Friday, June 12, 2009

Good Morning!!!

It just turned tomorrow!!! I love late at night anymore. I just seem to work better then. But it is making me tired but yet it is so much fun. Terry really gave me a really big addiction!!!

Had a very easy day at work. Was done with most of everything by noon thirty. So I had lots of time to play around and check out the forum!

I just finished this LO. Got it up on the gallery and wanted to post since it has been a day or two. I am really trying to turn over a new leaf and get in here at least every other day. I would like to chat every day so I need to keep at myself!
These are the pics of Brian S scuba diving in the Bahamas. They actually threw chunks of raw meat out to get the sharks to gather around them. Not me thank you very much. But being the adrenalin junkie of the family he loved it.


Well I need to go wrap up some loose ends. I will be back tomorrow. Have a good night!


Demented said...

Love the blue and green contrast and the photo edges. Great job!

Hope you finally got some rest!

Terry said...

love the circle and the mask going over the edge of the circle.