Wednesday, June 3, 2009

OK OK I don't always do

what I say I am going to do. I said these late nights have to stop...but here I am. It is almost tomorrow already and I still have stuff to do. And I need to rest if I am going to party hardy with Terry Sunday. That lady goes all the time and I will need my strength!!!

But I was late getting home and had started this LO of Russ' dog Cooper and I hate not to finish. So I just kept going and here I am tired again!

So this is short again but at least I got this done. I told you I was going to blog more and do more LO's. At least I am getting that accomplished!

So that is it. Now I am going to wrap things up and toddle off. I suppose all of you are snoring it away. Sounds really good. I'm off.


Demented said...

I love the layout! Especially the dog in the background. Great job!

Terry said...

me too! me too!! I need to rest but I was up late too! Great LO!