Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You don't have to be certified

to be crazy! I just know I am. I have been trying very hard, as you know, to get my digi organizing done. This past week I have made great strides. But...

Hold the presses. News flash! Having done the first lesson in Jessica Sprague's photo editing class she recommends Picasa. It is a computer based organizing (both photos AND digi materials) and editing software, FREE and says it is great! Then to top it off, just by chance I am sure, lol, she is having a class on it. And this week which is her birthday week, it is 20% off. So you guessed it. I am going to switch. Well, not necessarily, but take the class and see what is up.

I got bitten badly by Kodak Gallery when they botched about 20% of my pics I had loaded with them and then also said I had to spend at least $5.00 a year to keep from having MY photos deleted.

Now I realize $5 is a minimal amount. But the point is that I started with them because it was FREE! I can see starting from this point on with new customers having a fee, but the others should be able to continue as agreed. And yes, even though I haven't looked, because I really don't care, I am sure that they covered that in the terms of agreement. Terms could be changed at any time deemed necessary. But I am over it. Then I started using Shutterfly. Like it but realized I don't want to depend on an online service any longer.

So this Picasa seems like a good thing at least at this point.

This week has not gotten any better. I started off on Monday not wanting to be at work and it hasn't gone away. I just have no interest in it this week. I am so into playing right now!

It is after 5 and Jim just called and said he has two more houses to do and then will be done and start on his way home...which consists of filling his tank and going to the shop and then to me. So I will have a little wait but there is always something to do when I have my external hard drives with me!!! Finally, I get to play!

A bit cooler today. Only 101 heat index. It is only 90 actual now and the humidity is down to about 56%. Much nicer!!

I finished this LO of Zoe today. It was fun because it kept a smile on my face. She is such a sweet dog. I have never seen a dog love food like her. She salivates so badly it just runs out of her mouth and onto the floor...or your leg if you are the lucky one of the day! Yuk! What a scarfer!

I have written too much. I need to go. I will upload the LO and then I am out of here. Hope you all have a great night and do save some YOU time. Everyone needs R&R everyday to stay healthy! My rule...and you need to keep my rules!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ho Hum....

It is now only fifteen till two and Buck and I are the only ones left at work and all our work is done and it is boring!!! I really rather have a bundle of work to do than to have nothing to do. I would love to go home but that is not going to happen, so I guess I will blog to all of you!

It has been three days of record heat for us. 96 degrees for three days! That makes the heat index at 105 so that is not pleasant. 96 is about as hot as we get here even in the dead of summer. But with the humidity, that is quite enough. So it is really high temps for this early.

What I don't like is the heating of the water. When that water warms up the hurricanes fly!! That I hate! So we will see what the season brings.

Nothing much has gone on this week. That is OK. I like quiet weeks. Oh, I did get to meet Heather and Mike last weekend at Starbucks. Heather is my cyber friend from Designer Digitals. What a great time we had, only as always, time was too short. Heather and Mike are so much fun!!

I laughed when we got to Starbucks. They were going to have a convertible can tell they are not Floridians...we try to stay in air conditioning in the summer. So when we got there, there happened to be a convertible in the parking lot. I said oh they are already here!

So we went Heather. So we ordered a coffee and tea and sat down at a window seat.

I was watching outside and low and behold here comes this convertible moving on down in the parking lot...and I kid you not...Heather was hanging out of the car with her big ole camera shooting pics as they drove in!! LOL It was hilarious. I'm yelling, they're here! They're here! People must have thought I was crazy, too! As I look out the window, there is Heather waving like crazy at me! I am sure we made a pair!!! LOL Our poor husbands. But we all had a great time.

It is just so much fun to meet the people you have corresponded with for so long. It is like you have known each other forever!

Well, with nothing else pressing to report...I will leave it at that. Here is the LO I did of our Designer Digitals meet-up!! Not real sold on this one. I just feel something is missing. Maybe it will hit me what it is. I like it...just feel it needs something yet.


Be sure to click on the image to enlarge it. They are better to see that way!

I am off till next time. Everyone have a great weekend!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Where Do The Weekends Go??

The weekends just run by. I guess it is because we are all doing what we really love to do and get to spend time with the ones important to us. Ah, I guess it gives us reason to look forward to getting through our work week!

I am going to meet with Heather today off the Designer Digitals forum. I was going to go meet with several others, too, but decided that the tour they were taking would really not be easy for me. The distance they would walk would be too far with my muscle stuff so I passed on that. But Heather, Mike and us are meeting in the late afternoon before they go to the airport at...where we can at least meet! That will be great!

I have so much to do now. I wanted to get some cleaning done but I doubt it is going to happen. We were out yesterday just riding around so it didn't get done then, thought I would have today, but spent more time than I thought on my LO and want to run for a while this afternoon and then meet I guess it will still be waiting for me later! Never fear, it never goes away by itself.

I wonder if I could hire someone to organize my scrap stuff! I am having so much fun right now scrapping I just do not want to organize my stash. However, it takes most of my time rummaging through folders to find what I want that it would be to my benefit to just stop and do it. I could of course do what I had said and work an hour or so each day...but what would I have to complain about. I need to keep my complaint abilities in tack! Don't us it...lose it!!!

I had better cut it short. I need to get on with the morning. I could just go on today for some reason but I will practice constraint! Lucky for you!

Here is the LO I just finished. I really like this one, myself. You know me an my giraffes...and I get to showcase my bud, too! Double fun!

