Thursday, August 26, 2010

O O O It's Bonomo!

If that made you smile...I know how old you are. I have no idea what made me sing that tonight but it came to mind a few minutes ago and I can't get it out of my mind!! LOL For those of you who don't know, and for those of you who do know what in the world I am talking about can find out at Bonomo!!
If you scroll down there is a video that plays the old commercials for this taffy. Yep. That's what it is. Turkish Taffy And so good. It is still made and you can get it off the site. If I had the money I would get some. Love the chocolate!!! Don't know that the old teeth would like it too much any more. The commercial even shows you how to eat it. It is sold in a bar and you slam it down on the table to break it into chewable pieces!! Ah. Memories. So sweet!
You know. Thinking about old candies, I am hunting for one that I don't think is made anymore. They are called Regal Crown Sours. They were fruit drops that were sour and so good. Lemon, cherry, grape. Delicious. If anyone can find them, let me know...please! There were none like them.
It has been a terribly boring week at work. We have been busy but I have done this job for twenty years and I can zip through this stuff. We need to get busier!!I am still finding stuff I have not loaded on my computer since it crashed. I went to download the store link for Designer Digitals last night. It gives you the link of the products that you use of theirs into their store so that when you use something you can link right to hopes someone will buy it!!! LOL It said would not open. I can't tell you how many time I tried to download, unzip and install it until...duh...I realized I had not reinstalled Office!! No Excel!! No wonder it wouldn't unzip and open! So I have to do that. Just not in the mood to struggle through that till the weekend. I always have trouble with installations. I also lost two forms that Jim and I use all the time. So I need Excel for that, too. Oh...the joys of reinstalling after a crash!!
Still want to do some organizing before I completely fall asleep so I am gong to post my latest LO for Gloria and get out of here for tonight! This is of her two daughters, Jodi and Cheri. They are the sweetest girls. I LOVE this picture of them.
Click for larger view

Later all my taters!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

GG in Training!!!

It has been an exciting week. Isn't it always exciting when your computer crashes? If you have not had a computer crash, then thank the Lord right now. It is something no one should ever have the pleasure of experiencing. And trust the saying that it is not IF your computer crashes, but WHEN your computer crashes.... Because it will happen sooner or later and we all hope later.

I was using my computer after midnight Wednesday...well that actually would be Thursday morning. Went to bed, and got up and there was a terrible black screen with lots of printing on it that said...Back up. Hard drive failure imminent.

OK. I can do that. Wait. I can't do that because you won't let me go anywhere other than the page I am on that tells me to back up. Now what good is printing that bit of information if you can't do what it is telling you to do?

So begins the long haul. As usual the first call is to dearest Nancy, our daughter. All and all through this I remained calm for a change. I know now that she always comes through for us so it was easier to relax and just listen to what I was supposed to do.

We didn't do anything really till the weekend. I have a lap so I wasn't computerless and Jim was content...HIS computer was still humming. I didn't even snarl at him because of that!! LOL Great guy he is he said use this computer to scrap or whatever. You know that. (No, I would rather get the DT's from withdrawal just to show my addiction!!) It wasn't till I was back up and running that I realized I didn't have Photoshop on his computer so it wouldn't have worked anyway. But thanks, hon!

Friday evening Nancy had me...oh my goodness...OPEN my tower. You just don't know how afraid I am of whatever is in that tower.  But, she was trying to help so how could I tell her that no way am I opening that thing?? She is having me take this out, put it back in, try this, try that. I am shaking like an idiot. Sweating for sure I am going to break something. Sweating. And repeating Oh my God, Oh my God. I just knew I would botch something. Jim is laughing. Glad I provide him with his laughs in life.

I got it all back in and feeling a bit cocky!! Like I was now somewhat of a computer genius. It helped that feeling along a good bit when I finished the last thing and she said, "Mom".  I said, "Yes".  You  just 'built' a computer!! Yowser!! She said I had just removed and put back every part of the computer!!! Well...I was feeling my stuff now!!! LOL

After all the checking, Nancy thought perhaps it was just a windows failure, but in her heart thought the hard drive had blown. We were going up to her house Saturday to drop off the computer, she would go over it and fix whatever needed done.  Well, on the way, Jim stops at Best Buy and gets a new 500 gig hard drive. He said if she thinks it is the hard drive, no doubt it is. We will just have it ready for her.

