Thursday, May 28, 2009

Up and At 'Em!!

OK. New day! Not a very pretty one here, though. Dreary!! But that is OK. A dreary day now and then won't hurt us Floridians. We just can't have many in a row before we start growling at each other!!

One guy is off today so it looks like it will be a pretty slow day for me. He is the one that gives me the barrel load of work each day. Not much else happening here besides that. Slow week in general.

The neighbors around us in the strip mall here are slow, too. They have already been here to swipe a cup of coffee and chat. Humm....wonder what I can do to keep busy today???

Well, I don't know but I could guess! I just finished the LO I was working on yesterday. Still playing around with styles although I do feel I am finding the style I feel best with. But until I have played around, I don't want to settle on a style. I guess you don't even have to have your own style!

So I will post my LO and then I am going to check around here and make sure everything is caught up.

This is Joe's best friend Eddie's wife on her first Mother's Day.


Guess I will go and harass someone now. Either that or fall asleep!! More fun to harass!



I am so sore. This wooden chair has got to go. Want to get off of it so much but wanted to say hey before I stop for the day.

I have a LO almost done but to be honest, I can't sit in this chair any longer; and I feel there is just something missing yet, so I am going to put it to rest tonight and finish it in the morning.

Eddie, Joe's friend, sent me some more pics of his new daughter. He is coming in Friday so I thought I probably should get a couple done for them. They don't have Internet in Alabama where they live. They said they live in the country. It takes an hour and a half to get to work. They both have to drive separate cars so three hours a day times two...the gas is killing them. They are moving back here. Unfortunately she will have to take the Florida bars and she just passed the Alabama bars. Her parents just moved here full time and with the cost of travel...they are coming here for good.

I don't have any Rocky Road ice cream but I do have some rainbow sherbet. I also have a coupon for Starbucks ice cream, but we never have more than one kind at a time. AND Jim of course won't eat the Starbucks. Can't stand any kind of cold coffee taste. Guess I will have to eat it all. Just what I need of course.

I think that is about all I am going to say for now. Other parts of me are starting to shut down, too.

Wake with a smile.

Later taters.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's Late and I'm Tired!!

But I did want to get this post out before tomorrow. I am trying to blog more and if I skip it is a good way for me to let it go longer!!!

I certainly am not ready to go back to work tomorrow after a four day break. I need to retire but let's not even go there!!! But if I look on the bright side, only three days till the weekend. So I guess I can struggle through it!!!

I have had a marathon of scrapping which has made me happy and my tush very unhappy. I am going to have to get a regular desk chair for this desk. I am getting a new chair at work, I guess I will bring the old one here. It has a worn out arm on the right side where I kept hitting my desk but I can live with that, too, if it eases my "understanding"!!!

So I am going to post my LO and toddle off to bed. Hope you like it. I had some good laughs doing this one!!

Alrightie then. That is it for me today. Hope to blog again tomorrow. Talk then.

I just realized this is very small on here. These are all pictures of restrooms!! If you want to see a bigger one, click on the credits.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

This Has Been Good!!!

These two days off have been so good. We really have done nothing. Well, special. No schedule. Just those things like 'hey let's go such and such'. Umm. It has been sooo nice. I think we both needed plain old down time.

It is 3:02 in the afternoon and I just finished drying my hair from my shower. We said we are both getting hungry so I guess some food is next on the agenda. Don't know what or where...but food.

The shuttle is down. Glad to hear that. They had to land in California due to weather on the Florida that will cost us about 2 million. Can you believe it costs that much to get the shuttle back here? Incredible.

More rain due for us. 50% today and tomorrow and 40% all next week. I said to Jim it is time for us to stop praying for rain. I think God got our message!!

I have to get dressed yet so I am going to go. First, my Florida picture. Let me go find one. OK. Got one. This is on the Pier 60 looking away of course from the "O"sh. We were about one third of the way up the pier. They fish at the very end. You can go clear out where they fish but it costs woo wee $.50 I think. Don't go there much because you can get hooked by a fish hook!! I think you can still feed fish to the pelicans, too. That is not wise, though. They are aggressive and if you are not careful...they hook the front tooth on you. Something the tourists don't think about!!! Still a fun place. They have what they call Sunsets at Pier 60 where vendors...craft type...and musicians and so on line up on the pier and it is really pretty. I will try to get some pics of that. Hum. As I think about it...sounds like a good thing to do this weekend.

