Thursday, February 24, 2011

It has been brought to my attention....

that I have not blogged in a very long time. Yeh. That's right. I have been in a lag. Not doing much of anything really. Yet, wondering if I really want to blog at all.

One does not want to think too long about the Internet, you know. That once you post is there eternally. Do I really want that? Not sure. I guess being retired has given me much time to pause. That can be a good thing. That can be a bad thing.

Anyway, here I am, so for now, I presume it is a go!!

However, I must admit, not much has been going on here. Same ole, same ole, but I really do like it that way. 

I have not even been scrapping much. But I have done a few and will post here.

I can say the weather has improved here. Yesterday it was 85 and purely delightful. However, I am not sure I need it to warm this quickly, as when I ride my bike in the morning, I was building up a head of steam, which I am not quite ready for yet! LOL But by the evening ride, the air had cooled and it was so wonderful to ride and greet friends in the park.
In the mornings, it is just Jim, Zoe, the dog and me because kids have taken off for school and parents are long gone to work. So that is our alone time which is really special. You can smell the aftermath of breakfasts having been cooked, the sounds of dogs saying hi, the birds starting to sing and an occasional shout of a mom to her still at home little one to do something they are not wanting to do!!! LOL I think this is my favorite of the two rides! I have always loved mornings. Guess that is why I am still up no later than 5 even though I have no reason to get up that early. 

I have become such a book worm. Right now I would rather read than anything else. I even take my Kindle when we go in the car because we usually have to stop at a store and Jim just runs in for something. It is so easy to flip on the Kindle and continue reading. Oh well, I guess it is good to keep your mind active!! LOL

So, here are the LO's I have been doing. I hope I remember which ones I have posted and don't double post.

This one is of Jim on one of the first 80 degree days we had when he decided to take in some sun!!

This is of our son Brian and his group that toured the Mediterranean for three months on the Vistafjord.

And this one is when he was doing a production called New Moon. 

I didn't know I had done so many that I had not posted. I have some more but will save them for later.

Till then, thanks for stopping by. Leave me a note and let me know you were here!! 


Melissa said...

I hear you, Barb! Probably why I don't blog much, too. 85 degrees? Whew! Think that's my limit for comfort!

Great layouts, especially the one of Jim. The white space and the title in the background really add to the feel of the sun beaming down on Jim!

Nancy said...

Love the layouts as always. Just enjoy your retirement and don't worry about doing ANYTHING else :)

Terry said...

not supposed to envy. BUT I envy you being retired and me working!! 85 degrees. How nice. it was nice here yesterday--not 85 though. Today was beautiful and I couldn't golf. Boo!

Lisa said...

Glad you are enjoying your days of retirement, but I've missed your posts.
I can't wait for the 85 degrees here!

Great layouts. I love the one of Jim and agree with Melissa that the white space adds to the feel of the sun!
Really love the font you used and the flourishes on your second one.
The one of Brian by himself is great as well. Love all the stars, they are just perfect on it. I really like the title too!

Fabulous job on them all!

Serene said...

Glad to see you posting again. I missed you!

Great los. I love how dressy they look with those background sprays. I also like how you echoed Brian's vest color in the lo.

Welcome back!