We get to her house and she opens it up and starts what I thought was just looking around while we were talking. She moved the monitor so she could see it and we moved to the living room chairs to chat. Pretty soon she said...there...and went back to the table.

Oh my goodness. She had completely installed the new hard drive and my Windows back on the computer. Ready to go. I still am in awe!! That quick, that simple. She says...well I have done it enough. They are a six computer house!!  The kids are home schooled and each one does their class work on their computer. So there is always someone having a computer problem at her house!!

She said go home do all your Windows updates and start adding your programs back.

So that is what I have been doing. Not hard, but labor intense. It is working like a charm. Thank you again, sweetie!! You are such a help to us.

Oh. Did you figure out my title for this blog?  GG in Training?  That stands for Guru Grandma. Yep. I figure after what I have been through this time...I can charge and conquer a computer now!! I at least know what the parts are when I look inside that ridiculous intimidating thing they call a tower. I know somewhat what the parts do and feel like she can at least talk halfway intelligently with me about it at this point. So now I consider myself a GG. Bring the rest on, Nancy, I am ready to go!! LOL

So that is why I have been MIA for a week. Still getting things back in like ACDSee for scrapping supplies organizing, Photoshop, all that great stuff. Decided to start over organizing since I was unhappy with how I was doing it. Know so much more now.

I did finish another Gloria LO. I have another one going but got it stalled with having to do all this reload stuff. Here it is. It is a grandpa and grandson page. Hope you enjoy.
Click for larger view

Think I am going to see if I can get some scrapping done.

You all have a great night and thanks for stopping by.

Later my taters.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Ball of Clay

This is thought connection, you know. And basically, it is my thoughts. Duh!! Yes, I do have some!

Well, the past few days I have had my thoughts on marriage. You see, Gloria decided, and I agree, that when they come to Florida, hopefully this winter, we will celebrate our 45ths together. Larry and Gloria celebrated their's Sunday and we had ours July 17th. So that is where it all began, I guess. (And yes, my friend in Texas Terry of course, just had to remind me that we have been married just ten years under how old she is!!) I do need to remind you all that Gloria and I got married VERY young!! LOL

Anyway, I am around so many people who just don't get along with their spouses and it makes me so sad. It really does. But I think part of it is they don't understand what happens when you get married. You really are not the same person, only unto yourself anymore.

That is when I thought of the ball of clay. When Jim married someone...well, he married me, but when he married someone else...I mean...did a marriage for two other people, I guess I should say, he took two pieces or blocks of kid's clay. One that green color and one pink. I liked the green but then the pink wasn't bad, either.

He said one was the woman and one the man. In that case I should have been the pink I guess, but still, I wanted to be the green. He really didn't even ask or care!! Argh!! But I like to really get into his stories!!! Much more fun that way. It's OK. He understands me!!

He took the two and started to put them together. He would work them and work them. Everyone was watching. Looked like fun.

And as he was working them together he said something to this effect. These represent the bride and groom in a marriage. They each start out as one person. In this example, one green and one pink. Each with their own likes and dislikes, their own agendas, responsibilities only to themselves. They were basically pretty self centered. Life and it's agendas pretty much have centered around only them for a very long time.

And as they spend their lives together they start to mix all these things together. Can you see how there really is no green by itself or pink by itself? That, my friends, it what is to happen in marriage.

Look closely. He held out the ball of clay. If you look, you still see streaks of pink and streaks of green. You are both still there. You haven't given up being you...your own identity. You are still you but you are intermingled with the other forming ONE ball of a beautiful marble color. That is marriage. You are still there with your own likes and agendas, but now the two of you have formed a new color, a beautiful blend of both of you, creating new agendas, likes and dislikes together.

