Friday, April 16, 2010


OK I had told you that my blogger wasn't working right and won't put the paragraphs where they belong. I have tried six time to get it to do it and it won't. So...add the paragraphs in your head today!! Boy, that bothers me!!!
It is finally here! FRIDAY! It just has been a long week. But, alas, it is over!!
Had a very quiet day at work. The guys, of course, had places they HAD to go and cleared out of here about noon. Did you know, Fridays are always a very busy day around here? Why, everyone just has appointment after appointment! Hope they sell, sell, sell, too!! LOL
But, anyway, at least I had peace and quiet. I scrapped all day and got a LO done of my dad and me. It is different for me, but I like it. Seemed to go together easily. That is novel, for sure.

Tomorrow, probably scrap and pot around the house. Like I said, Jim will be working, so I don't have any plans. I sure have enough computer organizing I could do!! I am still pouring through that. But making good headway!
I am really hungry. Ate lunch early and now I am regretting it. But I was really hungry early!! What's a girl to do? I would have a piece of peanut butter bread only I gave my bread to Joe today to make his sandwich because he forgot his bread. Jim always puts bread in my cooler. Don't know why. I think he said he likes me to have it to take my meds with. But I always forget to do it!! But my meds say to eat before I take them! Oops!
So I am going to post my LO and get ready to get out of here. Don't think it will be too long. He still had three stops left when I talked to him a bit ago. Then back to the shop then here. So...who knows!


Hope you have a nice sunny weekend. By all means have some fun!!


Kathi said...

Barb - this is fantastic! It's another of my favorites. Love the smiles on your faces and the colors in the LO. Superb!

Terry said...

I love this LO Barb. No sunny weekend here--supposed to rain. Hope yours is better!

Melissa said...

Oh, wow! Barb, this is definitely one of my favorites as well! Love, love, love that "paper" and love the picture!

How sweet of you to give up your bread! Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Demented said...

Beautiful! Just beautiful!