Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Above 60!! Unbelievable!!!!

It is finally above 60 degrees! That is wonderful!!! There were still some chilly 40's around us last night but at least by midday I would like to see a hint of warmth!!! And at least it is sunny!! Spirits are much brighter with the sun shinning!! I am tired of people grumbling!!

Hopefully I won't be so late leaving work today. Jim got tied up on jobs yesterday and I didn't get out of here till 7:45!!! Ugh! But that is OK. He didn't like it either have to do what you have to do. It doesn't happen very often.

Got all my work done. Has been a slow day, sort of, but got it all done and even had a little time to play...other than my lunch hour!! Not much, but a tiny!!!

I receive an inspirational quote everyday in my email at work and one appeared that I just loved. So while I was waiting on DS #1 to get a pic to me of himself that I wanted to do a LO with, I thought I would scrap it just for fun. As it ended up I really liked it!

It is about changing as we grow older. The quote says what I sometimes feel like. We really don't change we just become who we really were all along. We just finally mature to the point that we are no longer afraid to let our masks come off.


Haven't really been doing anything special. It has just been so ugly out everyone just has been vegging at home. As you know, that is just fine with this homebody.

Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Easter weekend.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday and Rainy!

It is a very dismal day here today. It started out with a little bit of sunshine but it sure gave way to clouds and then rain very soon. By the time Jim had gotten home from Mickey D's getting the dog her egg mcmuffin, it was totally cloudy. In fact we opted to stay in for breakfast and grab lunch out. That turned out great, as by that time it was raining. I used to hate for it to rain on the weekends but anymore I would rather have it rain then rather than during the week so he has to work out in it.

I have gotten so much done over the weekend. Feel bad, though, because Zoe's sore hip was just starting to feel better then she went to go out a minute ago and slipped on the vinyl and pulled it again. Poor baby!! I need to get that carpet put in the kitchen. I think that is partly why she keeps injuring her leg.

I did finish another LO today. It is about Joe, one of my "cohorts" at work. He continually plays those scratch off lottery tickets. Every time I go in the warehouse, he is doing two scratch offs. Can not believe how many he does in just one day. I am always on his case about it. That is how we are. We are constantly picking on each's part of how we deal with each other.

So I decided I had to do a LO of it. Here it is.

I haven't uploaded to Designer Digitals yet so you can't get the credits even if you wanted to, and I am not wasting the time listing them here.

I don't think I posted my last two LO's either. Will do that a little later. One is probably about all you can handle at a time anyway!!

Still working on organizing my digital stash. I have so many things to organize but I am making headway. I have been holding true to myself and doing some each time I sit at the computer!! Yeah for me.

Humm. Jim just said the NASCAR Grand Prix that was to be held for the second day today come rain or shine was postponed till Monday. It seems lightning was striking very near the spectator seats and drove the people off. I would think that would do it!!! Not a good thing to be sitting up high in a lightning storm.

Going to go see what is happening on the forums then start on my Bamboo pen class that I was to take a few weeks ago. It looks like it is very good, but will take quite a bit of time to work through and understand.

Till the next blog....

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Just Saturday!

It is just Saturday here. Jim had to work. So I just did a LO and some cleaning in the kitchen. My favorite room to clean. I love to clean, anyway. But can't do much since my muscles decided to take a bomb. But I can do some, and I love it! All a matter of learning new ways to get things accomplished.

It is 72, finally, and sunny. But the temps are to be going up and down, so who knows what it will be like tomorrow. It seems it is never what they say it is going to be. Sooner or later it will get hot...and then we will be complaining.

It was a long week for me at work. I was very busy for a change, yet the week just seemed to drag. I think because it was just so dag gone dreary all week. Even had several days of misty yuk. It was just making people sort of grouchy.

