Sunday, February 27, 2011

He asked us...

is that a PIG????

Please!!! We were walking our lovely puppy...well 14 year old puppy!!!

I didn't know whether to cry or laugh. LOL But as I looked at Zoe I had to admit, with her weight, being coal black and walking with her head down and a strange gait because of her bad hips, she could possibly look like one of those black pigs that they keep as pets now. And the older guy was a distance away leaning on his car in his driveway!!! LOL

Here is a LO I did of our pretty baby from a while back.

 Click on image to enlarge

This is when Jim used to take her every Sunday to get her own egg McMuffin!! We didn't get anything, this was for HER!! Well, maybe she had one too many muffins!!! But, she doesn't go anymore because her hips are too bad and she can't jump into the car. Poor baby. It isn't fun to get OLD! But I will have to tell him next time that she prefers to be called Porker!!!

He was a nice man. We had never met before and spent a few minutes getting to know each other. He is from New York, testified by his accent. What surprised me was that he asked us where we were from because HE detected an accent. I had never had anyone tell me I had an accent before, but Jim says people tell him that all the time. So I guess Ohioans have accents, too!!

Spent yesterday doing a LO. I hope I get on a roll. I miss scrapping, but have not been motivated. And when that happens...nothing happens!!

This is a quote I found of Charlotte Bronte while reading The Apothecary's Daughter, by Julie Klassen. While not a book, I thought, with a great plot, it was one that made you think about the underlying things the book was saying about relationships. In that respect a very good book. An easy read with a surprising ending.

Loved my little seals that I saw while at Sea World, Orlando!! They are my favorites...but oh, are they ever noisy!!!

Well,  my breakfast has been served, so I had better go get it while the getting is good. Isn't Jim a sweetie??!!!

Have a great Sunday; for most, it is back to the grist mill in a very short time.

Thanks for taking time to stop by.


Pig graphic courtesy of Designed To a T.

Friday, February 25, 2011

I was told something

that I have known for a long time!! LOL Terry told me I am weird!!! LOL

You see, our washer went kibbutz the other day and so today we went to the club house to do some laundry! I was telling her how I, personally, would rather do the laundry at a laundromat or whatever. You can start the loads, 1, 2, 3. Take them out to dry, 1, 2, 3 and fold them or hang them as they come out, 1...2...3!! All done in just a couple hours rather than an all day affair!! And hey, you can hang out at the pool while you wait. Is that really cool or what?!!

But I said I really can't stop and think about everybody else using the washers and shoving their dirty laundry in them. I know they get washed, but the idea that dirty clothes go in there bothers me!!! LOL LOL
That's when she told me I was weird. Now really. Tell me something I don't already know!!!

Anyway that is the bit of insight into me tonight and all you are going to get!!!

Just in from walking/riding the dog time. Man. I love the night walk on Fridays and Saturdays. As you drive past the homes you can smell all the clean laundry. All the pretty detergents and fabric softeners everyone uses. It smells so good!! I know. Add that to the list of weird things about me.

I guess some of you wonder how that can be, because you haven't lived in Florida in a mobile home park. In that case, I need to explain that most people have their washer and dryer on their patios, outside utility rooms or carports because it gives more room inside and all that heat isn't inside that you have to cool.

So as you go by on the weekends you hear the washers and dryers running and the wonderful sweet smells of all the detergents and softeners. I happen to like it. It smells good and makes the area smell really homey!! Now. Are you convinced? Terry really does know me!! LOL (Weird!)

Well now. I do have a few more LO's to post. Let me see what they are.

This one you northerners ought to relate to. Golly. I am setting myself up here. This may also place me in the weird category! When I lived in Ohio I always HATED the snow after it got all schmucked up and dirty. I never really knew what to call it. Then one day I was watching Regis and Kelly and heard Kelly talk about this. Then she said the word. I fell in love with it and is my word for the year. From what I have heard it has been around for a while, but being slow and usually out of the loop I had never heard it. So I decided to make a LO about it. Here it is. Hope you like it!!
Bahahahaha!! It is call snirt!! Isn't that funny? A combination of snow and dirt!! Oh well. I liked it!! LOL Thanks to my Designer Digitals friend and photographer, sweet Anke,  that sent me this wonderful picture.

Oh, BTW. Just so you know what you can do with digital scrapping. In that picture, there was a bright red stop sign right between the two bushes and smack dab in the center of that white car. It really stuck out badly!! So. I did what they called cloning and made the stop sign disappear. It took about 10 minutes but so worth it!!

This is our son Brian when he was on the Mediterranean tour and went to Egypt. If you click the LO it should enlarge so you can read the journaling. It was a funny story.

And the last one is still in Egypt. At the pyramids.

That is about it for today. Working on another LO tonight but I am a slow go so it might be a couple days. Aw. At least I am having fun. That's what life is about.

So...HAVE FUN!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

It has been brought to my attention....

that I have not blogged in a very long time. Yeh. That's right. I have been in a lag. Not doing much of anything really. Yet, wondering if I really want to blog at all.

One does not want to think too long about the Internet, you know. That once you post is there eternally. Do I really want that? Not sure. I guess being retired has given me much time to pause. That can be a good thing. That can be a bad thing.

Anyway, here I am, so for now, I presume it is a go!!

However, I must admit, not much has been going on here. Same ole, same ole, but I really do like it that way. 

I have not even been scrapping much. But I have done a few and will post here.

I can say the weather has improved here. Yesterday it was 85 and purely delightful. However, I am not sure I need it to warm this quickly, as when I ride my bike in the morning, I was building up a head of steam, which I am not quite ready for yet! LOL But by the evening ride, the air had cooled and it was so wonderful to ride and greet friends in the park.
In the mornings, it is just Jim, Zoe, the dog and me because kids have taken off for school and parents are long gone to work. So that is our alone time which is really special. You can smell the aftermath of breakfasts having been cooked, the sounds of dogs saying hi, the birds starting to sing and an occasional shout of a mom to her still at home little one to do something they are not wanting to do!!! LOL I think this is my favorite of the two rides! I have always loved mornings. Guess that is why I am still up no later than 5 even though I have no reason to get up that early. 

I have become such a book worm. Right now I would rather read than anything else. I even take my Kindle when we go in the car because we usually have to stop at a store and Jim just runs in for something. It is so easy to flip on the Kindle and continue reading. Oh well, I guess it is good to keep your mind active!! LOL

So, here are the LO's I have been doing. I hope I remember which ones I have posted and don't double post.

This one is of Jim on one of the first 80 degree days we had when he decided to take in some sun!!

This is of our son Brian and his group that toured the Mediterranean for three months on the Vistafjord.

And this one is when he was doing a production called New Moon. 

I didn't know I had done so many that I had not posted. I have some more but will save them for later.

Till then, thanks for stopping by. Leave me a note and let me know you were here!!