Thursday, November 25, 2010

DRESSING: That Love/Hate Relationship!!!

Did that get your attention? Hello!!? What is she going to drop on our willing ears now...right??? This one is something else!!!

First of all...I am still sitting in my Mu Mu as I type this. I love, Love...LOVE being in my loose fitting Mu Mu! I hate being dressed in shorts and top. And from what I have gathered in reading blogs and forums, with the exception of one person, who will remain nameless...all us girls love hanging in out PJ's or Mu Mu's or sweat pants or whatever rather than bound up in all those "tight " clothes. Sorry guys...know you would love for us to look like women off the pages of Vogue for you, but get over it! It ain't gonna happen!!! Well, there are a few hubbies that just want us happy not matter what and we thank God for them. (Like they look like they are out of Esquire!! :))

I always blessed Joe where I worked. He told his darling wife to be herself. Forget the makeup, dress like what you want. I love you no matter what, and remember, I know what you look like. I wake up with you every  morning and love you to pieces!! Pretty good, right? This is not to say we run around in disarray!! Heaven forbid, NO. Just a!! LOL Aw come on, you know what I mean!! LOL

So that, my friends is my I Hate Dressing!! Get it!!! LOL LOL Come on. Just humor me for once! OK?

Now. Here is the part that most of you will positively will not understand. I LOVE dressing. What, you say? After what I just wrote. But, yeah, I LOVE dressing. 

I thought that this was a normal thing, but then even when I mentioned this to Nancy last night, I realized that most people don't have a clue what dressing is!

To me, dressing is what most of you call stuffing!! I couldn't believe my own daughter didn't know what I meant when I said I wanted to make some of my own dressing. She said, what?? Where was she when she was growing up? Eating stuffing I guess!! LOL

When I was watching a Thanksgiving documentary...yes I do watch the History channel as hard as that is to believe...on TV last night is what made me think of it. The first stuffing mix, the predecessor of Stove Stop, was made, it was called dressing mix. I thought, well, there we go. Someone else calls it that, too. 

So after some googling I find out that the first "stuffing" was really dressing. Dressing had meat in it, as ours always did...sausage...and then because people always did their own baking there was always dried bread around and it was added, also. Isn't this fascinating?  LOL But now, stuffing is the bread filling, with or without meat that goes INSIDE something, as a turkey. Dressing, with or without meat, is what is cooked outside of the turkey. So today I am having my good old dressing...WITH sausage...cooked outside of something in a casserole!!! Yay!!! And this dressing....I LOVE!!!
So now...there is the Dressing: Love/Hate Relationship.  Bet you never could have guessed that one! That's OK. I didn't know where it was going myself!

My son and I eat it cold and hot. In fact, that is what I had for breakfast today! A bowl of dressing!! AND I am thinking about making more to have this next week for breakfast!! It is that good. Well, before you all is very good for you. Bread, sausage, butter onion, celery, beef broth...a pretty balanced deal. Better by far than that crappy cold cereal that is all sugar and carb. If it will make you all feel better, I will drink a glass of milk and have some OJ, too!

So, now I feel better that I have enlightened the world on dressing. I know in my heart of hearts you all will continue to eat your ole stuffing. Go ahead. It is OK. Just so you truly enjoy it!

Moving right on...I did do another LO for the Gloria album. Just random pictures of the fun day at Pleasant Hill Park. Working on more but back is acting up and can't sit at the computer too long. And you all know I am slow. But at least I can post this one. Hope you all like it.

Click on image for larger view

That is it for today. Don't have the faintest idea when we are eating. Haven't got that far, yet!! LOL 
Wishing each of you the best and happiest Thanksgiving...enjoying whatever is on your agenda today.
Thanks for stopping by and if I have bored sorry...just doing my thing to brighten the horizons of those crazy enough to stop by here a second time!
I will be back with some other great bit of wisdom...but please don't hold your breath!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Know She Doesn't Believe Me!!

Terry, that is!! Poor thing, just can't believe I don't have enough time to do all that I want or even need to do. She says all I have is time!! LOL

True, but now I have the opportunity to fill ALL THAT time with things I never had time for!! Like I have been wanting to post for two days and...just haven't had the time!!!!!!! I mean, like Mike Gallagher, the main character in the mystery I am reading, is biting at the bit to tell me who killed his partner! I can't leave him bottled up with what he has to tell me. The dog is counting on me to take her to see all her friends in the park. Starbucks is anticipating seeing see how long I can keep ordering the same thing before I finally change my order just to confuse them!! My scrapper friends are looking for my comments on their posts...blogs to read............

Come on. Give me a break!! Now as she always reminds me...I  AM nine years older than her!! So I have had to work nine more years to get to this point. Right??? LOL LOL And I have to say I am lovin' it more each day!

I have completed two more Gloria pages. I like both of them. Humm. Actually, three more. I have been on a roll I guess!!

