Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Sunday to You!

Good afternoon...golly, I didn't realize it is so late! Happy Sunday to you and yours. Hope it is sunny and nice where you are at. Here...rain, but I love rain and we need it so I guess we are all happy. And the kids finishing up spring break at the beach are totally unaware it is raining!! Can't wait for about another week when we re-inherit the beach are back again!!

I have been working a heritage LO. Thus the reason I didn't know it was so late! Time just flies when I am creating. One of the most wonderful things there is to do!! I will post it, but of course no credits because I am posting here first. So you are among the privileged...if that is how you consider it!! LOL

Need to go to the store  but sure am not going out in this rain. Should break a little soon, so will duck out and get soap for laundry and probably something to grill.

Speaking of soap, have you tried the new three in one by Purex? Now DH does the laundry here and he is not one to change ANYTHING very easily. Very set in his ways kind of person. But when DD speaks he is fast to listen because she is usually right!! (side note. Why doesn't he do that with me? Point to ponder later.)

Anyway, she said to try these things; they are really great. So he did. They have the soap, fabric softener and anti-static stuff on on one sheet. You pull them out of the case. Throw it in the washer. Transfer it to the dryer with your wet clothes. They are GREAT!!! They can be kept in a nice little case but...not necessary. Give them a try. Remember, DD says they are!!

Got so much done this week. Two LO's, organizing my digi files, changed over the household I was a tad slow on that...big deal...put some clutter away...pretty good for me. I'm pleased.

Now I would like to hem two more pairs of my pants that I have had ready for about a month. Sounds like a good thing to do while watching a movie. Can you tell I am a tad laid back??? When I get to is always there. Never once has something I needed to do gone away before I got to it.

OK. Got to run. Jim is about to take the dog out. When that happens...this is soon as the cat hears him get the leash, then the door closing, she comes a runnin'!! That is when she demands I get her brush and brush her. Is that called bonding time. Well, sometimes it ranks. It is usually when I am in "the  moment" of a great scrap idea and have to stop to brush the silly little runt!!! That's OK really. She is about the only cat I have ever really loved. So what am I to do?? She loves it.

OK. Here is my latest. It is of my mom and her parents. I need to dig some more and see if I can come up with more pics of our families. I am really loving seeing these. Must have to do with age!!! Hope you enjoy.


Melissa said...

Beautiful LO, Barb! I love the "papers" you have been using, especially this one. Something about brown and cream colors just pull me in! The way you arranged the photos just seem to tie in with the heritage feeling too.

Funny, Seth doesn't believe me at first about a lot of things. Later after he sees what I'm talking about and comes back to tell me about it as if it were his idea! lol

Your cat's so funny and sweet. What a nice bonding activity!

Demented said...

Another very beautiful layout. Hope you enjoyed your Sunday!

Sondra said...


This is truly gorgeous! I love the vintage feel and how your title makes the sepia picture really pop.

I know what you mean about the cat. We have two, but I miss our old one... but I swear he was a dog in a cat's body... and he was so soft and fuzzy.

Serene said...

Barb, this lo is just so eye-catching. That paper looks like it was hand-stamped rather than digital. How wonderful for you to have a pic that old of your family.

Melissa said...

Barb, I nominated you for the Sunshine award on my blog! However, don't think that you HAVE to do it.. just know that your blog brings me sunshine! :)

Benjaman said...

What a beautiful page Barb. You're so lucky to have such historic family photos - ours were lost in a fire in the 1970's. Love how you created small snapshots from the larger portrait. Still amazes me that it's digital. TFS!