Oh, and also this past week, and this is probably what really got to me, everything...I mean just about everything...I sent to companies, got lost. I sent one thing twice to a girl and she lost both of them. It was a legal document and she said she vaguely remembered it but could I get another one signed? She just gets SO many releases!!! Duh. She is the one that wanted it; I sent a copy AND the original and she can't find either one?? I said it would be plenty of trouble. The guy works out of state and it costs him to get them notarized and mailed! Get this...she says, "Don't you keep a copy in your files?" SHE is asking me about keeping MY files???!!!! Humpf!! "Yes, I do", I told her. "But you need originals." She told me, "Oh, I will take a fax. Just fax it to me. " Stupid girl. She doesn't even know the form she needed has to be an original if they go to court. Oh well, not my problem. I faxed it. She was happy...I was happier than having to get a new one. Please. Just about the highest thing on my peeve list is incompetency. Can not deal with it. (And of course, these being companies that hire us to do things, I am not at the liberty of telling her what I really think. Peace has to rule!! It wouldn't do any good to tell most of them how you feel, anyway, they are not smart enough to know you are doing it!!)

There. I feel better.

But, I am NOT at work and that is a good thing! Waiting on Terry to get home from vacation. Must be nice. No vacation for me ever again since the boss took them all away. Work. Work. Work. I did talk to her and she is having fun. I'm more than a tad bit jealous, though.

Our sweet daughter did our taxes this week. As usual, because I don't have enough taken out, we need to pay. BUT, she sat down with me and hopefully got it straightened out so next year we will do better. We always try to hit is about even so we don't have to pay and don't get a refund. Just don't like the government using our money interest free for a year. I had it set right until Jim switched jobs and never got around to redoing it. Now it is done. Thank! You! Nancy!!

Well, Jim just called and is just about here so I am going to go and do a couple last minute things.

I am posting my newest LO that I just finished. It is for Debbie Hodge's class, of course, and is called "Mind Your L's & T's". It is designing with an "L" or "T" shape.

I am not going to list my credits anymore for my LO's. I have added a link to my Designer Digitals Gallery and if you want to know the credits you can find them there. Only, it may take a day or two before I post them on that gallery. I usually post here first.

Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful really is spring now...weekend.

Click Image to Enlarge

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Weekend!!

Finally. The weekend. I am learning to really love them! Work is either a hustle bustle or dead as a nail...which was yesterday. Boring as can be. I at least can scrap some when it is down. Not a lot of people have that perk.

It is going to be sunny today. More than I can say about the last two days. Rainy and about as cloudy as it can get. But we needed the rain. And now it is past.

Doing odds and ends today. Have to get all my tax stuff ready to give to daughter who is so sweet to do Mom and Dad's taxes each year. What a blessing. Whew! I hate doing that and I am not good at it, either. Bless you, child! What a gift you give us! Then the rest of the day I plan on scrapping and 'potsing' around the house. My favorite thing to do.

I finished up Class 10 Diagonal just a few minutes ago. Oh my golly. I did not like this one at all. It took me three layouts before I got one that I was even a tad pleased with, and then I am not that fond of it, either. I doubt I will do another diagonal, one in which elements, pics, brushes and stamps lead a diagonal pattern, again, but one never knows, do one?? The "do one", by the way, is what my favorite novel character, Archie McNally, by Saunders, says. Never does one, but do one.

I had said "do one", one day, when talking to a customer on the phone, and she said, "You read the McNally books!!!!!" LOL "When you said that, I knew for sure!" So it gave us both a laugh and something in common when we talk...which is usually very often with goings on about work related business.

I am going to get busy, but of course I will post my hot off the press LO. I don't have credits posted anywhere. I will come back and add them if I really remember. If not, please feel free to check my gallery here at Designer Digitals.

This, by the way, is about making a deposit Wednesday at the bank. Our bank just merged with another bank and they are changing all the ATM's. Now they have gone to a no envelope, no deposit slip ATM. Scary to us old folk who don't take well to change and don't trust techno things much.

Would you believe you can feed up to 15 checks and bills at one time at these things? If you put cash in, a guy I work with did it, it says you deposited like 10-$20 bills, so many 5's etc. This is weird, I'm sorry. It is.

After we were done, I stood back and yelled at it, "I know you're in there!! You don't fool me!!!" LOL Bet the people going by thought I was crazy. Those who saw me and knew me thought nothing abnormal going on here!!

Hope you all enjoy this weekend and get some good R&R!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Checking In!!

Nothing much to say today. Isn't that a first??!!

Trying to work on my Class 9 for Building Pages. Had a LO done last night and hated it and ditched the entire thing. That was probably the wrong thing to do. I should have finished it and then done another. Usually the one you throw out is the one everyone loves!! But I worked for about two hours and could not get it right. Out it went.