Isn't that wonderful? I think it is.

As we were on the way to lunch today we were talking about this and I said you know, I see it going even a little farther. Maybe that is why it is so hard when people for one reason or another have to separate. It would be pretty darn hard to separate that pink from the green. I think no matter how hard you tried you would still have bits and pieces of the other that you take away from the relationship. That could change the whole chemistry of who you are. No wonder so many people struggle so hard after a divorce. You really can't be the same person as when  you went into that relationship. So all of a sudden you have to learn the new you!! Bet it is hard!!

***I came back tonight after work to add this. I was telling Jim about this blog and he said, but after many years of working the clay, after a very long time, it takes on a color of its own. One where you and your spouse do really become one with same likes, dislikes, agendas. You no longer see the green and the pink but that brand new color, where you both really tend to see things and want things exactly the same. Two people have melded into one. That is when marriage becomes really beautiful!***

Well, that is my thought for today. I really had been thinking about that and wanted to blog it.

It is still rainy here. We have that whatever they are calling it...tropical depression 5 out in the gulf so we are picking up lots of rain. Trying to send it Terry's way but not having much luck. I heard this week that you can tell if you are a Floridian if you are on a first name basis with the tropical storms and hurricanes!! LOL Like when Charley came through...LOL. But it is true. We always call them by name like they were personal friends!!

Going to see if Jim can organize my digi scraps for me tonight, I think, Not knowing how ACDSee works it might just be a bit too much...but I sure am going to give it a try. I hate doing that and it really needs to get done.

Click for larger view

Oh, I finished another LO for the Ohio album. It is of the three daughters. They are the prettiest girls. Hope you like it.

Since I blabbed on so much about a ball of clay I had better go. Just thought I would share that ball of clay story with you. Never know when you will need a good conversation starter!! LOL What? Sometimes I will grab at anything rather than sit there in that dead silence when no one has anything to say. Picture this...dead silence and you say...Did you ever think about marriage as a ball of clay?? Now I am sure that will start the conversation off FAST!! LOL

LOL Have a good night!! LOL I'm out of here.

Monday, August 9, 2010

I Feel No Need to be Needed!!

Golly. I am...well, let's just say over sixty...oh what the heck...I'm 64. Oops! 63! Age doesn't matter to me and I always have to subtract to figure it out!! Why clog the memory banks with things you can figure out!

I no longer feel the need in my life to feel I am needed. But let me walk into work and kaboom. I am the most needed person around.

Where is? Can you? Did we? Can you? How long ago? Can you? Would you? Can you? Do you remember? Can you?  Get the picture? Not only do they want the answer, the next is always can you.

Now if I remember long ago, and dig deep in the crevices of my  mind, I think I started to work to get away from kids. Kids that were always asking questions. Kids that always needed me in some way and in reality THEY NEEDED to learn to do things for themselves. But now...I have inherited a brood of kids!! Only they aren't 4, 5 or 6 years old, they are 40, 50 and 60 years old!! I can see where the younger ones were easier to deal with. But I am at least needed, and I guess I would really miss it if I walked in and they really didn't need me. So, let them all come round beckoning for one thing or another. I guess I love it in a strange sort of way..........I don't want to think on that statement too long.

Rain. Damp and humid here. It is supposed to rain big time later tonight. We can't really say when, depends on which TV station you are watching. So I am anxiously awaiting tonight to see who is really right. But they all agree a wash out tomorrow!!

Not much going on today. But that is OK. I don't mind a quiet day here and there!!

I did get a LO done of Gloria's son-in-law. I like it. It is a little different than my usual style but I am trying to jump out of my box a little and keep my style in flux doing things a little different each time. I just feel in a rut right now so that is what I have decided to do. If that didn't make any sense when you read it don't reread it. It didn't make sense to me either. Oh well. Hope you know what I meant!

So that is about it for today. I think I will look for something to keep me busy for the next hour and a half. I think I know what it will be. I have a LO in the works so I want to look for some stuff to finish it!

