Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday Morning

It is Tuesday. I decided I need to start appreciating every day of the week, just not Saturday and Sunday. Think it possible? But like friend Terry said, Tuesday is just another Monday. They are all the same!!! I am going to turn over a new leaf and love every day like I love my Saturdays and Sundays!!! Might be a mind game but I can do it!!!

Still early, but I am at work with everything caught up even before we open. I like it that way. I am not one to start behind the eight ball. I would rather work later than to walk in with stuff on my plate already.

Thinking about that cup of coffee already. Jim made me some at home as usual but I always make a french pressed of Starbucks about 8:30. Umm. I am so ready. That signals my body...yep...time to get started!!!

Started on a LO last night. One of my dad. Can't quite decide on the color I want to use. They are black and white pictures and one of a badge he used when he first started work which is not really a white white like the rest. I will finally decide on something, just takes me a long time. Something about being anal!!!

I am such a morning person. Love to look out my window here and see the sun start to rise and cast such pretty shadows in the parking lot. The day is new. No one has messed it up yet! People smile and don't growl! Everyone busy going by in their cars with their own agendas.

I always wonder what people are thinking as they drive by. Are they mulling over the past day or night at home? Did they already have a bad moment at home, setting the tone for their whole day? Are they already planning the day ahead? Are moms thinking about the schedule after work, picking up kids, ballgames, dinner? I love that. OH NO!!! Hope that isn't analyzing! I don't think that falls into that!!! It is just something I do that makes me feel good in the morning while waiting for the troops to arrive!

Oh, I just thought of something funny. There is a restaurant on the beach in Pass-a-Grill that plays music every night at sunset. Everyone stops and watches the sunset at the beach. It is so beautiful that a hush can actually be heard. Then after it is over, there is an announcement that the sunset has been brought to you by the Hurricane Restaurant!!! It is so cute!!! The first time you hear it, it cracks you up. We need to go down there again. Have not heard that in a long time!!

Well, I need to get going. Past time to unlock the door. Not that anyone will be in. We do contract work and basically only appointments if someone is coming in, but always nice to be open anyway!!!

I am posting a picture of my new frog!!! I have picked up on F.R.O.G. and now love my frogs. (That stands for Fully Relying On God!) The girl that makes sculptures out of copper wire made this for me and I love, love, love it! It sits on my desk at the corner of my monitor. Never out of sight. Isn't it cute?

I love watching her do these. She just takes some wire and starts. She says she really doesn't know where she is starting. Just starts and goes from there.

Work is calling already. Guess I need to go!

Enjoy your day!!!


Terry said...

that frog sure is cute!!

Get to work now! Oh--you ned to take your camera to that restaurant and take pictures of the sunset. Good scrapping idea.

Anonymous said...

Oct 13,2009
GLAD TO HAVE YOU BACK BARB!I have missed you being up here with your quotes picture words of wisdom, So nice to see you back!
Guess where I am BACK IN WOODBINE GEORGIA,YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gloria Harvey

Demented said...

Love the frog! That is so amazing! Now I know why you were distracted this morning when I called..you were blogging! Just teasing :)