Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It Is HOT!

Someone needs to tell Mother Nature that it is October, even here in Florida. I mean, really, 90 degrees in October...the END of October. Need we be running the air conditioning for Christmas???

Well, some others need to be told it is still hot, also. I just covered up DH. Walked by him and his arm felt like an ice cube. Poor guy. Keeps it cool (actually cold to him) in the house so I feel comfortable. He is such a great guy!!

Not much has been going on which is not bad! Work has been busy, Jim had to work the weekend so that made for a very short weekend. But it still was very nice.

Finally got back to scrapping. Had a real dry spell for about a week when I had no mojo at all. But it is returning, however, slowly! This is the LO I finished today.

I need to get my camera out and get clicking again. Running low on pics that I want to scrap. I think I need to go through the big box of old, old pics I have and dig some of those out. I know. It isn't as much fun when the pics are not as good of quality like the ones we have now, but those are the memories that really do need preserved. Must push myself to remember that. Maybe I need to put it on my calendar task list!!!

Going to go watch some TV. Time to watch my silly stuff like Malcolm in the Middle and George Lopez. Love stupid TV. You can just watch and don't have to follow some twisting and turning plot.

Have a great night.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Friday at last!! Only not the normal Friday glee in my heart because it is DH's Saturday to work. Ah, but maybe not. One never knows until he gets back to the shop on Friday. Keeping my fingers crossed!

This has been a no scrap week. I want to but just haven't got there!!! Will probably start something today, yet! At least that is the plan. Would love to try something new. That sounds like fun!! We will see.

I have had a busy day here at work. Everything we did yesterday in the way of numbers and forms had to be redone this morning in a hurry to make closing dates! I don't understand men. Try as I will, most of them I just don't understand.

When my guy came back from the meeting yesterday where he was told they needed all this info, we started in to get it done and off to them. Sent it off. So this calls...oh we need it done this way, these figures don't need separated, these do., need to use these special forms...on and on. Why didn't they explain all that when they had them at the meeting? Isn't that what meetings are for?? Duh!

I got it done. I hope it is right. My guy, whose project it is, is off sick today and I had no clue what all these figures were. I made a pretty fair guess and got all the right totals. It does help to be a brain!!! LOL I hate rush jobs. Too easy to make mistakes, especially when you are being interrupted with phone calls and solving all the other guys' problems!! Argh!

But on the bright side, it is bright!! Sun is shining and it is 84 out!! Really pretty clouds. I love those white clouds! It looks like we are not going to get a fall this year. Who knows, maybe not even a winter.

I said we had gone to Sea World last Saturday. Well the surprise was that Jim took me to a wonderful breakfast buffet that we used to go to. It was such a surprise. There was everything there from fruit to fried chicken, eggs, grits...just everything. It was great. And Sea World was so much fun. You have got to see the new roller coaster. They strap you in it on the underside so that you are laying down. Then you are tossed and turned every way but loose!! Really scary. Everyone was screaming the entire ride!!!

I thought I had posted my last LO but I hadn't I guess. This is of DH and I in our high school band pictures.

Well, I was just handed some work to do so I had better get a move on it.

Then I will see what pics I have that look like fun to scrap.

Have a great Friday night.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Sun is Shining!!

The sun is shining and it is beautiful!!! It is only 79 degrees here but it looks beautiful!!! It was pretty cold for two days but it is supposed to get up to the high 80's this week. Nice. Very nice!!!

After my sister's-in-law memorial service yesterday, two of our children and their children went out to have dinner together. It was so much fun. It is not very often we can all get together like that. Middle son was missing but the commute from New York was a little long!!! We had a great time...even though the restaurant we wanted to go to had closed. Bah humbug!! It was so good and all of us have favorite dishes from no one was real happy. But we ate at Carrabba's and that made me VERY happy!! Look what I had. It was chicken Marsala (the best sauce with fresh sauteed mushrooms) and
tagliarini picchi pacchiu. (That is angel hair pasta, basil, olive oil and good!)

