Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We had a really super one! We stayed at home and I missed the kids BUT Jim took me to Bon Appetit for a wonderful semi romantic lunch. It was so beautiful.

We sat and watched the Gulf of Mexico as we had...gotta tell you this because it was soooo good...acorn bisque soup with corn, a marvelous salad with greens that were so tasty. The salad of course had their own dressing, pine nuts, sliced black olives and cherry tomatoes...on an iced plate. Then we chose the traditional North Carolina theirs turkeys are special, I guess, roasted pecan stuffing, wonderfully steamed mini beets and asparagus and THE best cranberry relish I have EVER eaten. Of course freshly made french rolls and butter, and aromatic tea. You could smell how wonderful the tea was as you were putting up to your mouth and it was crystal clear served in goblets that made it sparkle!!! Oh so good.

Then Jim had Godiva chocolate mousse with whipped cream and one of those long cookie tubes. I can never remember the name for them and if I did I couldn't spell it. I had pumpkin swirled cheesecake with whipped cream. Well, not WHIPPED cream which was my disappointment for the day. Duh. In a restaurant of that caliber you DO NOT serve what I call fake whip cream. I know it makes it easier to get the desserts all ready and set to go, but come on...are you class or not...and how long does it take to put a dollop and a swirl of whipped cream on something...AND yes, even the men waiters could handle it. Still...delicious. Had enough to bring home and had it again for lunch.

Hope you all enjoyed your holiday, too.

Just been scrapping away. Did some LO's and let everything else around here slide. Big deal. No one here but us!! LOL

Going to go and get myself put together a little. Jim is due home soon. He had to work yesterday and today. Poor guy. But he doesn't care that much to be at home. Me...I love it!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

So Much for Friday the 13th!

Oh my golly. Let me tell you what just happened. I had a post all ready to go, with my LO and everything posted. I went to add a link and boom...the entire post was gone! And I even had it saved because I had just looked at it!! Strange.

What I had said was:

I am not a real believer in the bad omens of Friday the 13th but after today I could just maybe change my opinion! LOL

Work has been a real bear today. Two guys are out, and one of them has a big project running. It has been one problem after another, and the two of us left are doing our best to solve problems and give answers to questions that we don't really have the answers for, which means trying to find where we can GET the answers!!! Then the printer jams like I have never seen before after working with jammed printers for 18 years!! Just all kinds of out of the ordinary things going on.

Talked to Jim and he is having a frustrating day also!! BUT at least it is more that 3/4's of the way over. I hate saying that. I always think of my Aunt Middie, who I loved dearly, who always told me never to wish my life away. So I had better be thankful for this day even if it is trying my patience!! And besides, these are the days that make the other days look so good!

I have not posted lately because nothing has been going on other than getting up, going to work, coming home, and repeating that!

I have not even been scrapping. But I did do a LO the other day that I will post. Just didn't even feel like scrapping. But I am getting back in the groove.

I feel a lot intimidated by all the talent I see out there. I look and look at them trying to see how they get those great ideas but I can't seem to pull them out like I would like to do. I will keep looking. Some day it will click.

It is VIA (Starbucks instant coffee) time. SOOOOO good. I will post my LO and take a break and do some digi LO looking while I partake! Maybe I will get creativity by osmosis. Coult it be??


This is our cutie daughter. Isn't she the cutest thing ever? After ALL these years...sorry babe, couldn't resist that!!!...we STILL think she is the cutest!!! And, no...she does not still have a double chin!!!! She is very tiny now!

Hope you enjoy the day.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Beautiful for November!!

It has been a beautiful day for November! Low 80's and lots of sunshine!! Now this is better. And it should be in the low 80's all week. That is quite better from the mid to upper 90's!!!

Here it is again. Another weekend coming to an end. Oh well, I guess we all have to work in order to get paid, so it is back to the grindstone. I just got my social security report this week and the way I read it, if I work till I am 70 I will just about have enough money to come up short of what I need to make it by only about 25%. But at least there is still social security left to give me. Guess that is good in itself!!

We went out for brupper. It was so good. We both had fried chicken. It is the best you can get in the area but not like our little hometown in Ohio that is called the chicken capital of the world. But still very good. brunch only for breakfast and supper! We really got a late start today. Makes me a happy camper. I LOVE lounging around on the weekends. DH on the other hand gets bored out of his head. But I always leave the weekends up to him...and he calls the he never says anything about it!!!

I still have not found my dog gone sweeper hose. I have looked everywhere...and I NEED it. If anyone has a clue where it is, please clue me in. It is large and won't fit just anywhere but we have looked EVERYWHERE!! argh!!!!

Did get a LO finished Friday. Photogenically it is a bad picture, but I love what the picture says so I had to scrap it. It just made me realize that life really is just a series of ages and stages. I would call this one..."bring on the glasses"!!


Going to get ready to run for some coffee. Then I hope to scrap some more, but I am not sure. Might have to put that off till tomorrow.

Everyone have a great rest of the evening.