Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quiet Here

Quiet and somber feeling here. It is Joe's father's funeral in a couple hours and everyone has left. A sad time for us all.

I am taking this time while it is quiet to get my new LO up. It doesn't take long but it is still confusing to me if there is noise around. I do love the silence when everyone is gone!!! Wonderful.

Nice and sunny here. Only about 70 but very pleasant. No humidity at all. We are not used to that!!!

I have a couple things I need to get finished here so I guess I won't linger. I will post my LO and get out of here.

Hope you enjoy. This is the last LO of the meeting I had with my cyber friend, Lynn. She gave me some candy from London' in Ohio.  It is one of two candy companies in North Canton, Ohio. Outstanding chocolate!!! Ummmm.

I love to scrap. Could do it all day!!!

Going to get busy with real work!!! LOL See you later!


Melissa said...

My condolences to you all and to Joe.

I love this LO, especially that you've been documenting your visit with your friend!

I get distracted when there is noise and I'm trying to post on my blog too.

Demented said...

Sorry about Joe's's so sad.

On another note, love the layout! You guys look like you had a ton of fun :)