Terry took this pic while she was in Orlando. We had seen this together, but I didn't take a pic because there were so many people there having their pictures taken with this beauty.

So one night when she went to Universal City to pick up some eats, she waited and waited patiently in the Florida heat till no one was there so she could get this great pic for her friend. Believe easy task...must have taken forever...and in the Florida heat? This is a real friend I tell ya! I love it!!!


Everyone have a great day and have a blast doing something fun. That is what the weekends are for!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Good Morning!!!

It just turned tomorrow!!! I love late at night anymore. I just seem to work better then. But it is making me tired but yet it is so much fun. Terry really gave me a really big addiction!!!

Had a very easy day at work. Was done with most of everything by noon thirty. So I had lots of time to play around and check out the forum!

I just finished this LO. Got it up on the gallery and wanted to post since it has been a day or two. I am really trying to turn over a new leaf and get in here at least every other day. I would like to chat every day so I need to keep at myself!
These are the pics of Brian S scuba diving in the Bahamas. They actually threw chunks of raw meat out to get the sharks to gather around them. Not me thank you very much. But being the adrenalin junkie of the family he loved it.


Well I need to go wrap up some loose ends. I will be back tomorrow. Have a good night!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oh My Golly!

I finally met my wonderful friend in person! She is just as wonderful in person as on the phone...can you imagine??

We had a wonderful time. And a double to meet our friend Linda from Orlando, too! It was the best time!!!

Poor Jim. At one time at lunch I looked at him and he was just sitting there looking at the three of us going on and on!! He told me after he was having a great time. He had never had the opportunity to see women in action before!! LOL

He had always said he couldn't stand to watch the View on TV because they never gave each other a time to talk. I tried to tell him that is how we women talk. We wait with baited breath for the other person to take a breath. That is our cue it is our turn to talk!! Whoever has the best timing and can get in...gets to go next. LOL LOL!! Not really that bad but really...sort of!

But the three of us did go on and on...about scrapping of course and had a wonderful time. The only problem was that it was over too soon!!

I will tell you all later about Terry and I finding each other in the very large hotel lobby. We were crazy man. If we had had more time I am sure we would have gotten very crazy!!!

I just finished a LO. Linda already saw it online and made the comment I used a template!! She and Terry both laid down the law and said I have to use templates. It is the only way to survive!! So I tried it and I guess it is easier!

This is a picture of DS Brian scuba diving in the Bahamas...all while dodging the hurricane last year. He wants them paper scrapped. I have only one done. Decided I had to do them digi for me. If he wants he can have a copy...but I just had to do it!!! LOL

So being it is getting is the LO. I am going to wind up and get some sleep tonight. I am tired from the weekend let down and know that means rest some.

Still feels awkward to use a template but I am sure it will get easier!

Have a good sleep...all of you already snoring it off and the rest of us...get to bed!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Same Time Same Station!!!

Here I am again. It is 1:06 A.M.!!! I am a real sicko!! But an addiction is an addiction no matter what it is.

It is raining here and thundering! Not bad. Just a light storm so far. Lightening is good for the plants though. Did you know there has to be lightening to make things green. Something about the atmosphere. My "lawn guy" told me!! LOL Rain keeps things alive...lightening keeps them green. Humm.

I really am not that tired tonight. I have passed that "I think I am falling asleep"stage!! But I need to finish up and head off. Have a lot to do tomorrow and up early Sunday to go meet my best friend for the first time! Cool beans!

OK Did another LO. Once I get rolling you can't stop me I guess. This is different than most of mine. Still fooling around with different things to see where my real place is. I don't know...maybe I don't really have "a" place. But here is my offering for today.

I got to looking at this picture and thought how precious to see someone that is seeing this world for the first time. Sort of awesome.

Hope to organize tomorrow. Way behind. Didn't meet my date goal but that is OK. I will work on it till I get done.

Chat with you tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

OK OK I don't always do

what I say I am going to do. I said these late nights have to stop...but here I am. It is almost tomorrow already and I still have stuff to do. And I need to rest if I am going to party hardy with Terry Sunday. That lady goes all the time and I will need my strength!!!

But I was late getting home and had started this LO of Russ' dog Cooper and I hate not to finish. So I just kept going and here I am tired again!

So this is short again but at least I got this done. I told you I was going to blog more and do more LO's. At least I am getting that accomplished!

So that is it. Now I am going to wrap things up and toddle off. I suppose all of you are snoring it away. Sounds really good. I'm off.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

These late nights

have got to stop!! I am tired again but wanted to finish this LO before I called it quits!

I have so many things in the works and not enough time to do them.

I am trying to take the photo class I bought three months ago. Moving stuff on my computer, organizing, and want to set up Picasa for my pics on my computer...and I still want to scrap. Well, I will get them all done eventually!!!

It was so slow at work today at least I got some time there today to catch up. I had wanted to back up my ACDSee tonight but don't want to let it run while I sleep so that will have to wait till tomorrow.

Oh guess what? I about had a kitten tonight. I came home and put in my flash drive like I always do...and...let go of it and it fell apart!!! I remained calm and collected as always!!! Really...I did. Jim was mowing the lawn. First I checked to make sure it was still working. No problem. So I picked the pieces up and took it out of the hard drive and worked for a half an hour and got the cover back on and it is working! Going to put tape around it. I don't store much on it...thank goodness.

OK. Here is the LO. Hang on while I find it!!! LOL

OK. Have a great night. Well, I guess have a great day! Just saw the time!!!