Thursday, May 21, 2009

Friday Eve!

Yea!! Friday tomorrow!!! And then I get a FOUR day weekend! I always try to take a day of my vacation on the three day holidays so that I get a mini vacation! Good thinking...right?

It has been a good week. Not much to do at work so it has passed rather quickly.

I am tired. Finished this LO and then watched the 2 hour finale of 24 that we had recorded from Monday. Supposed to be on chat but need to get this done first. Only 2 people on chat out of 25 so I need to see what is going on there, too!!

It is still raining here. We had not seen rain in months and now it won't shut off!! It is really getting soggy. Rain supposed to continue through the weekend! We need it though. Just need some sunshine!

Going to run for tonight. Will write more tomorrow.

Well, I am editing this. Went to the chat and they were talking about people's bad health and I am not into that tonight. I am getting too emotional right now. It was very sad so I came back to post the pic I forgot.

Wanted to add another beach picture. I love the beach and love to share it. So here is my pic for tonight. I love these birds. Not bad with my point and shot!!! (personal opinion, of course!! LOL)


Demented said...

It's about time you watched it! Now we can chat about it :)

I love your layout. And the bird pic is awesome too!

Terry said...

the bird pic is awesome!!

Scrapergirl said...

Hell-o BARB
Love the layout the journaling very nice. Have a great weekend 4 days woo wee .
Gloria Harvey