Thursday, April 15, 2010

Friday Eve!!

Great news, right. Well, sort of. Jim has to work Saturday. The weekend I hate. But, the weekend just the same.

Not much going on and I sure can handle that well. I like it smooth and easy.

It hasn't been great emotionally. DGD has been sick and it has taken them since Sunday with two visits to hospitals and a gastroenterologist to determine that she has gall stones. Poor baby. She has been in so much pain. But at last we know what is wrong and can proceed from here. Please keep prayers running for her. Her name is Siana.

I did finish another LO today. DD hates it, because it is of her, of course. Really, she hates this picture and mother loves this picture. She said if I want, go ahead. It is my LO. So I want and here it is. Really. You will LOVE it. She is beautiful, I think!

I think it is pretty cool, don't you!! Sorry Nancy. But that is fact!! LOL

I am having trouble with my blogger. It is adding big spaces between paragraphs. So if I miss finding and fixing one, you will know why.

Going to run. Got to start closing this place down.

Back again later. Have a great day!

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Demented said...

Sigh.....I think I am just tired but having difficulty commenting on this layout...haha. Great layout....still not fond of the pic though....