Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quiet Here

Quiet and somber feeling here. It is Joe's father's funeral in a couple hours and everyone has left. A sad time for us all.

I am taking this time while it is quiet to get my new LO up. It doesn't take long but it is still confusing to me if there is noise around. I do love the silence when everyone is gone!!! Wonderful.

Nice and sunny here. Only about 70 but very pleasant. No humidity at all. We are not used to that!!!

I have a couple things I need to get finished here so I guess I won't linger. I will post my LO and get out of here.

Hope you enjoy. This is the last LO of the meeting I had with my cyber friend, Lynn. She gave me some candy from London' in Ohio.  It is one of two candy companies in North Canton, Ohio. Outstanding chocolate!!! Ummmm.

I love to scrap. Could do it all day!!!

Going to get busy with real work!!! LOL See you later!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Has It Been That Long??

Golly! Has it really been over a week since I blogged? I can't believe it!! Didn't mean to get sidetracked.

Have had a nice but brisk day here at work today but got everything done and now it is time to play!! Yeah!!! 

I don't look for a lot to go on the rest of the week. Joe's father passed on the 14th of this month and the funeral is tomorrow. So most everyone...well, everyone but me, is going to the funeral. It is hard to believe that it took till the 29th before they could get a time at the military cemetery to have the burial. I had no idea they were that busy there.

Then he will go to Michigan on the 15th of April for a memorial. That is a long time not to have closure. I feel badly for him. His mother died about a year and a half ago.

Melissa sent a blogger's award to me. Thanks Melissa. Now I have to do what I am supposed to do with it and send it on its way to others who brighten my day with their blogs!! I need to get on that!!

I have done two new LO's since Sunday. I got the mojo flowing and it does feel good!! So I don't want to stop its flow!!!

I met one of my Designer Digital friends Saturday in Tampa and we had a blast!! It is so much fun to meet the people in person that you have gotten to know over the years. It is great to put a real live face and voice with them!! And it is so cool that when you meet it is like you have known each other for years...which you really have! So I am documenting that meeting. I still have one more to do and then back to doing heritage.

Hope you enjoy the LO's. Some have seen them already on Memory Makers forum and Designer Digital's gallery. 

After seeing my wonderful wrinkles in this pic I felt like running it through Photoshop!! That thing is wonderful!! But I decided against it. First of all, how would I explain all those wrinkles to the next friend I met in person!!! But I created another LO just to make me laugh at them!!
I don't know if I like this new blogger or not. I think I just have to get used to the way it works. Just a little different than I am used to. Gosh. I hate to end a sentence with a preposition...but what's a girl to do when it sound wrong any other way??? OK. I guess I could have said...Just a little different that I am used to working with...Nope that won't work either. Ahah. Just a little different than I am used to using. I think that is OK. If not...move on and forget it!!

Gotta run. We are closed and things are still open. Finally. I am getting ready to go home as soon as DH is here...and that should be momentarily!! Have a great night.

Came back to add one more thing. If you want to see the credits for any of my LO's go to my Designer Digitals gallery with the link to the right. I am tired of listing these credits everywhere. I think also, there will be a bigger view, but you should be able to click on the pic here and enlarge it. I haven't tried it since the upgrade. OK. I'm out of here!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Sunday to You!

Good afternoon...golly, I didn't realize it is so late! Happy Sunday to you and yours. Hope it is sunny and nice where you are at. Here...rain, but I love rain and we need it so I guess we are all happy. And the kids finishing up spring break at the beach are totally unaware it is raining!! Can't wait for about another week when we re-inherit the beach are back again!!

I have been working a heritage LO. Thus the reason I didn't know it was so late! Time just flies when I am creating. One of the most wonderful things there is to do!! I will post it, but of course no credits because I am posting here first. So you are among the privileged...if that is how you consider it!! LOL

Need to go to the store  but sure am not going out in this rain. Should break a little soon, so will duck out and get soap for laundry and probably something to grill.

Speaking of soap, have you tried the new three in one by Purex? Now DH does the laundry here and he is not one to change ANYTHING very easily. Very set in his ways kind of person. But when DD speaks he is fast to listen because she is usually right!! (side note. Why doesn't he do that with me? Point to ponder later.)

Anyway, she said to try these things; they are really great. So he did. They have the soap, fabric softener and anti-static stuff on on one sheet. You pull them out of the case. Throw it in the washer. Transfer it to the dryer with your wet clothes. They are GREAT!!! They can be kept in a nice little case but...not necessary. Give them a try. Remember, DD says they are!!

Got so much done this week. Two LO's, organizing my digi files, changed over the household I was a tad slow on that...big deal...put some clutter away...pretty good for me. I'm pleased.