Click on images for larger view
This is Larry. Gloria's other half. I was thrilled I found pictures so he could have a page for himself. Dads so often get left out.
This is a group of pictures of family having some together time, enjoying being together.

And this one is the cousins having fun at the lake. I have just loved these pictures of all this kids having fun together. A lot of families never get to experience this.

That is what I have been up to the last few days. Have also had some computer glitches again, as everyone does. I think guru Nancy cleared up the last of them this morning. Seems to be working OK now. Thank you, once again, sweetie. She is really something else. Has come to our rescue more times than we can even count!!!

I need to go and get my day totally under way. I have found I am sitting too much in this computer chair. My back is screaming continually at me!! So, I am out of  here.

Have a great day. And as always, thanks a bunch for caring enough about me to stop by and read my chatter. I love you all!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!!!

Now I am going to have an ear worm all the rest of the day. You know what an ear worm is, don't you?

It is when you hear a song and it gets locked in your head. No matter what, you keep hearing that song!!! That is an ear worm. Well, now I will hear Oh What a Beautiful Morning. But that isn't a bad song to have stuck in your head.

I digress, the reason for that song is that Jim and I took the dog out this morning, me biking and the dog and him walking, and it was absolutely gorgeous!! I was very sunny and warm, yet you could feel the chill in the air. Everyone had pretty well gotten their day underway. They had left for work. The kids were all off to school except for two that seemed to be running late, coming through our park to cut through a little park that backs up against their school. Jim said he wouldn't want his little girl about third grade riding her bike through there by herself, but what could we do? She even stopped and got off her bike, took off her backpack and put her hood up and zipped up her hoodie. Didn't seem to bother her at all!!

Wow! You could still smell breakfast having been cooked, birds singing, and it was just Jim, the dog and I. Well, not Jim, the dog. But Jim, and the dog and I!!! LOL A great time!

Have a bunch of stuff that I want to do today. So lucky you, I am going to cut this short.

I finished a LO and am going to post it. It is of a lake in Ohio were everyone goes. Really a nice place. It is for Gloria's album. Got pretty homesick when I saw the pictures. It was someplace I liked to go. Oh well. I got to experience it second hand, anyway!!

 Click for larger view

By the way, look at the circled area. This is a picture of the hen-eagle and her nest. So cool!!!

Hope you enjoy. Thanks for stopping by and will write again.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Where Would We Be

without cell phones??

Is the day of cameras gone?? LOL It seems everyone, but me, takes their pictures with their cell phones these days.

I can take pictures with mine, I just have no idea how to get them to my computer. So if my guru sees this, maybe she can clue me in. Like, do I need a special cord to plug in the computer, or what? See. I really am clueless on this one!!

The other day I was looking at Facebook and saw that Nancy had posted some pics of Siana and herself. I LOVED them. Wanting of course to scrap them I told her to send them to me. I should have known. She said well, just grab them because that is where I would have to get them. I took them with my cell phone!!

I had no idea she took them with her cell. They were great!! Why would I think she took them with her phone when she has, I think, about three wonderful digital cameras?? I wouldn't think that because I never use my cell to take pictures!! I would love one of those phones that does everything...but I really don't NEED one, and I sure don't need the cost, either!!! Too expensive to buy. Too expensive to run! Doesn't change the fact I would love one, though.

OOO. Just thought of something I just have to add. Why oh why do kids, and I mean kids, not older teens, need these super duper cell phones? More to the point, why a cell at all? Well, I guess I would want mine to have a cell, but I think I would opt for one that only calls home and 911. Just me, but I think it is totally unnecessary. I just thought of a whole other blog so I will let this idea rest.

My whole point of this blog is to show you the LO I did of those Facebook pictures. She posted them in black and white. I was glad because I think color would have not done these justice.

These are probably my favorite pictures of the two of them. I love, love, love them. So I decided to keep it absolutely simple and totally highlight the pictures. Hope you like them as much as I do.

Click for larger view

Don't you agree? Great pictures especially off a cell.
Gloria says they look like twins. I think she is right.
That's it for this post. Time to get the day underway. I smell food. I think Jim has breakfast about ready.

Ah! Life is beautiful. Enjoy the day no matter what is on your agenda.

Back later.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Guess I Need to Get a Life!!

At least that is what my younger son keeps telling me. I think he is just picking on me but one never really knows about him!!! LOL

That at least was what he was saying in his comment when he told me his plans for his Halloween costume for work this year. He said he was planning on being an Avatar. Oh. To myself I was thinking avatar like his Facebook picture. A thought I was not about to share with him!!! LOL

But then I did remember the movie that was out called Avatar and quickly fell into the scheme of things. You need to know Brian to really understand this. He is and has always been in theater and opera. So he always leans to loving the costume part of  life. So I knew this was going to be a big deal. He went on at length about what he was planning and mother sat and listened even though I had no picture in my head of where he was going with all this. He knew that. He knows I have no life and had most surely not seen the movie, so it was hard to really explain what he had planned in his head.

