Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Job Half Done

Please. I can't stand it. I would rather nothing be done than to have it done wrong.

For example...we went to the mall a couple times this last week. Window shop if you need a name. As you go into the entrance of this one store that shall remain nameless, there is a metal stand at the place where you get carts to haul your kid and stuff around. For use in their store only. This rack has a sign on it that states in so many words to take a disinfectant wipe, PROVIDED, and wipe your cart for your and your child's health safety. 

Great. Seems like a great idea. Except. There were no wipes. Not only that. There was not even an empty container. This was early in the day as well, so it didn't just happen. So we grumbled about how that was not a good thing. Looked like they didn't really care at all.

On through the store we went, passing the four entrances as we went. Now let me tell you. There was not ONE of those racks that had even an empty container in it. Not one. None had even a container.

Now my point is this. If you are going to have these things and act as if you care, then have them stocked. I can fully understand an occasional empty container, even in the morning. But to have not even ONE that still had a jar!! Not acceptable. Especially since these are only a few feet from a cashier station which not one of them was busy either.

If you are going to have them, keep them stocked. If not. Take the silly little stand down so you don't look stupid. Wouldn't you think it is someone's job to see these are least at the start of the day? Even if it is the cashier? I know everyone is cutting back on personnel but a cashier could look up and see it is empty and replace it in less than 30 seconds. Come on people.

That is one of my pet peeves. I guess it came from my dad, years ago. I can still hear him telling me that he didn't care if I wiped off tables as long as I did it good. And feeling the way I did about my dad, I would always do what I did the way it was supposed to be done. I know I still make him proud, doing what I know I should do.

A very pretty sunny day here today. It is supposed to get into the 70's by Saturday. First thing Nancy said to me this morning was, "It's too cold!!" I said, "It's 66!". She said, "I don't care what it's cold!!!". LOL Gotta love that. She was the one who when she lived in Ohio and called and I said I was freezing at 55 said, "Oh, poor baby!!!". Well, since she has moved to Florida, now all of a sudden 66 is COLD!! It's all in what you get used to!!! LOL

Trying to wind up loose ends this morning and want to spend the afternoon scrapping. I still haven't gotten to it. LOL I told Jim last night that I still didn't get to scrap. I just haven't had time!! He looked at me and laughed. I really haven't. I have been BUSY!!! LOL He laughed again. I really don't know where the time goes, it just goes. Guess I am spending too much time reading, running around, watching TV, reading and writing emails, taking online surveys that I get paid for, swimming, riding my bike, very little cleaning, talking to neighbors, organizing my stash, even surfing the web which I NEVER did before. Well, I should show Jim this list. He still would just laugh. He would say rearrange my priorities. I don't want to say, "You're right," to him so I think I will pass on that!! LOL But I should. I will work on it.

Going to post some of my LO's that I did a very long time ago. Don't think I posted LO's I did before I started blogging. This is one of Jim when the ATM ate our debit card just as we were getting cash and the power went out. It wouldn't give us our money OR card back. This is Jim calling the bank to see what we should do. We had to go pick the card up at the bank the next day. What a headache. We were afraid the  next customer would get our card and/or our money when the power came back on. They assured us they wouldn't.

Click on image for larger view

Hoping you do what you want today. Take my hint and do it in the right priority!! LOL At the end of the day, you will be content. Think I will take my advice and get some scrapping in. Will report back on whether it worked or not! All really depends on if we leave the house or not. Once you leave the house with Jim you usually get back too late to accomplish much else. He loves doing those running things. Me...I would rather stay put!!

Back at you later. Thanks for stopping by and passing some time with me.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time

I know I have really been talking about my new retirement stage but I gotta tell is a new stage for me and I didn't know there was so much new to experience and enjoy.

Yesterday as always we were at the pool. We get in the pool for about an hour and a half. I get a chance to exercise which I have not been able to do for about ever. My muscles won't take it on land but the pool does the trick. It feels awesome.

Then we get out and read for about another hour or so. We have the pool to ourselves. An occasional passing by of the park manager, pool manager or maintenance man, but really solitude at most part.

I got to a stopping spot in my book so I put it away and waited for Jim to get to a spot where he wanted to quit. I just sat there in awe. It was so beautiful. The gorgeous pool glimmering in the brilliant sunlight. the totally blue blue skies with not a cloud. I am a cloud lover but yesterday was beautifully blue. We have tons of yellow pines surrounding the pool, with about 8" pine needles of the most beautiful green on them. They looked even greener against the blue sky. There were no sounds of cars or people, only the occasional distant soft hum of the pool filter once in a while. Birds were singing. The mockingbirds were abundant. Get it? You could even hear the wind approaching from a distance.
Isn't this beautiful? Only it was even more so with the deep blue cloudless sky and brilliant sunshine!

Then it dawned on me what a blessing I was experiencing. There Jim and I sat for about an hour, not saying a word, but so being together. We were both into our books yet so enjoying the time together without saying a word. 

Being able to spend this kind of block time together is something we have never got to do. There was always school, band, homework, kids, work...all those pieces of life that never would give us this kind of time.

Now I understand retirement. I believe God meant for it to be...for everyone. Even Jim, who said he wouldn't retire until he absolutely had to, now says that everyone should retire as soon as possible. It is suddenly our time. The time we have worked for. From being together as teenage "lovers"...we never dated anyone else and started dating when I was a young marrieds...parents...laborers like everyone else in the world. 

But now it is our time. Time to do what we want. To be able to act on the spur of the moment. The time not to have to work appointments around other people's time lines. Time to linger on the computer more than we should because other things are pressing. The time to be able to say to people, no rush...whenever you have time.

