Friday, June 19, 2009

Ho Hum....

It is now only fifteen till two and Buck and I are the only ones left at work and all our work is done and it is boring!!! I really rather have a bundle of work to do than to have nothing to do. I would love to go home but that is not going to happen, so I guess I will blog to all of you!

It has been three days of record heat for us. 96 degrees for three days! That makes the heat index at 105 so that is not pleasant. 96 is about as hot as we get here even in the dead of summer. But with the humidity, that is quite enough. So it is really high temps for this early.

What I don't like is the heating of the water. When that water warms up the hurricanes fly!! That I hate! So we will see what the season brings.

Nothing much has gone on this week. That is OK. I like quiet weeks. Oh, I did get to meet Heather and Mike last weekend at Starbucks. Heather is my cyber friend from Designer Digitals. What a great time we had, only as always, time was too short. Heather and Mike are so much fun!!

I laughed when we got to Starbucks. They were going to have a convertible can tell they are not Floridians...we try to stay in air conditioning in the summer. So when we got there, there happened to be a convertible in the parking lot. I said oh they are already here!

So we went Heather. So we ordered a coffee and tea and sat down at a window seat.

I was watching outside and low and behold here comes this convertible moving on down in the parking lot...and I kid you not...Heather was hanging out of the car with her big ole camera shooting pics as they drove in!! LOL It was hilarious. I'm yelling, they're here! They're here! People must have thought I was crazy, too! As I look out the window, there is Heather waving like crazy at me! I am sure we made a pair!!! LOL Our poor husbands. But we all had a great time.

It is just so much fun to meet the people you have corresponded with for so long. It is like you have known each other forever!

Well, with nothing else pressing to report...I will leave it at that. Here is the LO I did of our Designer Digitals meet-up!! Not real sold on this one. I just feel something is missing. Maybe it will hit me what it is. I like it...just feel it needs something yet.


Be sure to click on the image to enlarge it. They are better to see that way!

I am off till next time. Everyone have a great weekend!


Demented said...

Great layout! It is definitely waayyy too hot here, that is for sure. Just saw this morning another hot day in store for us again today...UGH

Terry said...

count your blessings one by one---you could have the heat we are having!!

So glad you got to mee Heather. Bet it was a joy!!

I like the LO---left you comments at DD.

Sometimes I wish my job would get a little boring.

Scrapergirl said...

Hell-o Barb
Just droped by to say hell-o and check out your Blog. I see you had a friend to meet you that was greatcant wait until i get a chance to travel maybe soon! will let you know. Love the layout !