Sunday, June 14, 2009

Where Do The Weekends Go??

The weekends just run by. I guess it is because we are all doing what we really love to do and get to spend time with the ones important to us. Ah, I guess it gives us reason to look forward to getting through our work week!

I am going to meet with Heather today off the Designer Digitals forum. I was going to go meet with several others, too, but decided that the tour they were taking would really not be easy for me. The distance they would walk would be too far with my muscle stuff so I passed on that. But Heather, Mike and us are meeting in the late afternoon before they go to the airport at...where we can at least meet! That will be great!

I have so much to do now. I wanted to get some cleaning done but I doubt it is going to happen. We were out yesterday just riding around so it didn't get done then, thought I would have today, but spent more time than I thought on my LO and want to run for a while this afternoon and then meet I guess it will still be waiting for me later! Never fear, it never goes away by itself.

I wonder if I could hire someone to organize my scrap stuff! I am having so much fun right now scrapping I just do not want to organize my stash. However, it takes most of my time rummaging through folders to find what I want that it would be to my benefit to just stop and do it. I could of course do what I had said and work an hour or so each day...but what would I have to complain about. I need to keep my complaint abilities in tack! Don't us it...lose it!!!

I had better cut it short. I need to get on with the morning. I could just go on today for some reason but I will practice constraint! Lucky for you!

Here is the LO I just finished. I really like this one, myself. You know me an my giraffes...and I get to showcase my bud, too! Double fun!

Terry took this pic while she was in Orlando. We had seen this together, but I didn't take a pic because there were so many people there having their pictures taken with this beauty.

So one night when she went to Universal City to pick up some eats, she waited and waited patiently in the Florida heat till no one was there so she could get this great pic for her friend. Believe easy task...must have taken forever...and in the Florida heat? This is a real friend I tell ya! I love it!!!


Everyone have a great day and have a blast doing something fun. That is what the weekends are for!!


Terry said...

hey--when you find someone to do your organizing, send them this way,ok.

What a cool LO. Can't read the journaling so I have to go over to DD to check it out.

Have fun at the mall today. A week ago today we were eating at Toojay's having a blast. Have fun with Heather today.

Demented said...

Great layout! You have a great knack of getting the perfect colors!

Hope you had a great time with Heather!