What can I say to you? I can say work hard now. It is what we are all called to do. Do your best at whatever is on your plate. But when it is time to retire. Do it. Even if it means paring down the finances as most will have to do. It is what every person's system needs. Listen to me. I know in my heart I am absolutely right and you will never regret it.

This is not where this post was going but it went there so I am leaving it. Maybe someone needed to hear it. I hope so.

Humm. I still have not scrapped. Went to get it out yesterday and my pen tablet had a problem. So put it down and will conquer it today. Now I am really itching to get at it.

I think there is just one page I have done that I have not posted. It is of Gloria's family just having some great family time together playing games. So I am going to post it then get busy on some more!! I have to have something to post!!!

That is it for now. Thanks for taking time to stop by. Have a beautiful day.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Christmas Giraffe!!!

Oh my goodness!!! We were at Home Depot the other day to buy an "O" ring to fix the faucet and I can't believe it! We decided to walk through the Christmas department and there on the top shelf was a lit about 4 foot giraffe with a red scarf and Santa hat on!! Oh. For $50!!! That is really the LAST thing I need but everyone needs to really want something!!!!! Something totally unnecessary!!! LOL Now that is a giraffe I don't have!! I should have taken a picture, at least. Maybe I will have Jim take me back out and take a picture. It is soooo cute!!

Well, edited to it is!! We went out so I HAD to get a picture of this cutie!!!

Now really. Don't you think I NEED this giraffe??? I love him!  LOL

I have had a marvelous first week of retirement. Still trying to catch on to the fact I have no schedule. You know, after a lifetime of a must schedule, this, for some reason, it difficult for me. I bet women have more of a problem with this than men, having had to keep a household running and all. Really, it is not coming easy for me. But, trust me, I am getting in the groove!!! LOL

I think I am going to start Rosetta Stone Spanish soon. I have always wanted to speak Spanish and now seems like a good time to try it. Rather, do it!! LOL So I have put that on a priority list.

I have been stuck in a scrapping mode...or rather a non scrapping mode. I look a this LO I am doing and I can not decide what needs to be done. It just isn't happening. Think I will give it a go around today and see if I can't get it off center and moving. It just takes getting one right thing on it and it will take off. I would love to know what causes this to happen. Me and thousands of others, I suspect.

Well, Terry is off for a few days of well deserved vacation rest. Only the weekend, but I hope enough that it eases her breathing some. With her mom having broken her hip and subsequent hip hours from has been a stressful few weeks for her. So hopefully, this will get her back into a normal groove. Travel home safe, my friend.

Oh my! Forgot to tell you. We went to the pool here in our park on Friday. Like real dummies, we forgot to put sunscreen on. We both got burned, but I especially got it bad. Sort of sore today, but I never blister for a week, so I think that is still on it's way. But what a marvelous time we had. We stayed in the pool for an hour, having it all to ourselves. I did some great exercising which the chiropractor and neurologist love for me to do in a pool, otherwise I get too energy depleted. It felt great. Then we spent another hour with three other people just sitting around enjoying the beautiful weather. As we left, Jim says, "Now THIS is retirement." That guy LOVES the sun. Me, I love the sun, hate the humid heat. But Friday was perfect for both of us. Planning to go back next week during the day because the kids are in school. So peaceful!!

I have a bunch of LO's to post. I am going to post some. Don't know if I will do all of them. Probably not. So here they are. Remember, click for a closer view. Sometimes you have to do that to be able to read the journaling if you are into that. These are of Gloria's family reunion.

Rode my bike while Jim walked the dog. Love having the time to do what we love. We get to stop along the way and meet and talk with the neighbors, too. Fun time!!

Will write again. Have more LO's to post too.  Have a good Monday eve!  LOL

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ages and Stages!!!!

Oh yes! One of my most favorite sayings!! Ages and stages. That is what life is all about.

So now..I am at another age...another stage...called retired!! Yep. As of  last Thursday. Sorry to say it didn't end on a good note at work but that is another story, one of which really doesn't make any difference. The difference is...I'M RETIRED!!!

Oh my goodness. I am not sure I am ready for this. So much time on my hands. Yet not enough time at the same time. Doesn't make sense, but you all will get to experience it sometime!! LOL

Monday Jim and I took the day and went to Busch Gardens. What a wonderful day we had. It was cooler than it has the mid to upper 80's...and not crowded. Just a wonderful day. Probably the best time we have ever had there.

I don't have any reason for not posting in such a long time. I just didn't. But I certainly do hope to keep in touch more often now. Especially after a routine settles into a usual rhythm. Jim tells me it does, eventually!! But now, just as he was getting into his routine from retiring a couple months ago, here I am sort of having him make a new one with me around. LOL He says he loves it!!

Poor dog, Zoe. She didn't understand why Jim was always home with her. She got used to that and now...why am I home all the time?  I try to explain but she just figures it means more food to mooch at meal time!!

So far, though, we cleaned out the pantry and four cupboards. Yesterday we clean the screened porch and got it all moved around. So nice to be able to do that stuff without a time schedule knocking at your back door to hurry up.

I have gotten some LO's done. Wow! I just checked. I got more done than I had realized. So, I think I will just post the two of Nancy's kids. Then I will post the others in due time!!

One is of our grand daughter, Siana, and the other is of her brother, Tylan. Aren't they sweet?  We think so!! LOL

Siana's is one I took at her 13th birthday, and Tylan's is when his mom wanted his hair trimmed and he decided to have it all shaved of instead. She was just toooo willing to oblige!! Hope you like them.

Click for larger view.

Believe it or not, I am cold!! Not used to these cooler temps. I am going to go find my Eeyore slippers!!

Have a fun night. I will write soon!!