Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!!!

Now I am going to have an ear worm all the rest of the day. You know what an ear worm is, don't you?

It is when you hear a song and it gets locked in your head. No matter what, you keep hearing that song!!! That is an ear worm. Well, now I will hear Oh What a Beautiful Morning. But that isn't a bad song to have stuck in your head.

I digress, the reason for that song is that Jim and I took the dog out this morning, me biking and the dog and him walking, and it was absolutely gorgeous!! I was very sunny and warm, yet you could feel the chill in the air. Everyone had pretty well gotten their day underway. They had left for work. The kids were all off to school except for two that seemed to be running late, coming through our park to cut through a little park that backs up against their school. Jim said he wouldn't want his little girl about third grade riding her bike through there by herself, but what could we do? She even stopped and got off her bike, took off her backpack and put her hood up and zipped up her hoodie. Didn't seem to bother her at all!!

Wow! You could still smell breakfast having been cooked, birds singing, and it was just Jim, the dog and I. Well, not Jim, the dog. But Jim, and the dog and I!!! LOL A great time!

Have a bunch of stuff that I want to do today. So lucky you, I am going to cut this short.

I finished a LO and am going to post it. It is of a lake in Ohio were everyone goes. Really a nice place. It is for Gloria's album. Got pretty homesick when I saw the pictures. It was someplace I liked to go. Oh well. I got to experience it second hand, anyway!!

 Click for larger view

By the way, look at the circled area. This is a picture of the hen-eagle and her nest. So cool!!!

Hope you enjoy. Thanks for stopping by and will write again.


Melissa said...

You make me smile. :)

What beautiful pictures, and your LO compliments them wonderfully. Love the circled part!

Kathi said...

Hi Barb! So glad you are scrapping and posting again. You always make me happy! Love all your recent LOs. I'm envious of your talent and retirement time.

Demented said...

Love the layout as always!!

Ear Worm?? Never heard that term before. I usually get the same thing but mine are usually kids songs.....LOL

Serene said...

What a great way to highlight the bird and her nest. I love the touches of red and all the pics. Looks like a great place indeed.

Anke said...

what an earworm indeed! I could just picture you on your walk/ride, your description was so vivid!
Your page is beautiful, great photos and wonderful colors. I already left you some love in the gallery :)

Scrapergirl said...

Dec 3,2010
Hell-o Barb!
I have had you on my mind to send you a quick hell-o.
Love your layouts! you go girl!!!
Gloria Harvey