Saturday, March 20, 2010

Just Saturday!

It is just Saturday here. Jim had to work. So I just did a LO and some cleaning in the kitchen. My favorite room to clean. I love to clean, anyway. But can't do much since my muscles decided to take a bomb. But I can do some, and I love it! All a matter of learning new ways to get things accomplished.

It is 72, finally, and sunny. But the temps are to be going up and down, so who knows what it will be like tomorrow. It seems it is never what they say it is going to be. Sooner or later it will get hot...and then we will be complaining.

It was a long week for me at work. I was very busy for a change, yet the week just seemed to drag. I think because it was just so dag gone dreary all week. Even had several days of misty yuk. It was just making people sort of grouchy.

Oh, and also this past week, and this is probably what really got to me, everything...I mean just about everything...I sent to companies, got lost. I sent one thing twice to a girl and she lost both of them. It was a legal document and she said she vaguely remembered it but could I get another one signed? She just gets SO many releases!!! Duh. She is the one that wanted it; I sent a copy AND the original and she can't find either one?? I said it would be plenty of trouble. The guy works out of state and it costs him to get them notarized and mailed! Get this...she says, "Don't you keep a copy in your files?" SHE is asking me about keeping MY files???!!!! Humpf!! "Yes, I do", I told her. "But you need originals." She told me, "Oh, I will take a fax. Just fax it to me. " Stupid girl. She doesn't even know the form she needed has to be an original if they go to court. Oh well, not my problem. I faxed it. She was happy...I was happier than having to get a new one. Please. Just about the highest thing on my peeve list is incompetency. Can not deal with it. (And of course, these being companies that hire us to do things, I am not at the liberty of telling her what I really think. Peace has to rule!! It wouldn't do any good to tell most of them how you feel, anyway, they are not smart enough to know you are doing it!!)

There. I feel better.

But, I am NOT at work and that is a good thing! Waiting on Terry to get home from vacation. Must be nice. No vacation for me ever again since the boss took them all away. Work. Work. Work. I did talk to her and she is having fun. I'm more than a tad bit jealous, though.

Our sweet daughter did our taxes this week. As usual, because I don't have enough taken out, we need to pay. BUT, she sat down with me and hopefully got it straightened out so next year we will do better. We always try to hit is about even so we don't have to pay and don't get a refund. Just don't like the government using our money interest free for a year. I had it set right until Jim switched jobs and never got around to redoing it. Now it is done. Thank! You! Nancy!!

Well, Jim just called and is just about here so I am going to go and do a couple last minute things.

I am posting my newest LO that I just finished. It is for Debbie Hodge's class, of course, and is called "Mind Your L's & T's". It is designing with an "L" or "T" shape.

I am not going to list my credits anymore for my LO's. I have added a link to my Designer Digitals Gallery and if you want to know the credits you can find them there. Only, it may take a day or two before I post them on that gallery. I usually post here first.

Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful really is spring now...weekend.

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Kathleen Summers said...

That's so funny... the second I finish a layout, I can't wait to post it at DD. Then I MIGHT post it on my blog a few weeks later, lol.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You always make me smile. I'm so glad Terry introduced you to DD. I hope we can meet someday!

Kathi said...

I LOVE this LO, Barb! That's my usual style of scrapping - I call it Modrian inspired. Your colors also speak to me... brown and turquoise...yum!

Terry said...

awwwww glad you got it off your chest. So proud you have completed the LO's for Debbie's class. I haven't! One of these days.

Demented said...

Love the LO! Glad the taxes are done too :) Enjoy the weekend....almost over...

Benjaman said...

Beautiful LO, is that a swan? Barb, I'm originally from Kentucky, right across the river from Cinti, Ohio. Sawyer Point is a riverfront park there. Here's hoping this week is better for both of us! TFS!

Melissa said...

Whew, some people! Sorry you have to deal with people like that!

Your layout is beautiful, Barb! Love the colors, and the "paper" is gorgeous!