Saturday, May 23, 2009

Weekend Start!!!

Ah! Saturday! How nice!!! Went out to get our breakfast. Nice breakfast bar; cheaper then getting just eggs. We dig out these cheapo ma pa places. Don't offer beautiful surroundings but I can get that at home!!!!!!

Back home and itching to scrap of course. Still wanting to go into a blue funk but holding on!!! The hormones still like to carouse in my system every now and then. They long ago took leave but they loved me so much they come to knock on the door saying remember me?? I feel like the girl that the mop keeps coming back to haunt when she has changed to Swifter!!! Ugh!

So thought I would stop in and say hi to everyone before I start scrapping...and I think organizing. I am beginning to think I won't get all that done before June 7th. But it is still my goal.

Raining here AGAIN!!! It is hard to even take the dog out. Where does one take a dog to go potty when she can't smell anything that says this is your favorite place because the smell has all been "rained" away! Jim just tells her..."time to GO!!!" LOL

We have absolutely NO plans for this weekend. Our time is free and so wonderful. I suspect we will both spend it at our computers which is always fun for us.

Posting a couple more pics of the beach. Took so many...yet as I look though them they really aren't that pretty. I was just snapping as we walked and it was getting very cloudy...but I still love the beach. Hope you can get a little of the feel of how pretty it is here. Wish I could send the smells and sounds. The sea gulls are so pretty.

Have a good Saturday. Make it special in some way.

This is along the street just before a large play area before the pier. The "O"sh as we call it...short for ocean which it isn't...(aren't we about the weirdest people???) is off to the right.

This is just a closer view. They have spent a lot of money redoing all this area but while it is beautiful...just not the same. (You know the older one gets the more we hate change!!) You can't just park and go off into the have to park a distance away and walk...and walk...and walk. Not bad except when you are lugging a ton of stuff to spend the, heavy and burdensome. But as I say...that is just how it is!!! It is how it is...but I still claim right to complain about how they changed MY beach!

Write more later.


Terry said...

oh the beach is so pretty there. Makes me wish I were there. Mom and pop breakfast, sounds great--at least you don't have to clean up. Lucky you--have 4 day weekend.

Demented said...

Great pics! I sure don't remember it looking that way! Guess I will need to pay a visit soon and take a look at everything that has changed.