An of course I finished a LO. Terry, please don't have apoplexy. I know I am breaking a record here!!!


Hungry. I'm out of here for now!! Have a great afternoon and evening.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Weekend Start!!!

Ah! Saturday! How nice!!! Went out to get our breakfast. Nice breakfast bar; cheaper then getting just eggs. We dig out these cheapo ma pa places. Don't offer beautiful surroundings but I can get that at home!!!!!!

Back home and itching to scrap of course. Still wanting to go into a blue funk but holding on!!! The hormones still like to carouse in my system every now and then. They long ago took leave but they loved me so much they come to knock on the door saying remember me?? I feel like the girl that the mop keeps coming back to haunt when she has changed to Swifter!!! Ugh!

So thought I would stop in and say hi to everyone before I start scrapping...and I think organizing. I am beginning to think I won't get all that done before June 7th. But it is still my goal.

Raining here AGAIN!!! It is hard to even take the dog out. Where does one take a dog to go potty when she can't smell anything that says this is your favorite place because the smell has all been "rained" away! Jim just tells her..."time to GO!!!" LOL

We have absolutely NO plans for this weekend. Our time is free and so wonderful. I suspect we will both spend it at our computers which is always fun for us.

Posting a couple more pics of the beach. Took so many...yet as I look though them they really aren't that pretty. I was just snapping as we walked and it was getting very cloudy...but I still love the beach. Hope you can get a little of the feel of how pretty it is here. Wish I could send the smells and sounds. The sea gulls are so pretty.

Have a good Saturday. Make it special in some way.

This is along the street just before a large play area before the pier. The "O"sh as we call it...short for ocean which it isn't...(aren't we about the weirdest people???) is off to the right.

This is just a closer view. They have spent a lot of money redoing all this area but while it is beautiful...just not the same. (You know the older one gets the more we hate change!!) You can't just park and go off into the have to park a distance away and walk...and walk...and walk. Not bad except when you are lugging a ton of stuff to spend the, heavy and burdensome. But as I say...that is just how it is!!! It is how it is...but I still claim right to complain about how they changed MY beach!

Write more later.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Friday Eve!

Yea!! Friday tomorrow!!! And then I get a FOUR day weekend! I always try to take a day of my vacation on the three day holidays so that I get a mini vacation! Good thinking...right?

It has been a good week. Not much to do at work so it has passed rather quickly.

I am tired. Finished this LO and then watched the 2 hour finale of 24 that we had recorded from Monday. Supposed to be on chat but need to get this done first. Only 2 people on chat out of 25 so I need to see what is going on there, too!!

It is still raining here. We had not seen rain in months and now it won't shut off!! It is really getting soggy. Rain supposed to continue through the weekend! We need it though. Just need some sunshine!

Going to run for tonight. Will write more tomorrow.

Well, I am editing this. Went to the chat and they were talking about people's bad health and I am not into that tonight. I am getting too emotional right now. It was very sad so I came back to post the pic I forgot.

Wanted to add another beach picture. I love the beach and love to share it. So here is my pic for tonight. I love these birds. Not bad with my point and shot!!! (personal opinion, of course!! LOL)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What A Wonderful Thing!

I have been meaning to blog since Sunday but here it it Tuesday already. Been busy!

Went to the beach Sunday. The first we have been there in a very long time. It was beautiful. Made us really tired, though...watching the wave and being in the sun and having a peaceful time together. What a blessing it was.

This is a little dark but oh well, it looked OK before I uploaded. It is still pretty. I love the turtles on the tops of the spray stations!!!

Oh, here is a LO I did. I hate it but it was an experiment. Won't be doing another one like it but it was fun. It gave me a chance to play around and have some fun!!

I have to tell you what happened Saturday. It was so wonderful.

We stopped to get a lottery auto lotto at the convenient store. We had to park a ways down from the place so I couldn't see the door.

When Jim came out...he said there had been a lady in front of him that bought some lottery tickets and a foot long sub and a coke. After she bought her stuff she turned to Jim and said, "Would you give this to that man out there for me?" There was what most would call a "bum" outside the door, however he was very not one that looked like a druggie or anything. Jim told her of course.

The clerk said, "That is a very nice thing you did. The answer the lady gave the clerk was..."We are all down on out luck once in a while."

Jim took the sandwich and coke out to the man. The man said, "Oh my! How nice!! Which lady was it?" Jim pointed to the lady pulling out into the street. He said, "Thank you."

