Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Almost Over the Hump

Golly! Wednesday...almost over. The week started out slow but it is progressing rather quickly! It has been busier here at work and it certainly does make the time pass faster. Nothing like a day full of nothing to make one hour seem like eight! Not to mention it makes you sooooo tired!

I finished up some work that was not due till tomorrow so I will even be ahead of the game when I walk in tomorrow. But, it is accountant time so I will have to get all those reports on CD and sent. No biggy! Just glad I don't have to DEAL with the reports!

Don't know what is on the agenda for home tonight. I think I will probably scan a picture or two and start a new LO and probably organize a good bit. I also dug out an old tutorial, might have a look at that, too.

Waiting for DH to come rescue me and carry me off home!!! He is running late so I thought maybe I could get my blog done before he shows up. If not, I can always finish at home.

DS rode his bike from where he works and had lunch with me on the corner of my desk today. That is always nice. He is now riding his bike to work. 5.2 miles each way. I am a proud mama!! That is commitment!

Just got back home! Had such a good time at Starbucks tonight. I was talking with a gal that works there. She is such a joy. Her name is Cathy. A beautiful women, about my age.

We were talking about her cleaning. I said you can come to my house and do that! She said she doesn't even do it at her house! By the time she gets home she is too tired! Just like the rest of us, I guess.

But had the best idea. She said she wants to start a "cleaning club"! What a colossal idea! She said we could all meet at each others house and clean. Then the next time someone else's house, and so on. Isn't that a great idea? That way it is all done at once and you move on and all help each other. I would join.

I was also telling her I realized why God has our eyesight diminish as we get older. As you get older, you just do not have the stamina and/or the drive to clean like you used to. So, he makes our eyes so we really don't see all that itsy bitsy dirt that used to drive us crazy!!! Makes perfect sense to me!!!

OK. I need to wind down. I am hyper and could really blog on but I will save some words for next time. But I won't close without posting my just finished LO! Don't forget you can click on the images to make them bigger.

This is a LO of my dear Dad! I found these pics along with the badge where he worked. I don't think he ever worked anywhere else. He was a wonderful dad and grandpa. I miss him.

Moving on now. Hope you all have a great night. Enjoy time with your family and do something scrap!!!


Terry said...

count me out of the cleaning club. YUK!! I'd rather scrap!!

Cool LO---I left you comments at DD.

starbucks!!!! I'm jealous.

Demented said...

No cleaning club for me either...I love the layout of gramps! I sure do miss him.....