Now I would like to hem two more pairs of my pants that I have had ready for about a month. Sounds like a good thing to do while watching a movie. Can you tell I am a tad laid back??? When I get to is always there. Never once has something I needed to do gone away before I got to it.

OK. Got to run. Jim is about to take the dog out. When that happens...this is soon as the cat hears him get the leash, then the door closing, she comes a runnin'!! That is when she demands I get her brush and brush her. Is that called bonding time. Well, sometimes it ranks. It is usually when I am in "the  moment" of a great scrap idea and have to stop to brush the silly little runt!!! That's OK really. She is about the only cat I have ever really loved. So what am I to do?? She loves it.

OK. Here is my latest. It is of my mom and her parents. I need to dig some more and see if I can come up with more pics of our families. I am really loving seeing these. Must have to do with age!!! Hope you enjoy.

Friday, April 16, 2010


OK I had told you that my blogger wasn't working right and won't put the paragraphs where they belong. I have tried six time to get it to do it and it won't. So...add the paragraphs in your head today!! Boy, that bothers me!!!
It is finally here! FRIDAY! It just has been a long week. But, alas, it is over!!
Had a very quiet day at work. The guys, of course, had places they HAD to go and cleared out of here about noon. Did you know, Fridays are always a very busy day around here? Why, everyone just has appointment after appointment! Hope they sell, sell, sell, too!! LOL
But, anyway, at least I had peace and quiet. I scrapped all day and got a LO done of my dad and me. It is different for me, but I like it. Seemed to go together easily. That is novel, for sure.

Tomorrow, probably scrap and pot around the house. Like I said, Jim will be working, so I don't have any plans. I sure have enough computer organizing I could do!! I am still pouring through that. But making good headway!
I am really hungry. Ate lunch early and now I am regretting it. But I was really hungry early!! What's a girl to do? I would have a piece of peanut butter bread only I gave my bread to Joe today to make his sandwich because he forgot his bread. Jim always puts bread in my cooler. Don't know why. I think he said he likes me to have it to take my meds with. But I always forget to do it!! But my meds say to eat before I take them! Oops!
So I am going to post my LO and get ready to get out of here. Don't think it will be too long. He still had three stops left when I talked to him a bit ago. Then back to the shop then here. So...who knows!


Hope you have a nice sunny weekend. By all means have some fun!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Friday Eve!!

Great news, right. Well, sort of. Jim has to work Saturday. The weekend I hate. But, the weekend just the same.

Not much going on and I sure can handle that well. I like it smooth and easy.

It hasn't been great emotionally. DGD has been sick and it has taken them since Sunday with two visits to hospitals and a gastroenterologist to determine that she has gall stones. Poor baby. She has been in so much pain. But at last we know what is wrong and can proceed from here. Please keep prayers running for her. Her name is Siana.

I did finish another LO today. DD hates it, because it is of her, of course. Really, she hates this picture and mother loves this picture. She said if I want, go ahead. It is my LO. So I want and here it is. Really. You will LOVE it. She is beautiful, I think!

I think it is pretty cool, don't you!! Sorry Nancy. But that is fact!! LOL

I am having trouble with my blogger. It is adding big spaces between paragraphs. So if I miss finding and fixing one, you will know why.

Going to run. Got to start closing this place down.

Back again later. Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hello Mojo!!

I laugh at this. You wouldn't. The one guy's phone here at work used to say, "Hello Moto" when it rang. This reminded me of it. I must have heard that thousands of times till he finally changed companies.
The mojo started to work again and I finished the LO of my Mom and Dad. This is the pic that I started with.
I LOVE this pic so much. It is Mom and Dad that I remember, the one I went home to every night.

This is the finished LO. I like. And that is what counts, I guess. I think they like it, too!

Larger view and credits

I love scrapping. Better yet I love digi! Thanks, Terry. You won me over and I am soooo happy!

I have to go. I need to work!! I will come back at lunch and finish!! Till then, be good!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

And That's the Way It Is

I would love to just sit and spend a weekend watching TV. But is seems that all I can find most of the time is infomercials. At least in the mornings when I would love to grab a cup of coffee and sit back and leisurely watch some good TV. But, no, I can only find infomercials until midday.

I just don't get it. I pay the cable company to provide me with television programs and what do I get? Infomercials. So they really get my money and the money from the infomercial companies for buying their time. And boast they do about the number of stations they have, only they are full of paid commercials. Sure is discouraging.

But, that's the way it is, so I just have to record stuff to play on Saturday and Sunday. What's a girl to do?? I doubt that it will ever change. I do wonder if anyone watches those info thingies, though. Do you? I can't stand them.

