Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oh My Golly!

I finally met my wonderful friend in person! She is just as wonderful in person as on the phone...can you imagine??

We had a wonderful time. And a double blessing...got to meet our friend Linda from Orlando, too! It was the best time!!!

Poor Jim. At one time at lunch I looked at him and he was just sitting there looking at the three of us going on and on!! He told me after he was having a great time. He had never had the opportunity to see women in action before!! LOL

He had always said he couldn't stand to watch the View on TV because they never gave each other a time to talk. I tried to tell him that is how we women talk. We wait with baited breath for the other person to take a breath. That is our cue it is our turn to talk!! Whoever has the best timing and can get in...gets to go next. LOL LOL!! Not really that bad but really...sort of!

But the three of us did go on and on...about scrapping of course and had a wonderful time. The only problem was that it was over too soon!!

I will tell you all later about Terry and I finding each other in the very large hotel lobby. We were crazy man. If we had had more time I am sure we would have gotten very crazy!!!

I just finished a LO. Linda already saw it online and made the comment I used a template!! She and Terry both laid down the law and said I have to use templates. It is the only way to survive!! So I tried it and I guess it is easier!

This is a picture of DS Brian scuba diving in the Bahamas...all while dodging the hurricane last year. He wants them paper scrapped. I have only one done. Decided I had to do them digi for me. If he wants he can have a copy...but I just had to do it!!! LOL

So being it is getting late...here is the LO. I am going to wind up and get some sleep tonight. I am tired from the weekend let down and know that means rest some.

Still feels awkward to use a template but I am sure it will get easier!

Have a good sleep...all of you already snoring it off and the rest of us...get to bed!!!


Terry said...

WOW!! That is the neatest looking LO!!! I love it!! Great!! I'm pooped too. A little past my bedtime don't ya thinK?

Demented said...

Great layout, mother! I am sure Brian will absolutely love it!