Monday, November 8, 2010

Guess I Need to Get a Life!!

At least that is what my younger son keeps telling me. I think he is just picking on me but one never really knows about him!!! LOL

That at least was what he was saying in his comment when he told me his plans for his Halloween costume for work this year. He said he was planning on being an Avatar. Oh. To myself I was thinking avatar like his Facebook picture. A thought I was not about to share with him!!! LOL

But then I did remember the movie that was out called Avatar and quickly fell into the scheme of things. You need to know Brian to really understand this. He is and has always been in theater and opera. So he always leans to loving the costume part of  life. So I knew this was going to be a big deal. He went on at length about what he was planning and mother sat and listened even though I had no picture in my head of where he was going with all this. He knew that. He knows I have no life and had most surely not seen the movie, so it was hard to really explain what he had planned in his head.

Time went on and each week I heard more of the details. He had laid plans to the nth degree...having the costume made the way wanted...setting up a person to do the makeup early before he went to work...I knew he had every detail down.

Then came the big day. As always, everyone loved his costume; they always wait in anticipation to see what he comes up with. They love it as much as he does, it seems. I always get reports from them!!!

Then came all the pictures. All thirty so of them!! The ham just doesn't seem to diminish with age. I guess that is a good thing. Anything that makes one happy...well, is legal and doesn't hurt anyone should do. It is what keeps life interesting and it should be. So go for it!!!

I usually do a LO of him and of the office. This year, no one took any of the office so I just did one of him. I do think he did a great job. I went on the net and looked at the movie trailers and from what I could tell, it looked pretty much like he nailed it!!

So that is going to be my post for today. Did a double page LO. Kept it in dark colors...because that is the feel I got from the trailer, but also because that is what he likes. And he did like what I came up with which always makes me happy!!

Here it is. Hope you enjoy seeing it. 

Click on image for larger view

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day and do something creative!!!


Lisa said...

OH I LOVE IT! I just love seeing the costumes that people come up with. I'm with you, he did nail it!

Pssshhhh, you have a life Barb! So, he must be joking! Not that he would ever joke, as serious as he seems! haha

Love the layouts!

Serene said...

Holy cow! That is wonderful. Talk about going all out for Halloween! Excellent! He did a great job on the costume and you did an even better job on the lo. I love how the dark background just makes his face makeup pop.

Melissa said...

Wow! Your son really did nail it! I agree with Serene - the dark background really makes it!

Gloria said...

Oh....yea....there's the Brian I remember!! LOL Great pictures!!

Demented said...

Great layout! That is such a great costume!

And you have a life....especially now that you are retired!!