I have, though, become a real fan of the free on demand movies. Really sorta love those babies. So that helps, too. There is only so much of Andy Griffith I want to watch at one sitting!! LOL

OK. Now. What have you been up to today? I have done a sum total of zilch. Potted around on two LOs I am trying to do and getting nowhere. I know where I want to go with isn't going there. The other one, I have no clue where it wants to go, so it hasn't gone anywhere, either. Every time I woke up last night...not a good night to sleep...I would ponder them...and I suspect that was part of the bad sleep.

Here is the one pic I am using. It is of my Mom and Dad. DD gave it to me last weekend and I wanted to get it scrapped. I was going to do the Designer Digitals Saturday Scraplift with it but that didn't work either.

Isn't that a great pic? My Mom and Dad were so in love. They did everything together. They were great parents, too. Miss them both so much.

So, I will see what I come up with and post it when I get it done. I have no clue, so it will certainly be a surprise to all of us. Stay tuned!!

I did manage to get my shower but I still am not fit to go out. Jim cooked wonderful bacon and eggs today and so we haven't ventured any farther, or is it further, than that. Does anyone really know which word, further or farther, to use? One is distance I think. That doesn't help me. Can't remember which one it is!!! LOL Someone fill me in.

Well, going to go stare at my LOs again and see if any mojo moves me. If not, I will hit the gallery and see what inspiration is there.

You all have a great evening and don't think about tomorrow yet. It will certainly come in due time.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Friday Eve!!

My Aunt Middy told me never to wish my life kids often do...wishing it was Christmas, wishing it was their birthday...and she would be proud of me. I didn't wish this week away, but I sure am glad it is Friday Eve!! I figure we have hump day, that makes it over the hump of the week, then there is Friday Eve and then Friday!! At last. Weekends are just so much more fun than weekdays. Don't you agree??

No one has given me a reason, yet, that I like, why time goes so fast over the weekends and the weekdays seem eternal. They always say something about because they are more fun. That is too easy; can't be the right answer.

My poor bother in Ohio. I talked to him yesterday and he said it was 86. Yesterday or the day before...anyway it was 86. Today it is 43. He said it was to be in the 40's over the weekend. Poor guy. He loves it hot. Would love to move back here.

We have had some really beautiful days and nights. Nice and warm during the day and cool at night. Perfect for me.

I finished a LO today. It is another one of my grinner...son #1. He was in at work and let me grab a pic of him. Those he had sent on the phone were just too hazy. So I added it to the old pics I had and came up with a LO I like pretty well. (See, I am following through getting the kids' pictures scrapped for them!!)

This was about the least amount of supplies I've used on a LO. I just grabbed a template, used it as a jump start and came up with this. I had it done, basically, and sent it off to DD who has her own web design company. She said colors are all off. Ugh. I worked at getting those colors. But I trust her keen eye, that is why I run stuff by her, so I said I would work on it while she exercised. I think I had the best end of THAT deal!!! LOL

So I basically changed all my colors out and bam...I really liked whatI got. She has never given me advise that has not satisfied my heart's desire. Sometimes I go kicking and screaming, but when I listen to her...I always love what I get. When I sent the next one...I got a thumbs up. It really is like having a teacher at my finger tips!! Love that!

So before I get longer winded, I will post and get out of here. Jim and Terry know I have to give details. It is part of my internal system. Them, they don't understand, that, to fully understand something, you need DETAILS. ALL OF THEM!!! Oh, add my DD to that group of "just the facts, ma'am". Brother. Some people just don't get it!

You can of course click here and see a larger view and credits.

That is pretty much it for tonight. Off to organize. Oh what will I do when I am done with it?? Scrap more, I guess.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What A Morning!!

I had the most wonderful start to my morning!! I was watching the news and it said at 6:28 this morning you could see the International Space Station go by for about four minutes and then a few minutes after that, the shuttle would go over the same path.

So out I go, figuring that in the city with the lights I wouldn't be able to see them. Low and behold...clear as a bell. There was the first one. I looked up in the sky and watched as the huge International Space Station went by, carrying people going about their day's work! Cool beans!!! It was awesome!! Bright as could be. I watched for about five minutes.

NASA/courtesy of

We had been to the Space Center and seen a replicas of this as it was being built. It was fantastic to have seen what it looks like on the inside and then to see it in orbit functioning.

If you ever get to Florida, be SURE to put the Kennedy Space Center on the agenda. It is memorable.

There is one tour that we took, not as many people take that one, that part of it shows where they launched the first satellites. There was a building a short distance away from where they would set up the rocket, and one person would be a the control board and another at the window. When the flames got to a certain color, the person at the window would tell them to launch!! What a hoot. We have come so far. LOL

Not being silly, but there was a day when we didn't have a wheel or fire...yet here we are putting people in orbit and on other planets. This world is mind boggling!

