mediterranean for I think three months working on a cruise ship singing classical and opera. He got to visit all these places for free (many times!) when they would dock. What a deal!! Would you believe he said they even started staying on the ship in port because they had been there so many times!!! Anyway, they were feeding the birds in Venice. Hope you enjoy.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Big Big Smile

I have a big, big smile today! I am so happy to say Jim RETIRED as of June 1st!!! It is so nice!!! This guy had worked so hard for so many years I just couldn't be happier!! He is loving every minute of it, too!!! Now for me to find a way for me to retire and life could be beautiful.

I actually knew last post that he had retired but I wanted to wait until he told his employer. He was on vacation that week and didn't go back until this past Tuesday. I know I am old fashioned but I am. We were all concerned that he would not like it because he is one that has to be busy, but he loves it and finds so much to do. He also would like to do volunteer work so that may be in the future, also. He loves the nursing homes so that may also be an option. Time will tell, but right now, we are both extremely happy campers!

Haven't really done anything worth blogging about. Just adjusting to me working and him not. But my house hasn't looked this good in a couple years. With my strength at a minimum I haven't been able to clean like I like. Jim has always said to tell him what I want done and he will do it, but I was not about to tell him I wanted floors or walls scrubbed after he had been on his feet for over eight hours. Now he does all that and I am loving that, too!! Wow. Such side benefits!!! LOL

I had this blog written and it blew away so I had to start over. If I would just listen to my friend, Serene, and copy as I go...anyway, Brian S. has been down from New Jersey this week. Yes, I said Brian "S". He ALWAYS uses the "S" in his name, for Scott. He even signs our cards Brian S. Yes, he is as strange as Jim and I. But when you excel at it!! In fact, if his mail doesn't come Brian S. he throws it out. He says anything that is important will have the "S". :) Really did a great job with Brian...don't you think!!!  Anyway, the point of all this was to say he was down. He is on his way to see his friend, Doug, in Fort Lauderdale and take a continuing education course for his massage therapy. He needs so many new credits every four years. He also got to stop and visit some friends on the way here and to go to two stained glass factories. He does beautiful stained glass.

He made his dad a beautiful lighted aquarium stained glass scene, about 3-1/2 feet by 3. Just beautiful!! He has done commissioned work for people. Did a complete window for someone that shipped to California. He is quite good.

So we got to celebrate his birthday. He even brought his own birthday cake. A three layer home made carrot cake. It ended up about 10 or 11 inches high!!! Oh my!! It is delicious. I say is...because we are STILL eating on it. LOL He is also an accomplished cook/baker. He even travels with his pans and often mixer etc. because everyone  wants him to cook for them...and he HAS to have the right "tools" LOL LOL He is a real hoot!!!

I did finish a scrap page...LO...LOL this week, even with Brian S here. It is of Braisen Cole, Nancy's youngest. We went to the Strawberry Festival and he had to have his ice cream. He was so into this cone!! He was just eating away and enjoying watching everyone around him. He is ADORABLE!!! I love him so much. He is one of those kidders you could squeeze the stuffing out of!!

So that is it for now. Got to get some organizing done, and someone from Designer Digitals is walking me through backing up my ACDSee that I use to store my stash. So I want to try that. Then I am not sure what is going on. That is yet to be seen. So I am off and running anyway.

Hope you all have enjoyed the weekend so far and will make use of the rest of it. Till next time....

Friday, June 4, 2010

I really hate to mention it

after I complained all winter about how cold it was, but the heat is awful here already!! It is only 3:30 in the afternoon and the temp is 90 with a heat index of 102! Now normally that is plenty hot, but after the oh so cold winter, it is VERY hot. The humidity is awful. I was in the warehouse making my afternoon instant Starbucks...I say this as I am bowing...and sat for a few minutes and talked to one of the guys and my clothes were stuck to me!!! Thank goodness MY office is air conditioned.

This has been a fast week with only four days. It has been a busy one so it even went faster. The bad part was that Jim was on vacation and I wasn't. In case you missed my news, quite a while ago the boss pulled back all vacation and all sick days. I guess we are to work forever without a break. But anyhow, I wished that I was home with him.

Jim planted a plumeria tree this week. These are beautiful full sunshine trees known also by the name Frangipani or Hawaiian Lei plant. They have beautiful flowers in so many colors and they flowers are what they make the Hawaiian lies out of...that was a hard one! The fragrance is beautiful. The odd part is that after they loose their leaves they look like sticks in the ground. Very odd looking. But their beauty at the other times is worth it. Let me see if I can get a picture.

Aren't they beautiful? I love them. I don't know what color we have. We bought it at the flea market. He told us but I don't remember because I don't care. Just so I have one!! LOL and each one has it's own fragrance. They all smell different!

OK. Now that the boss came in and turned the air so it is getting hot in here. Why do they do that? They set their office where they want. He comes in here from the HOT warehouse and thinks it is frigid. Hang on. Going to go reset it!

Aw. It was OK. He didn't do much if anything to it. I think I was being harassed!! LOL My turn. I do it to him all the time!! But I didn't waste the trip. I took a break, too!!

I did a LO yesterday of Nancy's doggy! It is Shiloh. I love this picture. I about laughed myself silly when I first saw it and wanted to scrap it. Not my normal scrap style but I love it. I love the eyeballs on the super spy letters!!! LOL Click on it and you probably can see them better!

My Super Spy!!! I know our animals hate it but it is so much fun to dress them up. Zoe, our dog starts to be really close to Jim at Christmas because I have a Santa hat I love on her. She hates it. I love it. So Jim tries to keep her close so I will forget about it. I try to get her Halloween costumes but never have the money at the right time. And they are expensive, especially for that chow hound!!

Well, it is getting time to wind stuff up around here. Have nothing at all planned for the weekend. It is supposed to be hot and a few showers. Will find something to do. Gotta get Jim out of the house. He gets bad cabin fever. Me, I could stay in for months.

Have a great weekend. Do something fun!!!