Doesn't that look great!! Had the leftovers for lunch today. I finally had to take my plate and wash it...the smell was so good it was driving me crazy!!! LOL

We did get to Sea World over the weekend. We haven't gotten there very much in the past couple of years. With gas prices the way they are and having that big Grande Marquis that drank gas it was way too expensive! But now that we have our new little car that gets 30 miles to the gallon, it is more reasonable. So once in a while we make the trip.

It was really a nice Saturday for that and I will blog about that later. Jim had something special planned that was really nice and I have pics to post. Forgot about them or would have posted them before this!! I guess I could say watch for upcoming attractions!!! LOL

Nothing else earth shaking has been going on. I like the peace!! And from what I hear...tomorrow should be nice here at work, also. Everyone has places to go and people to see, so I guess I will be holding down the fort! I like that. I get along well with myself! I always like to do what I suggest!!! It's fun!!

Humm. I can't believe this. Joe just brought me some work to do. He says I don't have to do it till tomorrow, but I don't like to leave things go overnight. So I am off the type!

Everyone have a good night.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Work Work Work

Just call me Terry!! All I do is work anymore!!! LOL It has been getting busy around here. Not like it used to be but busy compared to a few weeks ago.

Worked this morning, went to lunch with Jim since he had the day off and came back and worked the rest of the day. It is now 3:40 and just finished. But I finished up things that need to go on Tuesday so I won't be crunched when I come back. I am taking Monday afternoon off for my sister-in-law's memorial service, so when I get in Tuesday it could be backed up a little.

Needed to have proposals and accountant work ready to go. It is all done so that will be a big help on Tuesday.

It finally is looking like fall here. Only 84 this afternoon and only supposed to get into the 70's over the weekend. But not to worry. It should be back up next week. Ugh! At least we have a break!!! But to get the cool temps we had to have some showers today and could be some storms tonight. Hope they are not bad and wait till we get home. It floods out at the front of where we go in to our house and I hate waiting till it goes down.

Just had to add a water picture to make my day sunnier! This is a place we love to go. So peaceful and always so many pelicans! Click on it! You can see how cute they are. Unfortunately, they are not fun to feed. I have done that a couple of times. They are greedy and all come charging at you. And they grab for the fish. Problem is they have one gigantic tooth at the end of their bill that they grab with to secure what they are after. Scary!!! It can really hurt!! Quit laughing! It WAS scary!!!

Click on that baby...and you will see what I mean. That is one mean "tooth"!!!! You have a fish in your hand and see all these dog gone pelicans coming at you mouths a flapping whomp whomp...and you realize you are out numbered and and "out armed"! You soon find yourself throwing that fish as far from you as your little arm with throw!!! LOL

That is is for today. Have got to get ready to wrap up this week here at work. Don't know what that means but it sounded good, didn't it?

Have a great night.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Almost Over the Hump

Golly! Wednesday...almost over. The week started out slow but it is progressing rather quickly! It has been busier here at work and it certainly does make the time pass faster. Nothing like a day full of nothing to make one hour seem like eight! Not to mention it makes you sooooo tired!

I finished up some work that was not due till tomorrow so I will even be ahead of the game when I walk in tomorrow. But, it is accountant time so I will have to get all those reports on CD and sent. No biggy! Just glad I don't have to DEAL with the reports!

Don't know what is on the agenda for home tonight. I think I will probably scan a picture or two and start a new LO and probably organize a good bit. I also dug out an old tutorial, might have a look at that, too.

Waiting for DH to come rescue me and carry me off home!!! He is running late so I thought maybe I could get my blog done before he shows up. If not, I can always finish at home.

DS rode his bike from where he works and had lunch with me on the corner of my desk today. That is always nice. He is now riding his bike to work. 5.2 miles each way. I am a proud mama!! That is commitment!

Just got back home! Had such a good time at Starbucks tonight. I was talking with a gal that works there. She is such a joy. Her name is Cathy. A beautiful women, about my age.

We were talking about her cleaning. I said you can come to my house and do that! She said she doesn't even do it at her house! By the time she gets home she is too tired! Just like the rest of us, I guess.

