Sunday, February 27, 2011

He asked us...

is that a PIG????

Please!!! We were walking our lovely puppy...well 14 year old puppy!!!

I didn't know whether to cry or laugh. LOL But as I looked at Zoe I had to admit, with her weight, being coal black and walking with her head down and a strange gait because of her bad hips, she could possibly look like one of those black pigs that they keep as pets now. And the older guy was a distance away leaning on his car in his driveway!!! LOL

Here is a LO I did of our pretty baby from a while back.

 Click on image to enlarge

This is when Jim used to take her every Sunday to get her own egg McMuffin!! We didn't get anything, this was for HER!! Well, maybe she had one too many muffins!!! But, she doesn't go anymore because her hips are too bad and she can't jump into the car. Poor baby. It isn't fun to get OLD! But I will have to tell him next time that she prefers to be called Porker!!!

He was a nice man. We had never met before and spent a few minutes getting to know each other. He is from New York, testified by his accent. What surprised me was that he asked us where we were from because HE detected an accent. I had never had anyone tell me I had an accent before, but Jim says people tell him that all the time. So I guess Ohioans have accents, too!!

Spent yesterday doing a LO. I hope I get on a roll. I miss scrapping, but have not been motivated. And when that happens...nothing happens!!

This is a quote I found of Charlotte Bronte while reading The Apothecary's Daughter, by Julie Klassen. While not a book, I thought, with a great plot, it was one that made you think about the underlying things the book was saying about relationships. In that respect a very good book. An easy read with a surprising ending.

Loved my little seals that I saw while at Sea World, Orlando!! They are my favorites...but oh, are they ever noisy!!!

Well,  my breakfast has been served, so I had better go get it while the getting is good. Isn't Jim a sweetie??!!!

Have a great Sunday; for most, it is back to the grist mill in a very short time.

Thanks for taking time to stop by.


Pig graphic courtesy of Designed To a T.


Nancy said...

Oink oink..he hasn't seen anything until he has seen my porker (shiloh)!!

Love the layouts. You always do such a wonderful job with them!

Skip the mcmuffin's and go straight to the pancakes!

Kathi said...

Glad to see you back at scrappin'. I love how you smudge the edges of your photos and I'll have to learn how to do that. Seals are so animated and the Bronte quote is just perfect for these shots!

Lisa said...

I would have had to reply with a do you need glasses! Is that a pig? Please!!

Lovin' the arrows on the layout! Great photo's of the seals. Your placement is perfection!

Melissa said...

I would reply with Lisa's comment! hehe

I love that quote, and the pictures you used with it on your layout. Love the arrows, too!

Anke said...

How mean, hurting the poor pup's feelings! :) I don't know where he got the resemblance either, sure doesn't look like a porker to me LOL.
Great scrapping my dear, love it, left you love! :)