Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You don't have to be certified

to be crazy! I just know I am. I have been trying very hard, as you know, to get my digi organizing done. This past week I have made great strides. But...

Hold the presses. News flash! Having done the first lesson in Jessica Sprague's photo editing class she recommends Picasa. It is a computer based organizing (both photos AND digi materials) and editing software, FREE and says it is great! Then to top it off, just by chance I am sure, lol, she is having a class on it. And this week which is her birthday week, it is 20% off. So you guessed it. I am going to switch. Well, not necessarily, but take the class and see what is up.

I got bitten badly by Kodak Gallery when they botched about 20% of my pics I had loaded with them and then also said I had to spend at least $5.00 a year to keep from having MY photos deleted.

Now I realize $5 is a minimal amount. But the point is that I started with them because it was FREE! I can see starting from this point on with new customers having a fee, but the others should be able to continue as agreed. And yes, even though I haven't looked, because I really don't care, I am sure that they covered that in the terms of agreement. Terms could be changed at any time deemed necessary. But I am over it. Then I started using Shutterfly. Like it but realized I don't want to depend on an online service any longer.

So this Picasa seems like a good thing at least at this point.

This week has not gotten any better. I started off on Monday not wanting to be at work and it hasn't gone away. I just have no interest in it this week. I am so into playing right now!

It is after 5 and Jim just called and said he has two more houses to do and then will be done and start on his way home...which consists of filling his tank and going to the shop and then to me. So I will have a little wait but there is always something to do when I have my external hard drives with me!!! Finally, I get to play!

A bit cooler today. Only 101 heat index. It is only 90 actual now and the humidity is down to about 56%. Much nicer!!

I finished this LO of Zoe today. It was fun because it kept a smile on my face. She is such a sweet dog. I have never seen a dog love food like her. She salivates so badly it just runs out of her mouth and onto the floor...or your leg if you are the lucky one of the day! Yuk! What a scarfer!

I have written too much. I need to go. I will upload the LO and then I am out of here. Hope you all have a great night and do save some YOU time. Everyone needs R&R everyday to stay healthy! My rule...and you need to keep my rules!!


Terry said...

what a great LO!! WOW! love all the ric rac and worn strips! Oh--the egg mcmuffin in the back ground is too cute!

you play--I work. something wrong with this.

Demented said...

Cute, precious Zoe! I LOVE the layout! Great job! I know my dog would be jealous because she NEVER gets spoiled like that! haha

Celia said...

Barb where are you? It's great seeing you at/on my blog but what about you!

Kathleen Summers said...

I remember talking with you about the Picasa class back then. So how did you end up liking it? Are you still using it for digi organizing?

That page of Zoe is sweet! Love the goodies & details as well as the fabulous photo treatment at the top!