But had the best idea. She said she wants to start a "cleaning club"! What a colossal idea! She said we could all meet at each others house and clean. Then the next time someone else's house, and so on. Isn't that a great idea? That way it is all done at once and you move on and all help each other. I would join.

I was also telling her I realized why God has our eyesight diminish as we get older. As you get older, you just do not have the stamina and/or the drive to clean like you used to. So, he makes our eyes so we really don't see all that itsy bitsy dirt that used to drive us crazy!!! Makes perfect sense to me!!!

OK. I need to wind down. I am hyper and could really blog on but I will save some words for next time. But I won't close without posting my just finished LO! Don't forget you can click on the images to make them bigger.

This is a LO of my dear Dad! I found these pics along with the badge where he worked. I don't think he ever worked anywhere else. He was a wonderful dad and grandpa. I miss him.

Moving on now. Hope you all have a great night. Enjoy time with your family and do something scrap!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday Morning

It is Tuesday. I decided I need to start appreciating every day of the week, just not Saturday and Sunday. Think it possible? But like friend Terry said, Tuesday is just another Monday. They are all the same!!! I am going to turn over a new leaf and love every day like I love my Saturdays and Sundays!!! Might be a mind game but I can do it!!!

Still early, but I am at work with everything caught up even before we open. I like it that way. I am not one to start behind the eight ball. I would rather work later than to walk in with stuff on my plate already.

Thinking about that cup of coffee already. Jim made me some at home as usual but I always make a french pressed of Starbucks about 8:30. Umm. I am so ready. That signals my body...yep...time to get started!!!

Started on a LO last night. One of my dad. Can't quite decide on the color I want to use. They are black and white pictures and one of a badge he used when he first started work which is not really a white white like the rest. I will finally decide on something, just takes me a long time. Something about being anal!!!

I am such a morning person. Love to look out my window here and see the sun start to rise and cast such pretty shadows in the parking lot. The day is new. No one has messed it up yet! People smile and don't growl! Everyone busy going by in their cars with their own agendas.

I always wonder what people are thinking as they drive by. Are they mulling over the past day or night at home? Did they already have a bad moment at home, setting the tone for their whole day? Are they already planning the day ahead? Are moms thinking about the schedule after work, picking up kids, ballgames, dinner? I love that. OH NO!!! Hope that isn't analyzing! I don't think that falls into that!!! It is just something I do that makes me feel good in the morning while waiting for the troops to arrive!

Oh, I just thought of something funny. There is a restaurant on the beach in Pass-a-Grill that plays music every night at sunset. Everyone stops and watches the sunset at the beach. It is so beautiful that a hush can actually be heard. Then after it is over, there is an announcement that the sunset has been brought to you by the Hurricane Restaurant!!! It is so cute!!! The first time you hear it, it cracks you up. We need to go down there again. Have not heard that in a long time!!

Well, I need to get going. Past time to unlock the door. Not that anyone will be in. We do contract work and basically only appointments if someone is coming in, but always nice to be open anyway!!!

I am posting a picture of my new frog!!! I have picked up on F.R.O.G. and now love my frogs. (That stands for Fully Relying On God!) The girl that makes sculptures out of copper wire made this for me and I love, love, love it! It sits on my desk at the corner of my monitor. Never out of sight. Isn't it cute?

I love watching her do these. She just takes some wire and starts. She says she really doesn't know where she is starting. Just starts and goes from there.

Work is calling already. Guess I need to go!

Enjoy your day!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Will Continue To Have Mondays

I don't remember where I read it last week, but I read we will continue to have Mondays until we stop complaining about them!! Oh. Just remembered. Don on Memory Makers forum had posted that!! I think it is really cute!!!

But here I am at work again!!! I want to retire...but not really. I guess I would like to work only when I feel like it!! Would that work? At least...not on Mondays!!

Still so crappy hot here. In the 90's till Saturday and Sunday and then a cool down. High Sunday 78!! What a break. I don't know if it is planning to stay around or not, but I vote for it. Not cold, but I would like in the lower 80's. That is really nice!!

