Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Man What a Day!!

It has been one of those days! It started off on the run with problems even before we were open and it kept right on all day long. Some were my own doing, others weren't but that doesn't matter, they were still problems that had to be solved; they were. Exhale.

I did manage to get the LO done. This is the baby of a friend of a guy I work with. Isn't it about one of the cutest photos?? I love it! The dog is very old. They said he loves the new baby. Looks that way, too!

So I don't have much time but wanted to post since it has been a couple, actually, several days since I have been around.

Little Braisen hurt his knee and had to go the the ER today. Praise the Lord he is fine! Kids. Wish I bounced back as fast and well.

This is not Starbucks night but I don't know...I sure could use one today. Wonder if I could write it off on taxes as medical??? LOL I sure need it that is for sure. I need to unwind.

Well, it is off to finish up odds and ends.

Till later....


Scrapergirl said...

I guess I will have to hurry up and come down there so I can treat you to some StarBucks Coffee,sorry you were having a busy day!
Gloria Harvey

Demented said...

What a wonderful dog! And an awesome layout too. Hope you had your Starbucks!

Terry said...

great LO BArb. Just love the greens.

Celia said...

It is a lovely LO Barb and I'm sure Starbucks is a medical expense- you'd need some medication anyway after what they call coffee! I know I know you think they're great but give me a good Italian latte!