Anyway, about one minute after the ISS disappeared from site, Jim says, "There it is!" Sure enough. There going the same course was the shuttle they launched on the fourth, I believe it was. I truly was like a kid. It was wonderful!!

NASA/courtesy of

So that has been the fun start to my day. I even took time off ALL my work because I just had to post this...I was excited!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day, too.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!

He is risen! He is risen, indeed!!

Hoping everyone has a glorious Easter day. It is absolutely beautiful here today. Already 72 and beautifully sunny. Just a perfect day for Easter. Seeing the drab of winter turn into the breathtaking sunshine...better yet Sonshine!

Jim is out cleaning out gutters. Totally clogged with all those seed pods from March winds. Now I hear the lawn...or weed...mower! It is terrible looking here right now. It seems...coming from the in-house lawn and pest control man...that, because of the dry cold days we have had, the grass of course went dormant. It has rained and warmed up, but not enough to bring the grass out of its dormancy. But, however, the weeds don't give up. They think this rain and sunshine is great and are rapidly well that they are killing the dormant grass. The sod and seed companies are smiling, while the lawn and pest people are pulling their hair out because everyone has weeds and they are supposed to be dead!! (Only after 6-8 weeks AFTER you spray them!!) So goes life, right?

But the weeds still need cut. I swear they seem to be a foot high wherever you look...and sooo green. I guess cut down they still look OK. At least they are nice and green!! LOL

I think today I will get my TV working at work. DSIL is going to hook it up for me. I have tried everything...several people have...and can not get that darn converter box to work. Torrey will get it. He seems to be able to do anything techy!! He and Nancy are the ones that totally built this computer I am using. Wish I had just a little of that talent.

Well, I just finished a LO of DS #1. I had these pics of him and while waiting to take a good pic of him when he comes to have lunch with me next week, putting up "cheerfully" with a 'nagging' mommy that wants a great pic for this LO I have in mind, I decided to use them. So that is what I have been doing. Going to post it...give credits later, if ever, and go wrap up a couple things I need to do before I forget. So here it is. Hope you enjoy.

I never remembered having these two pics. The first is at 17 months and the second at 20 months. But he always was a "laugher". To this day he will keep you in stitches.

Enjoy every minute of today...for tomorrow...back to the grindstone!!! (And you WILL love every minute of it. Ya hear!!!)

Friday, April 2, 2010

If You Don't Shoot....

It is really quiet here. One guy left here and he is in his outer office. I love the quiet. It's beautiful. I am sad for those that can't stand silence. You learn so much when things are still and your soul has time to be with God. Probably why he said, "Be still, and know that I am God." Don't' you think??

I was ready to start on a LO of DS. Ended up doing the LO I posted the other day. I was waiting on a pic of him...from I just started playing around with a quote I saw. Then when that got done, I had gotten the pic but remembered Designer Digitals was having a 5th Birthday Card Contest. You could win a $50 gift certificate for supplies in the store. They would draw at random. To enter you had to do a 5th birthday card. Wish them happy 5th birthday, use all Designer Digital supplies and enter by...??? "Oh no," I thought!! I had forgotten to keep track of the deadline.

Went to the forum and couldn't find it. That happens every time I am in a hurry. I can't find anything by search engines!! So I wrote Randy, "THE MAN" at DD's. He quickly replied that is is Saturday morning by 6:00 A.M. (This site is super, by the way. They really take care of their people. Answer email promptly, within minutes, usually...that kind of stuff. You gotta go there if you are digi!!)

So, I had to pull together a card really quickly! I am terrible at digi cards. I don't even do too many hands on. But I have liked the hands on I have done!! LOL But digi...BOO!!!

So I pulled one together. I needed to have an entry. For crying out might shoot and not score...but it is a sure thing...if you don't shoot you WILL NOT score!!! LOL So I had to come up with something!

So now I can start on the LO of DS who asked this morning if he got to see a sneak peak!! I will let him, I guess, once I get going on it. But he doesn't know that the LO never ends anything like it starts out. Guess it is a good time to let him find that out!!! LOL

Looking forward to this weekend. Jim has had a very long week having started a new route. So I know we will kick back most of the weekend. My week, too, has been long, but not stressful! Thank you, Lord!

Well now, I guess I need to go do the handful of filing I have to do from being so busy this morning.

Hope the weekend is great and relaxing for all of you. Blessed Holy Week to each of you.

Oh...Here is my Designer Digitals 5th Birthday Card. Keep you fingers crossed for me that the random picker is magnetized to mine!!