Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What A Morning!!

I had the most wonderful start to my morning!! I was watching the news and it said at 6:28 this morning you could see the International Space Station go by for about four minutes and then a few minutes after that, the shuttle would go over the same path.

So out I go, figuring that in the city with the lights I wouldn't be able to see them. Low and behold...clear as a bell. There was the first one. I looked up in the sky and watched as the huge International Space Station went by, carrying people going about their day's work! Cool beans!!! It was awesome!! Bright as could be. I watched for about five minutes.

NASA/courtesy of nasaimages.org

We had been to the Space Center and seen a replicas of this as it was being built. It was fantastic to have seen what it looks like on the inside and then to see it in orbit functioning.

If you ever get to Florida, be SURE to put the Kennedy Space Center on the agenda. It is memorable.

There is one tour that we took, not as many people take that one, that part of it shows where they launched the first satellites. There was a building a short distance away from where they would set up the rocket, and one person would be a the control board and another at the window. When the flames got to a certain color, the person at the window would tell them to launch!! What a hoot. We have come so far. LOL

Not being silly, but there was a day when we didn't have a wheel or fire...yet here we are putting people in orbit and on other planets. This world is mind boggling!

Anyway, about one minute after the ISS disappeared from site, Jim says, "There it is!" Sure enough. There going the same course was the shuttle they launched on the fourth, I believe it was. I truly was like a kid. It was wonderful!!

NASA/courtesy of nasaimages.org

So that has been the fun start to my day. I even took time off ALL my work because I just had to post this...I was excited!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day, too.


Melissa said...

What a great experience! Of course, not only will I have to make plans to visit the Kennedy Space Center if I make it down to FL, but also you!!

Demented said...

I wish I would have seen it too! Those are really great photos!

Terry said...

shoot--I thought you took those photos with your point and shoot!! Cool beans.

Kathi said...

That is WAY COOL! The Kennedy Space Center is awesome; however, on my next visit to Florida... I want to meet you! NICE way to start a morning.

Lisa said...

That is a great way to start the morning.
You're right, this world is truly mind boggling!

Benjaman said...

A wonderful post! Would have loved for the kids to see those sites. TFS!