Friday, October 23, 2009


Friday at last!! Only not the normal Friday glee in my heart because it is DH's Saturday to work. Ah, but maybe not. One never knows until he gets back to the shop on Friday. Keeping my fingers crossed!

This has been a no scrap week. I want to but just haven't got there!!! Will probably start something today, yet! At least that is the plan. Would love to try something new. That sounds like fun!! We will see.

I have had a busy day here at work. Everything we did yesterday in the way of numbers and forms had to be redone this morning in a hurry to make closing dates! I don't understand men. Try as I will, most of them I just don't understand.

When my guy came back from the meeting yesterday where he was told they needed all this info, we started in to get it done and off to them. Sent it off. So this calls...oh we need it done this way, these figures don't need separated, these do., need to use these special forms...on and on. Why didn't they explain all that when they had them at the meeting? Isn't that what meetings are for?? Duh!

I got it done. I hope it is right. My guy, whose project it is, is off sick today and I had no clue what all these figures were. I made a pretty fair guess and got all the right totals. It does help to be a brain!!! LOL I hate rush jobs. Too easy to make mistakes, especially when you are being interrupted with phone calls and solving all the other guys' problems!! Argh!

But on the bright side, it is bright!! Sun is shining and it is 84 out!! Really pretty clouds. I love those white clouds! It looks like we are not going to get a fall this year. Who knows, maybe not even a winter.

I said we had gone to Sea World last Saturday. Well the surprise was that Jim took me to a wonderful breakfast buffet that we used to go to. It was such a surprise. There was everything there from fruit to fried chicken, eggs, grits...just everything. It was great. And Sea World was so much fun. You have got to see the new roller coaster. They strap you in it on the underside so that you are laying down. Then you are tossed and turned every way but loose!! Really scary. Everyone was screaming the entire ride!!!

I thought I had posted my last LO but I hadn't I guess. This is of DH and I in our high school band pictures.

Well, I was just handed some work to do so I had better get a move on it.

Then I will see what pics I have that look like fun to scrap.

Have a great Friday night.


Demented said...

I love your layout! Glad it is the weekend too!

Anonymous said...

That is a great Layout Of you and hubby very nice love it ,bring back memories dosen't it . How beautiful!
Gloria Harvey

Terry said...

hope you had a relaxing Saturday. Maybe you even scrapped. Love the LO of you and Jim.

Melissa said...

Love the layout, Barb, especially your background.