As we were pulling out...the man was sitting in the shade next to the dumpster...eating his sandwich and drinking his coke. He looked peaceful.

I wonder what he was thinking? I wonder what the kind lady was thinking.

What she did touched a lot of people. A simple act of kindness yet an impact of which we will never know.

That made my day. What a wonderful thing. I still see that man eating that sandwich. God bless that lady!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Well I Don't Think I'm Frugal!!

Golly. We just can't seem to agree on this one!! Jim and I usually always see things the same but not this one. Well, I shouldn't say don't see it the same but we don't handle it the same.

It has to do with tipping. First you need to understand that women and men see tipping from two perspectives. Women will dig in their purses to get the exact change for a 15% tip. (My son used to manage a restaurant and said women are notoriously bad tippers!!) Men round it off not to the next coin like a dime or quarter...but TO THE NEXT DOLLAR!!! Forget that! Ain't gonna happen from this person. point. A tip is to be figured off the cost of the meal. It is NOT figured off the cost of the meal after the tax has been put on. If you do that...they are really getting a 22% tip because the meal has already been taxed 7%!!!!!! Get my point???

While he understands that...he can't be bothered with it. Humpf!!! I really know that it is just a case that he can see the final total without his glasses on because it is in bold print!!! LOL

He says I am frugal and bite the bullet to keep the last penny!! He on the other hand tries to help the poor waitresses and waiters. Yeh, right. I realize they are low paid but they took the job. And it also bothers me that the tip rate keeps going up. The meal prices keep going up so their raise is already in the higher meal why do they still raise the tip amount??? Some things are just not for me to understand I guess.

But does anyone at least get my point??? Ugh!

I just finished a LO. It is different for me. I am usually a bold color person. Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Man What a Day!!

It has been one of those days! It started off on the run with problems even before we were open and it kept right on all day long. Some were my own doing, others weren't but that doesn't matter, they were still problems that had to be solved; they were. Exhale.

I did manage to get the LO done. This is the baby of a friend of a guy I work with. Isn't it about one of the cutest photos?? I love it! The dog is very old. They said he loves the new baby. Looks that way, too!

So I don't have much time but wanted to post since it has been a couple, actually, several days since I have been around.

Little Braisen hurt his knee and had to go the the ER today. Praise the Lord he is fine! Kids. Wish I bounced back as fast and well.

This is not Starbucks night but I don't know...I sure could use one today. Wonder if I could write it off on taxes as medical??? LOL I sure need it that is for sure. I need to unwind.

Well, it is off to finish up odds and ends.

Till later....

Monday, May 4, 2009

Just Finished

After doing some shopping and running around, I did get time to finish my LO. I am tired and it is going to be a short post but I did want to get it up tonight. Well, it really isn't tonight. It is morning, but who is really keeping time??

Did talk to Terry and she arrive back home safe and sound and renewed from her retreat. That is good news.

Nancy got her new desk and got everything up and running plus a lot of other work done. That is good news.

So it was a good and prosperous weekend...and that is always good news!!!

OK. Going to post...the off to bed. I am so tired!


Like it? I do. I am satisfied. Time to do another!


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Moving Along

I had a hard time finding paper for this LO. I finally found something this morning that I like.

Have not been home. Had to run and look for sandals for Jim and I. Looked all day yesterday and could not find any we liked. Wouldn't have paid what they wanted for them even if we had found some we liked. (I hate to give up my giraffe flops but they are even making me sick; they look so bad.)

Did find flops for both of us. And they were on sale which made them more likable yet! Cheap is the operative word!

Here is the LO at this point. Lots to do yet. But the point was to see it in stages. Going to post it then off to work on it some more.

Have a good evening and enjoy!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Step One!

OK. I have started on the LO. I got the pics ready to use. I might want to edit them a bit, not sure; need to look at them when I am not so tired. But I learned a new thing today. That is what I need to do...learn the techniques! I learned how to blur out the background in a photo so it is not distracting from what you want seen as the focal point. So that is what I did. Since I am doing something about the faces of Braisen, I wanted that to be the focal point.

Here is what I ended up with. One I think could be better, but I am satisfied for just learning!

So That is where I am now. Probably won't do any more tonight. I am dog tired. Still not over that old cold yet and I get tired fast.

Can't wait to get going on this. I love doing this!

Back tomorrow!