Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Christmas Giraffe!!!

Oh my goodness!!! We were at Home Depot the other day to buy an "O" ring to fix the faucet and I can't believe it! We decided to walk through the Christmas department and there on the top shelf was a lit about 4 foot giraffe with a red scarf and Santa hat on!! Oh. For $50!!! That is really the LAST thing I need but everyone needs to really want something!!!!! Something totally unnecessary!!! LOL Now that is a giraffe I don't have!! I should have taken a picture, at least. Maybe I will have Jim take me back out and take a picture. It is soooo cute!!

Well, edited to it is!! We went out so I HAD to get a picture of this cutie!!!

Now really. Don't you think I NEED this giraffe??? I love him!  LOL

I have had a marvelous first week of retirement. Still trying to catch on to the fact I have no schedule. You know, after a lifetime of a must schedule, this, for some reason, it difficult for me. I bet women have more of a problem with this than men, having had to keep a household running and all. Really, it is not coming easy for me. But, trust me, I am getting in the groove!!! LOL

I think I am going to start Rosetta Stone Spanish soon. I have always wanted to speak Spanish and now seems like a good time to try it. Rather, do it!! LOL So I have put that on a priority list.

I have been stuck in a scrapping mode...or rather a non scrapping mode. I look a this LO I am doing and I can not decide what needs to be done. It just isn't happening. Think I will give it a go around today and see if I can't get it off center and moving. It just takes getting one right thing on it and it will take off. I would love to know what causes this to happen. Me and thousands of others, I suspect.

Well, Terry is off for a few days of well deserved vacation rest. Only the weekend, but I hope enough that it eases her breathing some. With her mom having broken her hip and subsequent hip hours from has been a stressful few weeks for her. So hopefully, this will get her back into a normal groove. Travel home safe, my friend.

Oh my! Forgot to tell you. We went to the pool here in our park on Friday. Like real dummies, we forgot to put sunscreen on. We both got burned, but I especially got it bad. Sort of sore today, but I never blister for a week, so I think that is still on it's way. But what a marvelous time we had. We stayed in the pool for an hour, having it all to ourselves. I did some great exercising which the chiropractor and neurologist love for me to do in a pool, otherwise I get too energy depleted. It felt great. Then we spent another hour with three other people just sitting around enjoying the beautiful weather. As we left, Jim says, "Now THIS is retirement." That guy LOVES the sun. Me, I love the sun, hate the humid heat. But Friday was perfect for both of us. Planning to go back next week during the day because the kids are in school. So peaceful!!

I have a bunch of LO's to post. I am going to post some. Don't know if I will do all of them. Probably not. So here they are. Remember, click for a closer view. Sometimes you have to do that to be able to read the journaling if you are into that. These are of Gloria's family reunion.

Rode my bike while Jim walked the dog. Love having the time to do what we love. We get to stop along the way and meet and talk with the neighbors, too. Fun time!!

Will write again. Have more LO's to post too.  Have a good Monday eve!  LOL


Melissa said...

Oh my! You definitely NEEDED that Christmas Giraffe! I'm glad you bought it!!

Great layouts. I love the large letters in each one around the photos. And I just LOVE that background "paper" in the second one!

I'm happy to hear that you are enjoying your retirement so far!

Barb said...

Wrong Melissa!! I couldn't spend the money on that!!! But I would have loved too!! LOL

Demented said...

That's a really cute giraffe! You never know, it could go on clearance at the end of the season :)

Love the layouts as always! Also, glad you got to go swimming. It is wonderful exercise. It's just wonderful that you guys are learning how to enjoy your days now!