Thursday, May 28, 2009

Up and At 'Em!!

OK. New day! Not a very pretty one here, though. Dreary!! But that is OK. A dreary day now and then won't hurt us Floridians. We just can't have many in a row before we start growling at each other!!

One guy is off today so it looks like it will be a pretty slow day for me. He is the one that gives me the barrel load of work each day. Not much else happening here besides that. Slow week in general.

The neighbors around us in the strip mall here are slow, too. They have already been here to swipe a cup of coffee and chat. Humm....wonder what I can do to keep busy today???

Well, I don't know but I could guess! I just finished the LO I was working on yesterday. Still playing around with styles although I do feel I am finding the style I feel best with. But until I have played around, I don't want to settle on a style. I guess you don't even have to have your own style!

So I will post my LO and then I am going to check around here and make sure everything is caught up.

This is Joe's best friend Eddie's wife on her first Mother's Day.


Guess I will go and harass someone now. Either that or fall asleep!! More fun to harass!



Demented said...

I love the background on that layout. Very nice job!

Enjoy the peaceful day :)

Terry said...

great LO! Enjoy your day. Even a dreary day is a good day.