Enjoy your night.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Before You Open Your Mouth!!!

Nothing much has been going on around here, and that is the reason I haven't blogged. Not a good reason, I know. But do you really want to hear me just ramble?  I find it interesting but not too sure about others!

You know...Jim and I are both very regimented people. We love to keep schedules and are extremely hooked into ritual...ritual like how we get up, the things you do on the way to bed, how you do this and that.

We seldom vary from those things. Like when we get home from him picking me up at work, he comes in and pets the dog and cat, I walk over and turn on our computers and turn on the TV. On and know. Everyone probably does it, but we ALWAYS do it exactly the same.

We have a tight morning ritual, too. At exactly 7:10, I begin to get ready to go to work. (Even though I get up no later than 4:30!!) Usually by the time I am ready, Jim is done with his stuff, like walking the dog, and we sit on the edge of the bed and finish watching the Match Game...yes, you heard me right, the Match Game with Gene Rayburn, which I have taped. Then he takes me to work...or as before he retired, we both would go to work.

Well, now Mr. Retired seems to be getting into another mode. I think it is called...let's see, something like..What's Your Hurry Mode!!! LOL He chuckles and says he fails to see the urgency here!! LOL That guy. He is so funny!! We laugh about it about every morning! We always make it but I want to leave precisely at 7:40!! Rhythm is VERY important to your life!! As you can see by how long it takes me...I have a tight schedule. Don't get in my way and DON'T ruin my schedule!!!

We always make it, and it wouldn't make any difference if we didn't. Where I work it is not like that; we are pretty loosie goosie!! 

But my point is, the other day, he was not in the house by the time allotted by me!!! LOL I am beginning to get a bit concerned that he has forgotten that one of us still works!! Mainly, ME!! I can see him somewhere in the park, shooting the breeze with some other retired person walking their dog with not another thing on their mind!! So I am sitting there watching the Match Game all by myself and beginning watch the clock with anticipation!! Where is he???

I look at the dresser, thinking I might ring him up on his cell and make sure he hasn't forgotten our plan for the morning. But, I see his cell phone there. Not a good idea. I don't want to hear the stupid thing ring while sitting on the dresser. 

So just as I am thinking I would get my body up and go look out the door and see if I can see him and the dog they come.  

And....just BEFORE I open my sweet little mouth with some comment like...gee...thought maybe you forgot I still work or something perhaps a little more agitated than that...he says:

Oh...I was trying to get pictures of the cactus that you loved so much and Zoe just didn't want to stand still. She just kept moving around and I was afraid they were blurry. So I kept snapping hoping I would get one or two good ones for you.

Oh Oh! Thank you Lord for putting your hand over my sweet little mouth!!! How sweet was that? He got in my purse...which he NEVER does, got my point and shoot and was taking pictures of this beautiful cactus that I wanted pictures of, but only blooms in the mornings. He knew I would never get them on my own. So he took them for me!! Even fought the uncooperative dog!! All for me!!

Sometimes, we just need to chill a bit till we get all the facts! I was so happy! I really wanted these pictures and he went out of his way to get them for me. Just to make me happy. I would have felt terrible if he had walked in the door and I had bitten his head off about where were you...what about me going to work...yada yada! Not that I would have done's not my style...I am more subtle!!! But I know some wives that would. Don't forget, I work with all men...and I hear stories you wouldn't believe...even though they are all one sided!! LOL

Anyway...just a slice of life. That sometimes we need to cool our jets about things until we really find out what happened!! Sure made me stop and think!!

And of course, I have to show you at least one of the pictures!! Hope you like it. Maybe I will show you a couple. They are so pretty!

Aren't they beautiful? This bush was about 8 or 10 feet tall and was loaded with blooms. Just so happy he got those for me!! They REALLY make me smile now!!

Well, I need to go. We WERE just to leave to walk the dog. Jim would walk the dog, I would ride my tricycle and look b e a u t i f u l!!! LOL But, it is forget that!

Anyway, have a great Saturday night and I will blog again later.  Aren't you the lucky ones??