Saturday, June 6, 2009

Same Time Same Station!!!

Here I am again. It is 1:06 A.M.!!! I am a real sicko!! But an addiction is an addiction no matter what it is.

It is raining here and thundering! Not bad. Just a light storm so far. Lightening is good for the plants though. Did you know there has to be lightening to make things green. Something about the atmosphere. My "lawn guy" told me!! LOL Rain keeps things alive...lightening keeps them green. Humm.

I really am not that tired tonight. I have passed that "I think I am falling asleep"stage!! But I need to finish up and head off. Have a lot to do tomorrow and up early Sunday to go meet my best friend for the first time! Cool beans!

OK Did another LO. Once I get rolling you can't stop me I guess. This is different than most of mine. Still fooling around with different things to see where my real place is. I don't know...maybe I don't really have "a" place. But here is my offering for today.

I got to looking at this picture and thought how precious to see someone that is seeing this world for the first time. Sort of awesome.

Hope to organize tomorrow. Way behind. Didn't meet my date goal but that is OK. I will work on it till I get done.

Chat with you tomorrow.


Demented said...

What a precious little baby! I miss that age! Great job on the layout, too.

Hope you are getting sleep now :)

Terry said...

I always knew you were a sicko!! A good kind of sicko.

LO is so good--look at you layering all of those elements. And check out the frames! whew!! No stopping you now.