So I have another idea I am tossing in my head here at work. I will see if it goes when I get home.

They tell me I could get disability and I tell you I often wonder why I didn't do that. But I think I have to work. It just seems like at times it sounds awfully good to stay at home!!! LOL Just kidding. It is about as much fun to have to stay home as it is for me to be in my wheelchair when we go out! I will do this as long as I can.

FINALLY it is above 60 degrees. It is sunny and....get ready....are you really ready....75 degrees!!! Yeah!!! Applause. Applause!! It is beautiful today. But hold on. Tomorrow. Rain. Friday...a wash out!!!

OK. Have a super pic to show you from the Gasparilla Art Festival. This is Sarah and her pretty hat. I forgot to tell Zoe the Greek that I was going to get her one of these. I think this is just so cute!!! Check this out. Hope this works. I have never uploaded this way. So hang on a second. LOL

Wowser! It worked!! Isn't Sarah about the cutest. Her master told her to sit and she just sat!! Not only is she cute...she LISTENS!!! What a concept!

Oh. Did I tell you we renamed Zoe, our not so little anymore Schipperke/Chow mix dog, to Zoe the Greek? LOL

We quite often eat Greek food and the other night Jim had Gyro platter with oh so much meat. So he brought the left overs home to Zo.

She had a little that night when we came in and of course she loved it. We already knew that. So the next couple of mornings she got to have a small plate of the meat. Jim got some out and heated it on a paper plate for her and by the time he got it to my chair where I gave it to her...drool was just dripping from her mouth. Her head shot up as if to tell him hurry up!!! And she gulped that down in seconds. then, licking her lips, looked up asking for more!!! She was too cute!!!

Well, I have things I have to finish here at work so I am done for now. Glad I said I had nothing to say, else this would take an hour to read.

Take care till later.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Yepper. We went to the Gasparilla Art Festival in Tampa Sunday and it was wonderful. Warm...really a little too warm in the sun after freezing temps of late and sunny, sunny, sunny. and we got to smell this!!!

Take a look at this.

Know what this is? It is decaying grass. What we have left after the dank, cold weather we have had. The sun was hitting it and and decaying it more, but I gotta tell ya, it smelled heavenly.

It reminded me of hay on the farms in Ohio. But it smelled like a warm spring day. It just added to the atmosphere of it all.

We had a great day. I need to post some pics of it. But I have a problem. Maybe some camera person can tell me. I take my pics and because I am in an area where there is so much reflection of the sun off buildings and concrete I get what I think is over exposure and those bright areas turn pink. I only have a point and shoot and I don't know what to do to compensate for that bright light. Can anyone tell me??? Please! Please! I had a great many shots ruined from yesterday because of that.

I am at work and done for the day. Just waiting on my ride. Oh goodie. This is Starbucks day and it is even better than usual because Starbucks sent me a coupon for any drink any size. Woowee. I am ready to go NOW!!!

I got another LO done for Debbie Hodge's class. Class #9 Divided. You are to divide your LO either vertically or horizontally and use that line, be it space, edges of a line of pictures, ribbon...whatever as the basis for your LO to get balance and impact on your LO.

I chose my beautiful giraffes for this and couldn't help but extract that neck so it hung out the frame! Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE giraffes? Of course I did but I am telling you again!! It is one thing you must not forget!!! (See the beautiful header my DD aka computer guru and web designer made for my blog at the top?? Love it!!!! Love it!!

Well, since I want to upload something before I go I had better shut it down for today.

Here is my LO. I love to scrap!!! And this class is just making it even more fun!


Have a great night. Will be back tomorrow.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's a First!!!

This is going to be a first today. I usually post my LO's here last for some reason. But today...the blog rates #1!! I just finished my LO for Class #8 and have it ready to post. I will have to get credits later. I always copy them from the other posts because they are a giganticus pain to me!! I hate doing that.

I need to say that. I hate listing credits. I don't know why I have to give credit to someone for using the product. Not that I am not thankful I found it, but I bought and paid for it. When I post my picture I don't say that the shirt is by Alfred Dunner and the pants by Allison Daley! If someone has an explanation I would love it. Who knows, it could change my mind. But for now, that is the correct etiquette, so I will go with it. Ugh!

