Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Above 60!! Unbelievable!!!!

It is finally above 60 degrees! That is wonderful!!! There were still some chilly 40's around us last night but at least by midday I would like to see a hint of warmth!!! And at least it is sunny!! Spirits are much brighter with the sun shinning!! I am tired of people grumbling!!

Hopefully I won't be so late leaving work today. Jim got tied up on jobs yesterday and I didn't get out of here till 7:45!!! Ugh! But that is OK. He didn't like it either have to do what you have to do. It doesn't happen very often.

Got all my work done. Has been a slow day, sort of, but got it all done and even had a little time to play...other than my lunch hour!! Not much, but a tiny!!!

I receive an inspirational quote everyday in my email at work and one appeared that I just loved. So while I was waiting on DS #1 to get a pic to me of himself that I wanted to do a LO with, I thought I would scrap it just for fun. As it ended up I really liked it!

It is about changing as we grow older. The quote says what I sometimes feel like. We really don't change we just become who we really were all along. We just finally mature to the point that we are no longer afraid to let our masks come off.


Haven't really been doing anything special. It has just been so ugly out everyone just has been vegging at home. As you know, that is just fine with this homebody.

Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Easter weekend.


Terry said...

sunny and 80 here honey!!! left you comments at DD. That quote is so true!!

Demented said...

Love the quote, love the layout! That's just beautiful! Happy Easter too!