Friday, October 16, 2009

Work Work Work

Just call me Terry!! All I do is work anymore!!! LOL It has been getting busy around here. Not like it used to be but busy compared to a few weeks ago.

Worked this morning, went to lunch with Jim since he had the day off and came back and worked the rest of the day. It is now 3:40 and just finished. But I finished up things that need to go on Tuesday so I won't be crunched when I come back. I am taking Monday afternoon off for my sister-in-law's memorial service, so when I get in Tuesday it could be backed up a little.

Needed to have proposals and accountant work ready to go. It is all done so that will be a big help on Tuesday.

It finally is looking like fall here. Only 84 this afternoon and only supposed to get into the 70's over the weekend. But not to worry. It should be back up next week. Ugh! At least we have a break!!! But to get the cool temps we had to have some showers today and could be some storms tonight. Hope they are not bad and wait till we get home. It floods out at the front of where we go in to our house and I hate waiting till it goes down.

Just had to add a water picture to make my day sunnier! This is a place we love to go. So peaceful and always so many pelicans! Click on it! You can see how cute they are. Unfortunately, they are not fun to feed. I have done that a couple of times. They are greedy and all come charging at you. And they grab for the fish. Problem is they have one gigantic tooth at the end of their bill that they grab with to secure what they are after. Scary!!! It can really hurt!! Quit laughing! It WAS scary!!!

Click on that baby...and you will see what I mean. That is one mean "tooth"!!!! You have a fish in your hand and see all these dog gone pelicans coming at you mouths a flapping whomp whomp...and you realize you are out numbered and and "out armed"! You soon find yourself throwing that fish as far from you as your little arm with throw!!! LOL

That is is for today. Have got to get ready to wrap up this week here at work. Don't know what that means but it sounded good, didn't it?

Have a great night.


Anonymous said...

Love he pictures of the pelicans that is just great.We have seaguls in VA. The layout of your father is very nice,especially his badge from work ,great details.
Gloria Harvey

Demented said...

Great pictures! I am glad it is the to relax.