Had a very quiet weekend. Played with the computer as usual and tried to learn a new skill in Photoshop. Darling daughter (my computer guru if you have forgotten) whipped quickly through something because I was about ready to leave the house, and of course I only remembered a couple things when I got back. Darling husband said, "See, I told you to write it down!!" Well what I told him is that she wasn't actually going step by step just trying to show me what I could do with a situation.

After talking to her this morning, I remembered most of it, but, as usual, I just forgot the important thing!! Think I have it now. We will see. It is so nice to have her handy to bail me out!!! This girl is a whiz at this computer stuff!!!

Happy to report, no sign of bees!! Checked that out first thing when I walked in!! Whew! I don't especially like being dive bombed by bees!!! I don't move that good anymore...well...ever for that matter!!!

I can't close without a word about Starbucks! Have to put in a plug for my favorite!!! If you have not tried their instant coffee, VIA, you need to do that! I actually like it better that their regular brewed coffee. Only as of yet, they don't have decaf!! It is coming out, though. The after taste is just like coffee smells. And I haven't tried it, but they say it is fantastic sprinkled on things like ice cream...I have heard on ice cream sandwiches it is great!!!

OK. Work is beckoning me. I don't know if I should feel important or if they are just lazy and want me to do it for them!! Two sides to every coin, you know!

Off to do whatever it is that they feel is more important than finishing this blog!! There is no accounting for being able to prioritize!!!

Have and great day and enjoy it!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Am Back

Well, here I am. I don't even know if I know how to get this blog up online anymore!! I really had thought about closing my blog down but I gave myself enough time and realized I really did like blogging. Keep at me, I don't want to get out of the habit of posting. That was part of my problem. I do like to blog, but after I missed a couple of days I got depressed because of that and then just kept putting it off.

I hope to turn over a new leaf and at least drop a short note everyday.

Not much has been going on in my life. That is OK. I like it that way. As I have gotten older I certainly have gotten to enjoy the passive nature that my life has taken. It gives me time. I don't know, yet, what I do to pass all the time I have, but, I must do something with it because I never have the time to do things. And I really don't want to think about what I do with all the time.

It has, in the past week, been brought to my attention, by some well meaning friends and family, that I analyze everything too much. Hum. Maybe that is what I do with all my time! That's a thought. So, after being hit by this by many people this week, it seemed like too much of a coincidence, that...after analyzing it!!!...I decided I needed to stop analyzing everything. At least I will try. So, maybe I will have more time now. We will see.

One thing did happen this week at work. We were invaded by bees. We had our bug guy come out and he sprayed powder where they were at above the office. As it seems, it did rid them out of the office only to go and sit outside the office waiting for the workers to go find a new place to call home. In the mean time, one of the guys there...might I ex marine...decide to get a plastic bag, get on a ladder, trap them and pull them down!! (I found out later, that that is what they do to get rid of them!!! Can you believe???)

Hum, as he went for them, he touched them a little too much and they took after him. He down off the ladder and ran...get this...back into the office with bees clinging to him. Now they are no longer above the office but IN the office...MY OFFICE!!! He shook them off and...are you listening...went and got the jet vac and swept them up as they flew by.

Check out the pics I took. Not good ones, but you will get the idea!!! Ah yes, to know our country is being protected by Marines gives me such peace. Now, now... I promised not to analyze!!!!

BTW this pic is my retired boss' office, not mine. I was standing in mine to take this pic!! You can see the nest hanging from the tree!! Ugh!! I took the pics through the window. I knew if those bees went swarming, I would try to run, and fall and I would be their NEW place to call home! But I am glad he was around. Saved us a lot of money...minimum $350...and he took care of the problem!! Just glad he didn't get stung!! They said at that point they should have been pretty passive and they were!

Oh, forgot, I finished a new LO. Boy. This one is sure different for me, but I love doing things out of my norm.

It feels real good to be posting again. I guess I have missed it more than I thought.

I will be seeing you around. Need to get busy and do something creative for today.

Have a great Saturday. Remember the weekends are for R & R. Just do it; and as always...