Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ages and Stages!!!!

Oh yes! One of my most favorite sayings!! Ages and stages. That is what life is all about.

So now..I am at another age...another stage...called retired!! Yep. As of  last Thursday. Sorry to say it didn't end on a good note at work but that is another story, one of which really doesn't make any difference. The difference is...I'M RETIRED!!!

Oh my goodness. I am not sure I am ready for this. So much time on my hands. Yet not enough time at the same time. Doesn't make sense, but you all will get to experience it sometime!! LOL

Monday Jim and I took the day and went to Busch Gardens. What a wonderful day we had. It was cooler than it has the mid to upper 80's...and not crowded. Just a wonderful day. Probably the best time we have ever had there.

I don't have any reason for not posting in such a long time. I just didn't. But I certainly do hope to keep in touch more often now. Especially after a routine settles into a usual rhythm. Jim tells me it does, eventually!! But now, just as he was getting into his routine from retiring a couple months ago, here I am sort of having him make a new one with me around. LOL He says he loves it!!

Poor dog, Zoe. She didn't understand why Jim was always home with her. She got used to that and now...why am I home all the time?  I try to explain but she just figures it means more food to mooch at meal time!!

So far, though, we cleaned out the pantry and four cupboards. Yesterday we clean the screened porch and got it all moved around. So nice to be able to do that stuff without a time schedule knocking at your back door to hurry up.

I have gotten some LO's done. Wow! I just checked. I got more done than I had realized. So, I think I will just post the two of Nancy's kids. Then I will post the others in due time!!

One is of our grand daughter, Siana, and the other is of her brother, Tylan. Aren't they sweet?  We think so!! LOL

Siana's is one I took at her 13th birthday, and Tylan's is when his mom wanted his hair trimmed and he decided to have it all shaved of instead. She was just toooo willing to oblige!! Hope you like them.

Click for larger view.

Believe it or not, I am cold!! Not used to these cooler temps. I am going to go find my Eeyore slippers!!

Have a fun night. I will write soon!!


Melissa said...

Oh wow, Barb... you are RETIRED! My mouth dropped open upon reading that! I'm sorry to hear it wasn't under the best circumstances... I'm here if you need me!

Zoe is so cute. Isn't it funny that our furbabies need routine as much as we do?

Your grandchildren are lovely! What a cute story about Tylan getting his head shaved.

I hope things are going ok! Can't wait to see more of your beautiful creations! (((hugs)))

(psst... hey, now that you're retired, will you be coming to our next retreat?? We missed you terribly!) :D

Sondra said...

Barb, my friend,

I agree with Melissa, we did miss you in Texas... I thought of you often and it was actually said that we hope you come back and join us soon.

On that, I've sent you a couple of emails in the last few months... did you get them, or do I have your email address wrong. Let me know, I want to hear from you, 'cuz I miss you bunches!!!!

Demented said...

Finally!!!! Retired! Good for you! Now you can do whatever YOU want to do! I am so glad you guys are enjoying yourselves. And I really love the kids layouts. Siana is so beautiful! She must take after her mother.....har har har har!

Barb said...

Har har har!! She does!!!

Terry said...

lucky dog!! I can't wait to try retirement.

Lisa said...

Love the layouts! Just love them! Your grandkids are beautiful!

Sooo, we already talked about the retired...but what we didn't talk about was now that you and Jim have all this time.... you should come help me finish unpacking the house...since you're a pro!

I love you my friend and wish you nothing but days like you had this past Monday from here on out! You two deserve it!!

ps. I am super jealous!

Gloria said...

LOL You laugh, Demented (and I know who you are!!), but the very first thing I thought when I saw Siana's picture was "boy does she look like Nancy". Very pretty! It's been years since I've seen your husband, and didn't even recognize him at first. Barb, as usual, very nice LO's!!