Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Sun is Shining!!

The sun is shining and it is beautiful!!! It is only 79 degrees here but it looks beautiful!!! It was pretty cold for two days but it is supposed to get up to the high 80's this week. Nice. Very nice!!!

After my sister's-in-law memorial service yesterday, two of our children and their children went out to have dinner together. It was so much fun. It is not very often we can all get together like that. Middle son was missing but the commute from New York was a little long!!! We had a great time...even though the restaurant we wanted to go to had closed. Bah humbug!! It was so good and all of us have favorite dishes from there...so no one was real happy. But we ate at Carrabba's and that made me VERY happy!! Look what I had. It was chicken Marsala (the best sauce with fresh sauteed mushrooms) and
tagliarini picchi pacchiu. (That is angel hair pasta, basil, olive oil and garlic...ummm...so good!)

Doesn't that look great!! Had the leftovers for lunch today. I finally had to take my plate and wash it...the smell was so good it was driving me crazy!!! LOL

We did get to Sea World over the weekend. We haven't gotten there very much in the past couple of years. With gas prices the way they are and having that big Grande Marquis that drank gas it was way too expensive! But now that we have our new little car that gets 30 miles to the gallon, it is more reasonable. So once in a while we make the trip.

It was really a nice Saturday for that and I will blog about that later. Jim had something special planned that was really nice and I have pics to post. Forgot about them or would have posted them before this!! I guess I could say watch for upcoming attractions!!! LOL

Nothing else earth shaking has been going on. I like the peace!! And from what I hear...tomorrow should be nice here at work, also. Everyone has places to go and people to see, so I guess I will be holding down the fort! I like that. I get along well with myself! I always like to do what I suggest!!! It's fun!!

Humm. I can't believe this. Joe just brought me some work to do. He says I don't have to do it till tomorrow, but I don't like to leave things go overnight. So I am off the type!

Everyone have a good night.


Terry said...

yum...yum....yum.....looks so good! Now, get to work.

Demented said...

yes, that was disappointing....but it was a nice dinner. It was really nice to get together.

Kathleen Summers said...

Sorry about the loss of your sil, but the food looks delicious and I'm glad you all had a lovely time!