Time went on and each week I heard more of the details. He had laid plans to the nth degree...having the costume made the way wanted...setting up a person to do the makeup early before he went to work...I knew he had every detail down.

Then came the big day. As always, everyone loved his costume; they always wait in anticipation to see what he comes up with. They love it as much as he does, it seems. I always get reports from them!!!

Then came all the pictures. All thirty so of them!! The ham just doesn't seem to diminish with age. I guess that is a good thing. Anything that makes one happy...well, is legal and doesn't hurt anyone should do. It is what keeps life interesting and it should be. So go for it!!!

I usually do a LO of him and of the office. This year, no one took any of the office so I just did one of him. I do think he did a great job. I went on the net and looked at the movie trailers and from what I could tell, it looked pretty much like he nailed it!!

So that is going to be my post for today. Did a double page LO. Kept it in dark colors...because that is the feel I got from the trailer, but also because that is what he likes. And he did like what I came up with which always makes me happy!!

Here it is. Hope you enjoy seeing it. 

Click on image for larger view

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day and do something creative!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!!!

It is so wonderful!! My mojo has returned!!! Yeah!!! But what is so funny....Jim found it for me. I guess it had gotten lost!!

I have not been able to scrap for a month or more. I would open up my Photoshop and stare at the page. Well, in the scrapping world, that is called loosing your mojo!! And I had lost it real good!! I was really dead in the water as far as having any creativity!!

But, as always, Jim to the rescue!! When we were shopping at Publix, one of our grocery stores of choice, we were having some fun just being old fogies and touring the store looking at all the new and odd things we never had time to look at before. You know, there are a lot of things I never new were even made!!!

As we were moseying down the second aisle, Jim says..."Hey! I found your mojo!!!" I look up from my electric cart and he is handing me a jar of Mojo Marinade!!! What a laugh we had with that!!! I held it in my hands and said it felt good to have it back!!! LOL And of course we had to get pictures...even though we went back to get them!!!

The greatest part...I have not had a hard time scrapping since. It is like I am rejuvenated for sure!! It feels wonderful. So of course I had to scrap the event!!! Going to post it and be out of  here, but wanted to post this before I called it a day!! I have more to post but I will do that later, hopefully tomorrow.

Here it is. The great Mojo LO!!! This was so much fun to do!!! 

Click on image to read journaling
Hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by and will write more later. It's late!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

What Is That??

That is what I said when I woke up about two this morning. I couldn't figure out what it was. Ah!! At last I remembered. It was rain on the roof!! It has been over 30 days since we have had even a drop of rain!! Now it has rained off and on all day; a nice slow soaking rain, which is good, because if it had been a downpour it would have just run off and maybe even flooded.

When we first moved into the mobile home I could not get used to hearing the rain on the roof. It was soooo loud. Now I just love it. It reminds me of when it would rain and I was in the car as a kid. I just loved that sound. So, here I am again, enjoying a sound of Mother Nature!!

Not much done of any real importance today. Just had a nice enjoyable day. Ran out to the store and had a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate from Starbucks and came home. It is just plum amazing what chocolate will do to a girl's well being. Ummm. Makes you feel like a million bucks. And that Salted Caramel one...well...just beyond words. I have Jim order it extra hot and it is just out of sight!! Try it!!

Well, I am not sure you are ready for this. Are you?? Oh, I will tell you any way. I SCRAPPED yesterday. And today for that matter. In fact, today I did not one but TWO LO's!! Ta Da!!! My mojo is BACK!!!!! I found it, and I have come across a wonderful discovery that I will share with you as soon as I get the LO about it done. Till then...BIG secret. But I hope to do it tomorrow so you won't have to wait too long.

I finished a Gloria LO and really like it and so does she. I send her each one before I finish to make sure there isn't something that she would like changed or added, so I already know it is a go.
Click image for larger view

I loved the serious family portrait but there was also one just like it only everyone was having so much fun in it. I just had to be able to scrap it, too, so I decided to crop them into smaller ones so they could be a little larger and could be seen more. I think it worked good for this!!

And I love the quote I found for this. "A day without laughter is a day wasted." I really believe that. I do not think we laugh enough at all. It is proven that laughter can make people well, and keep people well. We need to come on...give a laugh!!!

I heard on our news the other day that the classes at one school spend an allotted time each day in class just standing and laughing. Belly laughs. They have found there are less absences, better tempers and even better grades since they have started it. Isn't that amazing. I think God wants us to laugh.

Having been on the computer about all day, I am really getting tired, so I am out of here. Wanted to get this LO posted and jot a note which has become a complete blog, so out of here I go. Sleep great. Wake up with a smile and laugh when your feet hit the floor!!!

See ya.