Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hi Everyone!

I am back after a time off. As everyone always says, I have been busy!

Trying to work on a class with Debbie Hodge and pretty much just odds and ends, only to the point that I haven't felt like posting!! Honesty is always the best policy. Just been enjoying being me.

We are busy today moving a bedroom around. Just too crowded and we had stuff moved so an electrician could do some work so it seemed like the best time to continue the mess, and a mess it is. Moving stuff from one bedroom to another and cleaning. Jim does the lion's share as always but creative support counts as least in our house.

It has be rotten weather here as in most places and the tragedies in the world are enough to make one sick. Prayer support has really been active.

So I at least wanted to stop in and say Hi to everyone and post a couple LO's that I have done.

The class I am taking is Building Pages at Get It Scrapped. It shows different styles and methods for scrapping, which works both in hands on and digi. It is a great class that I highly recommend. does make one a little uncomfortable doing LO's because it forces you out of you normal little box. I intend on doing it again after it is over, and again if necessary, until the different styles feel more like home to me. I think this class was probably made for me!! LOL

Here are the ones I have done so far.



Enough for now. I need to help Jim in the moving!! Will be back again soon.

Keep the mojo flowing.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Day At Home

I had to call off work today considering that after I bummed up my knee last night I couldn't walk. Was hoping a day off it would help but it hasn't much changed. Oh well. Life goes on.

I did sit some today and scraped. It was the only way my leg didn't hurt. If I raised it in a straight position...too, too much pain! So I did again read the class I am taking and did the work for it.

Jim is busy cooking stroganoff for dinner; what a guy, so I am still sitting. It is starting to smell mighty good...garlic and onions. Love that smell. He is such a good cook. So patient.

It is finally warming up but only to be followed by more cold. Terry tells me some bad cold is on its way. Ugh. And our state fair opens today. Not good. When it is cold, the state fair is in the country and it is REALLY cold there. It runs for two weeks so maybe the next weekend will be warmer.

Hope you all are finding some time to do something creative. It is such good therapy, and is a wonderful way to end a day!!

LO today is for my class, Building Pages with instructor, Debbie Hodge, who is great!!! It is on the Golden Ratio that is found in nature. I won't bore you since few if any would be particularly interested, even though it is very fascinating. Look it up sometime!

This is our grandson playing Ninja with his Dad.

Later taters!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Not a good thing happened tonight on the way home!!

My sore knee got a whole lot sorer. By he end of the day, Joe at work said, "your knee is worse isn't it?" I had told him it was just hard to get going. It was workable after I got going.

Well, Jim came and we went to get coffee. When I went to step up on the curb my knee let loose or something and down I went. Thank God he caught me on the way down, but my knee is a royal mess at this point. Don't know what I am going to do. For now. Let it heal.

So, getting in the house was so much fun. Three big steps up on a knee that won't hold you!! Yeh.

Any way, it keeps life interesting to say the least.

Hope you evening is going better than that!

I am struggling with my Building Pages class. I don't understand today's lesson. Hope Terry does because I am going to have to give her a call about it. I think I am having a brain freeze.

It isn't raining here, at least not yet, but I just checked the weather map and Beeville is socked in so it looks like we will get it in a day or two!! Thanks a lot!!!

Going to try to go and figure out what to do for hubby for his dinner. Poor guy. He wanted to get me home and in so I would relax. Now we can figure out what we can get for him to eat!!!

Take care and have a great night.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gotta Hurry

Good grief! Terry is rubbing off on me!!! LOL. I really don't have to hurry but I probably should. I know Jim is going to be wanting to get going soon, but I wanted to write before we left because after I start to wind down, when I get home it never gets done!

It was a really slow day at work and ANOTHER dreary day! Come on. What is with this? We don't usually have a string of bad days around here. We need sunshine before we all choke each other. We really do get pretty up tight when the weather turns nasty so it better clear up quick!!! LOL

I worked on my LO today for the first class in Building Pages bu Debbie Hodge. It was a challenge which it is supposed to do. I am really going to be learning a lot! This first class was on Blocked style! I like this style because I am really a graphic person. Like things square and organized. But yet it was difficult.

I did this because the day I was at the mall, all I was seeing was sales, sales, sales. There just wasn't much being said about the reason for the season. These pics are all through mall windows so they are not real good, but it was good enough for me.

Hope we never lose the true reason for the season, the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world.

Monday, February 1, 2010

I Hate This!!!

I hate this. I have two online classes starting and I haven't started either one yet, and don't feel good enough today to even care, and I hate getting behind from the get go!!

Oh well, I have a week to get through them, and they are self paced but still, I hate to do this.

It was so dreary and misty rainy here today, the whole world here seemed to be in slow mo!!! It is not usually like this here and these cloudy days make everyone a bit testy!!! So it took a little extra effort to put the smile on when you heard a grouchy voice over the phone or at the store!!! But...we made it. The only bad part is it is to be pretty much like this tomorrow!! Yuk.

Came home from work, got some coffee, actually apple juice, ate some soup for supper and checked the blogs and that is all that is getting done tonight. TV sounds good, and I am not a TV watcher. But the Golden Girls are on and I somehow understand them!!!

Hope everyone else feels great and is getting some mojo flowing. Sounds good, just don't have the drive today. Probably tomorrow.