Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It Is HOT!

Someone needs to tell Mother Nature that it is October, even here in Florida. I mean, really, 90 degrees in October...the END of October. Need we be running the air conditioning for Christmas???

Well, some others need to be told it is still hot, also. I just covered up DH. Walked by him and his arm felt like an ice cube. Poor guy. Keeps it cool (actually cold to him) in the house so I feel comfortable. He is such a great guy!!

Not much has been going on which is not bad! Work has been busy, Jim had to work the weekend so that made for a very short weekend. But it still was very nice.

Finally got back to scrapping. Had a real dry spell for about a week when I had no mojo at all. But it is returning, however, slowly! This is the LO I finished today.

I need to get my camera out and get clicking again. Running low on pics that I want to scrap. I think I need to go through the big box of old, old pics I have and dig some of those out. I know. It isn't as much fun when the pics are not as good of quality like the ones we have now, but those are the memories that really do need preserved. Must push myself to remember that. Maybe I need to put it on my calendar task list!!!

Going to go watch some TV. Time to watch my silly stuff like Malcolm in the Middle and George Lopez. Love stupid TV. You can just watch and don't have to follow some twisting and turning plot.

Have a great night.


Demented said...

Hot it is....ugh! I really like your layout. It is adorable!

Scrapergirl said...

It wiated until I left to get hot!!!
Love the seal Layout ,that is cute!
Gloria Harvey