Tuesday, June 2, 2009

These late nights

have got to stop!! I am tired again but wanted to finish this LO before I called it quits!

I have so many things in the works and not enough time to do them.

I am trying to take the photo class I bought three months ago. Moving stuff on my computer, organizing, and want to set up Picasa for my pics on my computer...and I still want to scrap. Well, I will get them all done eventually!!!

It was so slow at work today at least I got some time there today to catch up. I had wanted to back up my ACDSee tonight but don't want to let it run while I sleep so that will have to wait till tomorrow.

Oh guess what? I about had a kitten tonight. I came home and put in my flash drive like I always do...and...let go of it and it fell apart!!! I remained calm and collected as always!!! Really...I did. Jim was mowing the lawn. First I checked to make sure it was still working. No problem. So I picked the pieces up and took it out of the hard drive and worked for a half an hour and got the cover back on and it is working! Going to put tape around it. I don't store much on it...thank goodness.

OK. Here is the LO. Hang on while I find it!!! LOL

OK. Have a great night. Well, I guess have a great day! Just saw the time!!!


Demented said...

what an adorable layout! You had your flash drive fall apart? How does that even happen :)

Terry said...

leave it to you to break a flash drive. Me tooo--I am staying up too late and need to get to bed earlier. Great LO.

Celia said...

The layout is great Barb and staying up late to get those things done is probably time well spent. I need to begin to get my head above water too but the hols are coming and I can try to get things happening while I am home in Australia.