Thursday, November 25, 2010

DRESSING: That Love/Hate Relationship!!!

Did that get your attention? Hello!!? What is she going to drop on our willing ears now...right??? This one is something else!!!

First of all...I am still sitting in my Mu Mu as I type this. I love, Love...LOVE being in my loose fitting Mu Mu! I hate being dressed in shorts and top. And from what I have gathered in reading blogs and forums, with the exception of one person, who will remain nameless...all us girls love hanging in out PJ's or Mu Mu's or sweat pants or whatever rather than bound up in all those "tight " clothes. Sorry guys...know you would love for us to look like women off the pages of Vogue for you, but get over it! It ain't gonna happen!!! Well, there are a few hubbies that just want us happy not matter what and we thank God for them. (Like they look like they are out of Esquire!! :))

I always blessed Joe where I worked. He told his darling wife to be herself. Forget the makeup, dress like what you want. I love you no matter what, and remember, I know what you look like. I wake up with you every  morning and love you to pieces!! Pretty good, right? This is not to say we run around in disarray!! Heaven forbid, NO. Just a!! LOL Aw come on, you know what I mean!! LOL

So that, my friends is my I Hate Dressing!! Get it!!! LOL LOL Come on. Just humor me for once! OK?

Now. Here is the part that most of you will positively will not understand. I LOVE dressing. What, you say? After what I just wrote. But, yeah, I LOVE dressing. 

I thought that this was a normal thing, but then even when I mentioned this to Nancy last night, I realized that most people don't have a clue what dressing is!

To me, dressing is what most of you call stuffing!! I couldn't believe my own daughter didn't know what I meant when I said I wanted to make some of my own dressing. She said, what?? Where was she when she was growing up? Eating stuffing I guess!! LOL

When I was watching a Thanksgiving documentary...yes I do watch the History channel as hard as that is to believe...on TV last night is what made me think of it. The first stuffing mix, the predecessor of Stove Stop, was made, it was called dressing mix. I thought, well, there we go. Someone else calls it that, too. 

So after some googling I find out that the first "stuffing" was really dressing. Dressing had meat in it, as ours always did...sausage...and then because people always did their own baking there was always dried bread around and it was added, also. Isn't this fascinating?  LOL But now, stuffing is the bread filling, with or without meat that goes INSIDE something, as a turkey. Dressing, with or without meat, is what is cooked outside of the turkey. So today I am having my good old dressing...WITH sausage...cooked outside of something in a casserole!!! Yay!!! And this dressing....I LOVE!!!
So now...there is the Dressing: Love/Hate Relationship.  Bet you never could have guessed that one! That's OK. I didn't know where it was going myself!

My son and I eat it cold and hot. In fact, that is what I had for breakfast today! A bowl of dressing!! AND I am thinking about making more to have this next week for breakfast!! It is that good. Well, before you all is very good for you. Bread, sausage, butter onion, celery, beef broth...a pretty balanced deal. Better by far than that crappy cold cereal that is all sugar and carb. If it will make you all feel better, I will drink a glass of milk and have some OJ, too!

So, now I feel better that I have enlightened the world on dressing. I know in my heart of hearts you all will continue to eat your ole stuffing. Go ahead. It is OK. Just so you truly enjoy it!

Moving right on...I did do another LO for the Gloria album. Just random pictures of the fun day at Pleasant Hill Park. Working on more but back is acting up and can't sit at the computer too long. And you all know I am slow. But at least I can post this one. Hope you all like it.

Click on image for larger view

That is it for today. Don't have the faintest idea when we are eating. Haven't got that far, yet!! LOL 
Wishing each of you the best and happiest Thanksgiving...enjoying whatever is on your agenda today.
Thanks for stopping by and if I have bored sorry...just doing my thing to brighten the horizons of those crazy enough to stop by here a second time!
I will be back with some other great bit of wisdom...but please don't hold your breath!!!


Terry said...

ughhh.......were you talking about me? My ears were burning.

Dressing, stuffing......whatever. I love it!!

Barb said...

LOL I said they remain nameless!! LOL

Demented said...

We had the same conversation yesterday in our home about dressing/stuffing. Stuffing goes in the bird, dressing out :) LOL...that's what was said anyways!!!

Great layout as usual. Gloria will have a fabulous book to put together with all the layouts you have done!

Kathi said...

You say tomato, I say tomaytoe...!
Love your LO. Gloria is one luckly lady to have you creating all her stuff!

Melissa said...

Ah, I have been loving lounging around in PJs. You're supposed to relax at home, right?

Love the overlapping elements on your page! I agree with everyone else - Gloria is very lucky! I bet she loves them all, and especially that you take the time to make them for her.

I hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving! ((hugs))

Lisa said...

We say dressing! And when people are like what are you talking about.. I look at them like THEY are the strange ones! HA

You are doing a fabulous job with these layouts. I love this one too!

Anke said...

When I saw your title, I thought there had to be some dressing (stuffing) in there somewhere :):) You are so funny!
Your page for Gloria is beautiful, I really like the colors, I think she is going to love this!!

Gloria said...

Ladies, you are absolutely correct when you say I am a lucky lady, to have Barb doing these LO's for me!! I'm a lucky lady to have Barb for my friend, period! LO or no LO's. She is doing a beautiful job on all of them, and I certainly appreciate it!! She is truly a great friend of mine.