Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's Late and I'm Tired!!

But I did want to get this post out before tomorrow. I am trying to blog more and if I skip it is a good way for me to let it go longer!!!

I certainly am not ready to go back to work tomorrow after a four day break. I need to retire but let's not even go there!!! But if I look on the bright side, only three days till the weekend. So I guess I can struggle through it!!!

I have had a marathon of scrapping which has made me happy and my tush very unhappy. I am going to have to get a regular desk chair for this desk. I am getting a new chair at work, I guess I will bring the old one here. It has a worn out arm on the right side where I kept hitting my desk but I can live with that, too, if it eases my "understanding"!!!

So I am going to post my LO and toddle off to bed. Hope you like it. I had some good laughs doing this one!!

Alrightie then. That is it for me today. Hope to blog again tomorrow. Talk then.

I just realized this is very small on here. These are all pictures of restrooms!! If you want to see a bigger one, click on the credits.


Demented said...

Very funny. I remember as a kid you making a big deal when we would go out to dinner somewhere about me and 'having to see the restrooms'!

Hoping for a peaceful day at work for you.

Terry said...

ah huh--so your daughter says you have always had a thing for restrooms!!

Love the arrows in the LO--will look it over with fine tooth comb in a bit. Glad to see you posting more.

Lisa said...

What a neat layout Barb. I just love the things you come up with. Really like the arrows and the way you've used them.