Friday, May 1, 2009

Step One!

OK. I have started on the LO. I got the pics ready to use. I might want to edit them a bit, not sure; need to look at them when I am not so tired. But I learned a new thing today. That is what I need to do...learn the techniques! I learned how to blur out the background in a photo so it is not distracting from what you want seen as the focal point. So that is what I did. Since I am doing something about the faces of Braisen, I wanted that to be the focal point.

Here is what I ended up with. One I think could be better, but I am satisfied for just learning!

So That is where I am now. Probably won't do any more tonight. I am dog tired. Still not over that old cold yet and I get tired fast.

Can't wait to get going on this. I love doing this!

Back tomorrow!


Demented said...

Still can't stress enough what a cute little guy :) Great work!

Terry said...

great job blurring the background! Now where did you learn that technique? :)