We went out for breakfast today. Jim was so hungry for stuffed french toast. That is another ugh! It is french toast with peanut butter in-between and bananas in-between and on top, then whipped cream on top and on the sides. Yuk! I hate bananas first of all unless they are green. Other than that...I could handle it. And to make it worse, they ALWAYS use VERY RIPE bananas which is gross! He loves it, but today's was no prize. Not much PB or bananas. Me...I had a cheeseburger...I was breakfast...I hate breakfast food. And I always have my burgers on a dinner roll where they have them. I don't know which of us has the worse tastes! Mine wasn't very good either. Guess it wasn't meant to be.

Well, I need to go get off this computer chair. I found sitting at the computer at work all day then at home is a big influence on my bad knee. So I need to go to another chair for a while.

Here it is. This class is "Banded". Arranging your photos in a strip or band and using the remaining space on the canvas for journaling and title. This was hard, hard, hard for me but I find the harder it is for me the more I need to learn the concept. And the harder it is, the more I love the LO when I finish it. Might be the conqueror instinct in me!

I am off to sit and read the next lesson. I would sorta like to finish somewhat close with everyone else. That in itself is a challenge!!!

Have fun today. The weekend is short.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Hope Not!

I hope when the warm weather of Florida finally returns we don't feel like we are in an oven!

After this long cold spell, one which is in within a couple days of becoming the longest number of consecutive days EVER under 60, I hope we moderate instead of going straight to the blazing heat of summer. Cough. Cough!!! No one but my darling husband will be happy about that. His idea of fun in 96 degrees and 96 percent humidity!! There's one in every family. We don't worry about him.

I am at work and no one will cough up the work I need from them so that I can proceed with my day. So I am at a stand still. I hate, hate, hate it when people hold others up because they can't get their act together. One of my top irritations!!

So I wait.

Starting to drizzle here again. Unbelievable. No sun, then add the rain. Bring it on. Let's get it over. I am one of the odd ones that likes rain. So see, I'm weird, too! But we all knew that, too!

I really want to get to work on my next class, but can't do it today with all that is waiting for me. I hope we get home at a decent time so I can start tonight. I think I know what to do.

Here are the last two LO's I have done. This brings me current.

This one is of our daughter's oh so cute puppy!! This is Shiloh and she really has become a little porker! But she is so sweet!


This class was about layering. How layering actually is when the embellies don't pertain to the photo and collaging is when they do pertain to your theme. They all are to add texture and interest.

This one is of our last dog, Mandy, who died in 2001. This lesson was on shelving, where you use a shelf to anchor, or set, your LO on. Depending on the heaviness, be it color or size, you decide how much of the LO will extend below the shelf...from none to a lot! I am learning a great deal and love going on to the next lesson.


Now I am current. I am posting again with some regularity. I am enjoying scrapping. Life is good.

Have a great day, and keep creating!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Another Monday

I sure am glad there is only one Monday a week! Well, there is SUPPOSED to be only one. Sometimes it seems like more.

I didn't have a bad Monday, just a Monday!! It was push all day long. Everybody wanted me for something special. I hope they don't think I have a need to be wanted. That is not the case!!! I love being UNneeded! That is the ultimate!! LOL

But got home, waited for Jim to unwind from eight hours on his feet, shower and change, by then I always have unwound and don't care if I do another thing. I don't get a second wind until about 10! Then I go too long and am up till about 2!!! That is not good.

So I was going to gather pics then start to scrap but that didn't work for tonight. Guess I will try tomorrow. Wanted to try to get a couple pics in the house tonight and it was just too dreary outside. So that, too, will wait. But I wanted to stop by, post a few sentences and a couple LO's. I think I will do three so that I will only have two of them left from my classes. By then I can post one class at a time.

This class was on learning to use white space. This one was very difficult for me. I am definitely a symmetrical person! But I really loved doing this and was surprised that I really liked how it turned out, too!

This is my boss and his dog that he dearly loved but had to get rid of. Gracie was just a real sweetie. He still misses her. This class was to learn t use a partial mat. In this case, all the strips behind the pics.

And last but never least...this beauty!!! LOL This took A LOT of courage to post, but hey...after you get to my age, everyone just laughs at...really!!! LOL

Remember, you can always click on the pics in the post for larger views, or there is one if you click on the credits link.

That's about it for tonight. Time to wind things up around here.

Have a wonderful day tomorrow!