Sunday, May 24, 2009

This Has Been Good!!!

These two days off have been so good. We really have done nothing. Well, special. No schedule. Just those things like 'hey let's go such and such'. Umm. It has been sooo nice. I think we both needed plain old down time.

It is 3:02 in the afternoon and I just finished drying my hair from my shower. We said we are both getting hungry so I guess some food is next on the agenda. Don't know what or where...but food.

The shuttle is down. Glad to hear that. They had to land in California due to weather on the Florida that will cost us about 2 million. Can you believe it costs that much to get the shuttle back here? Incredible.

More rain due for us. 50% today and tomorrow and 40% all next week. I said to Jim it is time for us to stop praying for rain. I think God got our message!!

I have to get dressed yet so I am going to go. First, my Florida picture. Let me go find one. OK. Got one. This is on the Pier 60 looking away of course from the "O"sh. We were about one third of the way up the pier. They fish at the very end. You can go clear out where they fish but it costs woo wee $.50 I think. Don't go there much because you can get hooked by a fish hook!! I think you can still feed fish to the pelicans, too. That is not wise, though. They are aggressive and if you are not careful...they hook the front tooth on you. Something the tourists don't think about!!! Still a fun place. They have what they call Sunsets at Pier 60 where vendors...craft type...and musicians and so on line up on the pier and it is really pretty. I will try to get some pics of that. Hum. As I think about it...sounds like a good thing to do this weekend.

An of course I finished a LO. Terry, please don't have apoplexy. I know I am breaking a record here!!!


Hungry. I'm out of here for now!! Have a great afternoon and evening.


Terry said...

LOL OMG that LO just CRACKS me up!!! Gives me an idea to do a LO from my perspective---just standing up I see armpits!!!

Glad you are having a great weekend. You deserve it, so does Jim Bob.

Demented said...

Very funny layout! Jim Bob????

courtney said...

Hey stranger, remember me? Just had to check in on you, glad to see you're doing well. Love the lo, too funny! Anybody catch you taking bum shots? LOL