Thursday, April 8, 2010

Friday Eve!!

My Aunt Middy told me never to wish my life kids often do...wishing it was Christmas, wishing it was their birthday...and she would be proud of me. I didn't wish this week away, but I sure am glad it is Friday Eve!! I figure we have hump day, that makes it over the hump of the week, then there is Friday Eve and then Friday!! At last. Weekends are just so much more fun than weekdays. Don't you agree??

No one has given me a reason, yet, that I like, why time goes so fast over the weekends and the weekdays seem eternal. They always say something about because they are more fun. That is too easy; can't be the right answer.

My poor bother in Ohio. I talked to him yesterday and he said it was 86. Yesterday or the day before...anyway it was 86. Today it is 43. He said it was to be in the 40's over the weekend. Poor guy. He loves it hot. Would love to move back here.

We have had some really beautiful days and nights. Nice and warm during the day and cool at night. Perfect for me.

I finished a LO today. It is another one of my grinner...son #1. He was in at work and let me grab a pic of him. Those he had sent on the phone were just too hazy. So I added it to the old pics I had and came up with a LO I like pretty well. (See, I am following through getting the kids' pictures scrapped for them!!)

This was about the least amount of supplies I've used on a LO. I just grabbed a template, used it as a jump start and came up with this. I had it done, basically, and sent it off to DD who has her own web design company. She said colors are all off. Ugh. I worked at getting those colors. But I trust her keen eye, that is why I run stuff by her, so I said I would work on it while she exercised. I think I had the best end of THAT deal!!! LOL

So I basically changed all my colors out and bam...I really liked whatI got. She has never given me advise that has not satisfied my heart's desire. Sometimes I go kicking and screaming, but when I listen to her...I always love what I get. When I sent the next one...I got a thumbs up. It really is like having a teacher at my finger tips!! Love that!

So before I get longer winded, I will post and get out of here. Jim and Terry know I have to give details. It is part of my internal system. Them, they don't understand, that, to fully understand something, you need DETAILS. ALL OF THEM!!! Oh, add my DD to that group of "just the facts, ma'am". Brother. Some people just don't get it!

You can of course click here and see a larger view and credits.

That is pretty much it for tonight. Off to organize. Oh what will I do when I am done with it?? Scrap more, I guess.


Demented said...

Great layout! He still has that 'little boy' grin :)

That daughter of yours sounds like quite the smart cookie!


Sondra said...


I'm a details person too. As you know from the last layout I posted. The one I'm working on now has a full page of journalling, neatly broken into chunks on two pages so there's room for a couple pictures and picketing chicken die cuts. What can I say, I have the gift of gab!

Just wanted to say AGAIN how much I enjoyed that layout. You have a "source" for all of your fabulous color combos? That's excellent! Miss Thing has given me her opinion a few times when the Voices leave me hanging... daughters are very handy sometimes.

Have a great day and enjoy your warm weather. One of the drivers here (in Ohio) ran into some snow this morning... and it was mid-70s TWO days ago. Crazy!

Terry said...


I'm glad it is Friday too!